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Ribbon Ad Generator Resale Rights Software

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When somebody visits your website, you have about 3 seconds to grab their attention or they're gone, and in all likelihood, they'll never return again.

You need something that instantly grabs their attention.  In the wild west days of the internet, this was easy to do using popups.  But according to a recent study, at least 86% of the visitors to your website have at least one pop-up blocker installed.

Even those new sticky note style popups have lost their effectiveness.  People just close them now without reading them, its like a knee jerk reaction, you've probably done it many times yourself.

So is there anything you can do?  I've found that yes there is, and I'm about to show you how to do it.

Dear Marketer,

Would you be interested in a new way to practically force your prospects to see your most important message, with just a few simple clicks?

With popups and sticky note style popups so common place, the few that make it past the blockers radar are usually closed in a knee jerk reaction.

This is killing your profits... what used to be one of the most effective tricks in the marketers arsenal has become all but obsolete.

Network Marketing Survival 2 PLR Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Chapter 4: Finding The Right People To Work Together With

Supportive Uplines And Sidelines Are your uplines supportive people? There are people who will be there for you through thick and thin. There are even sidelines that are willing to do the same for you and your network.

Having these people on your team will definitely grow your business and the ability to leverage on them is very important. Here is one thing that will help you to understand whether the team you are joining will work out to your advantage or not…

Let’s say you have an excellent networking tool that you can use for prospecting online. Does your upline support you using it or does he or she restricts you to ‘following the system’ given by the company? You be the judge of whether this will work for you or against you.

15 Internet Marketing Templates PLR Template

"Now You Can Raise Your Sales Dramatically With These Professionally-Made, Ready-To-Use Graphics And Minisite Templates! "

"Make your products look professional with these minisite templates - now you can start selling online right away even without hundreds of dollars in your budget! "

Dear Internet Marketer ,

It will only take a few seconds to make or break a visitor's first impression on a minisite, that is why we hear everywhere that first impression is very important when to comes to making a sale. Not to mention that online, you do not see your customer's face, and neither does he see yours. Therefore it is a must to make that first impression become a good one, or else he will leave the moment he enters your site.

To make that first good impression, there's no better way to do it than by having your minisite up with some professional graphics. And if you do not have the talent nor the time to create those graphics, then having a graphic designer do all the work for you is the way to go.

But what if you don't have the money to cover the cost of expensive graphic design fees and you want to sell your product right away?

Introducing... 15 IM Minisite Templates!

These 15 Internet Marketing Templates will help you create your own professional minisite template in a flash - in fact, you do not need to have amazing design talent so you can have it up and running right away. All you have to do is some point and click, and you're done in minutes!

The Public Domain Expert Code-Breaker Report Resale Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Remember that classic Bugs Bunny cartoon where he goes head-to-head with the air-plane gremlin? I love that cartoon...Bugs Bunny rocks! Did you know that cartoon and many others are in the Public Domain? It IS and you can download it right now, burn it to a DVD and sell it, along with Sherlock Holmes movies, and a huge number of other clas-sics. But classics are not the only types of video or audio files that await you in the Public.

Domain. Much of the video footage shot by our government and government agencies is also in the Public Domain, along with audio recordings of speeches, interviews, congres-sional hearings, etc. It’s all out there waiting for you.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Who would buy DVD’s or CD’s of Public Domain media?” You have a point. I mean, after all, I am sure by now you have been to a Dollar store and have seen DVD’s for a buck. Or maybe you saw cheap DVD’s in the check-out line at Walmart. So if Walmart is selling them for a buck, then they can’t be worth much right?

Trust me...you are asking the wrong question. The question to ask is this: “Why is Walmart even bothering in the first place?” There’s a good reason for it and the answer is simple...because they sell. Look around on Ebay or check out some of the Publisher Links listed earlier in the book. You will see some inventive uses for Public Domain audio and video media. Check out some of the vendors who sell the stuff on Ebay...like classic video collections. Track their sales. You will see what I am talking about.

My challenge to you again is to use your imagination. There are many terrific resources out there waiting to be discovered. Find them and create something people will want. Use them as bonuses, or to boost back-end sales. Create a site where people can view streaming versions of the shows. Pull together collections of thematic docu-mentaries, or use excerpts along with original video. The possibilities are endless.

Let me even challenge you with one more possibility: iPod® Video. There are a num-ber of sites included in this book where you can grab hundreds of movies and documen-taries. You can convert them to play on Video iPods® then sell them to that market (which is growing quickly, BTW). Again, the possiblities are endless.

