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A More Spiritual Life MRR Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Chapter 10: Making Resolutions for Spirituality

If you want to make some resolutions for spirituality, you have to know how to do it. Like others, you don’t have to create resolutions that are hard to follow. Make sure that your resolutions are easy to achieve.

Tips on How to Write Resolutions for Spirituality

Writing a resolution for spirituality doesn’t require more time and effort. You just need to know what you really want to change. Then, start listing it in your journal. Depending on your choice, you can ask help from experts. You can also use your previous experiences to plan the best resolutions for spirituality.

If you don’t know how to write a resolution, you can also use the different guides like books or spiritual eBooks. Whatever you want to use, make sure that you are writing a SMART goal. It means that your resolutions must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Top Resolutions for Spirituality You Can Follow

There are several ways on how to improve your spiritual aspects. For your guide, here are they:

1. Improve Your Prayer Life - Most people don’t take enough time for praying. Some of them also neglected to visit their local church. To improve your prayer life, you have to start giving at least five minutes every morning. Then, add another minute every day until you realized that you are doing it naturally.

Action Adventure Games MRR Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Chapter 1: Adventure Game Basics


The genres of video games had categorized the game on its own mechanics including other details. Among these video game genres or categories, there are 2 well known genres that are most discussed. These are the Role Playing games and Action/Adventure games.

They were around for a long period of time. Each of them has been working on game and plot mechanics, along with one’s respective strength.

But this time, people are becoming more indulged with adventure games. There are various aspects surrounding this subject and it is time to have a clear understanding about the reason behind other persons’ great fascination and involvement in this genre.

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Content Curation Mistakes PLR Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Mistake #1 – Linking to Poor Quality Content

When you’re in a hurry to get some content posted, it can be tempting to just Google your topic and link to a bunch of different articles without taking the time to really vet the content to ensure it’s actually worth linking to.

Sure, it may have a spiffy image or a very interesting headline, but is the content itself well-written, informative, and interesting? Is it full of grammatical errors as though it were written by someone whose first language was obviously not the language it was written in? Are there factual errors?

Not only that, but if you’re linking to a site that has been banned by Google or is seen as spammy and has received a penalty, you could hurt your own website, too.

Be sure you’re linking to quality content that is on domains that are in good standing with Google. (If you Google site:domain.com it will tell you how many pages are indexed from that domain. As long as there are a decent number of indexed pages, you’re probably safe linking to it.)

Always check the content before you link to it to be certain that both Google and your readers would approve.