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Stronger Kids Give Away Rights Ebook

Stronger Kids Give Away Rights Ebook
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Controlling the access to the TV and video games will definitely help the child in the long run as this will then force the child to seek other alternative to occupy their time.

The introduction of physical activities such as exercise workouts or out games should be organized and encouraged to ensure the gap is filled effectively and beneficially.

With this curbing of the TV and video game access, the child is also forced to interact with other children and most find this difficult at first but soon adopt to the new condition well.

This form of social interaction is important, as it helps to build social skills, cooperation, and helpfulness, understanding of others’ needs and wants and many other good and beneficial skills.

Controlling the TV and video game time is also another way to ensure the child get adequate amounts of physical activity within the daily schedule thus creating the ideal body workouts that will eventually ensure healthy and happy children.

The prevalence of obesity is very dominant indeed in children lacking in outdoor activities and other social interactions, and this has become one of the byproducts of too much TV and video game access.

Most children who grow up around entertaining themselves with TV and video games don’t seem to be able to have the sensitivity that is the basis of being human as the lack of interaction with other does not give them a chance to develop this mindset.