Why You Need To Follow-Up With Your Customers Resale Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Follow up emails, recordings or articles are the ridiculously obvious place to include a call to action, yet it’s surprising how many people fail to remember this!

Your readers and fans are not mind readers. As one colleague recently said to me, “Y ou know, when someone wants me to mind read, I tell them I took ESP 101 nine times… and I still failed the course every time.” Help your potential list members and customers out by inviting them to take the next logical step – your particular call to action for particular follow up contact.

Help them eagerly ask you the ultimate question: “So where do I click to buy?”

If they’ve already bought, don’t be afraid to follow up with suggestions at how they might want to augment their new product, take advantage of a special OTO (one time offer) or upgrade to the next level.

Firesales Uncovered Resale Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Along with urgency, scarcity is a strong buying trigger. When you?re hosting a fire sale, depending on the products you?re selling, there can and often is a limited supply. It works in much the same way that urgency works to motivate purchases.

People are motivated to push past a long drawn out decision making process and click “Buy Now” because they don?t want to risk missing out on the opportunity. If, by waiting, the product or products are gone, then they?ve lost their chance.

However, scarcity only works if you?re actually limiting the number of products you?re selling – i.e. scarcity really exists. And it only works if there is a reason for the scarcity – a fire sale naturally provides a reason for the scarcity.

So now you know why fire sales work but why would a business owner want to hold a fire sale?

How Facebook Advertising Benefits Your Business Resale Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

If you’ve been wondering what a “fansumer” is, it’s yet another social phenomenon you can use to your advantage.

According to Forrester Research, a “fansumer” is simply a consumer who has “become a fan” of a brand on Facebook.

This brings us back to Facebook Ads’ third biggest advantage… interactivity.

It’s a proven maxim: Get people to engage as a participant, rather than as a spectator, and their stake in what they’re engaging in becomes personal and more positive. Use an app or a product and click the little “become a fan” text link on your Facebook page, and you are not only contributing to its statistical popularity, but personally endorsing it!

Build Your Ebay Empire Classified Resale Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

None of this can be accomplished without having a mechanism for capturing email and name information from those leads.

An autoresponder is the mechanism used to maintain and use that information. An opt-in box is the specific method of gaining that information. It is more efficient to have an opt-in box right in your ad so you can collect that information right away rather than send the customer somewhere else and then collect the information.

Here are the steps you need to follow to put an opt-in box on your ad listing page. The example here uses an autoresponder called Autoresponse Plus. There are many different ones out there that you can use. Aweber and Get Response are two good ones.

The BEST autoresponder on the market, and the one I use the most and highly recommend is AWEBER.

While the screens and link locations in this example will not be the same as those other responders, the steps and the actions you need to take will be the same. You just may have to hunt for the equivalent links and options on your autoresponder,

If you do not have an autoresponder - WHY NOT! It is the most important investment you will EVER make in your business bar none, seriously - so sign up TODAY.

Adswap Master Class Resale Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

What's both interesting and depressing at the same time is seeing would-be marketers struggle for many months, sometimes even years, who suddenly hit on a system that works for them and then don't follow it up with massive action. Look at the title of this chapter - “Rinse and Repeat”. Adswaps do work – they work extremely well and if you have never before experienced large numbers of people opting in to your list then you are in for a very pleasant surprise!

But, once you've had success with an Adswap and added a few hundred subscribers to your list from one DON'T sit on your laurels. Don't think you have it made yet, because you don't. Follow it up with another Adswap, then another and another. Set yourself targets – so many Adswaps a month, so many total subscribers by such and such a date.

The words “Rinse and Repeat” are deceptively simple, they are one of the cliches of internet marketing, but they work. Look at the really successful people online – in every niche. Very few of them got successful just from one niche, one web site, one blog, one product, one email campaign.

Generally those who are very successful, including the big names that we all know, the “gurus”, owe their success to several web sites and several products. There are affiliate marketers making 6 figures a month – do you think that's all from one affiliate product?

I can guarantee you it isn't. They started with 1 blog or squeeze page promoting 1 product, and that made them $150 a month. Another one made them $400 a month, yet another one just $75. How did they get from $75 a month to $100,000 plus a month?

Simply by rinsing and repeating. You're unlikely to come up with the next Youtube and sell your single web site for $1.8bn. It happens, but the odds are against it. Most successful internet marketers have many small sites or products producing relatively small amounts of monthly income. Add them together though and you have a powerful money making system.

Probably the best example of the “Rinse and Repeat” formula in action is those who have made a LOT of money with Google Adsense. I'm sure you've seen the “made for Adsense” sites whereby if someone clicks on one of the ads on your site, Google pays you a few cents.