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Super Jv Secrets PLR Ebook

Super Jv Secrets PLR Ebook
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You are on your way to work. You are sitting in a car and watching the pedestrians walk by. Unbeknownst to you, each person that is walking by could be a potential customer or joint venture partner. This amazing fact is true. The best way to find a joint venture partner is to get up close and personal. Face to face encounters is the best way to exchange ideas and to promote your product or service to be displayed on another person’s website. A verbal exchange at a bar or in the locker room of your gym can give you the pre-knowledge of what the potential viability of that person being a joint venture partner.

There are several venues in which you can meet people of like mind and that are looking for a joint venture partner themselves. Trade shows and other gatherings are excellent places to find a joint venture partner, because that is what most trade shows and professional conferences are geared for. Have a pocket full of business cards on you and be prepared to talk and convince other people that your product or service is right for their needs. They then will try to convince you of the same thing. It is a booming opportunity in which you should include yourself every time you have a chance.

The trade shows are a benefit, but as a potential joint venture partner, you have to look at everyone you meet as a potential partner. If you are sitting at a restaurant alone at the bar, strike up a conversation with the person next to you. After pleasantries, ask the age old question, “So, what do you do?’ You will be surprised at the number of people that you meet that are in the online marketing industry or at least has some kind of sideline that is in the market. It might not be but one or two out of ten people you meet, but that one or two could change your profit margin hugely.

When you press your product face to face, try not to sell the idea. Propose the idea and then ask how the other person thinks that the idea will be successful for them. Let their mind start to generate possibilities and dollar signs. It will be easier to go into a conversation with the potential partner if they are not of the defensive, but are thinking about how they are going to come out on top of the deal. Sit back and then when they start asking you questions, you can shine as you tell them how both of you can profit together.

Other social situations like parties get togethers, or family reunions can be an excellent source in finding potential joint venture partners. So what if you haven’t seen Uncle Bob for ten years. Find out what he is doing now and how can his actions and business help promote yours. Get out, open your mouth and talk and ask questions. If you do not put your self out there and network.

It is reported that only 2% of all joint venture proposals sent by email are looked at. That is a very small percentage and you have to get out there and bring that percentage up. Email is fine, but the face to face encounter will build a joint venture partnership with personal interactions, trust, and eventually profit.