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7 Traits Of Successful Visionaries MRR Ebook With Audio

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Creating Innovative Products And Services That Disrupt Markets And Change The Future

Find Out The Exact Steps And Techniques!

Have you ever dreamed of changing the world? Of coming up with an idea so ground breaking that it becomes the next Facebook, Uber or SpaceX?

Is this a fate that is reserved for just a select ‘special few’? Or is it something that you can learn, cultivate and develop?

In this short report, we’ll look at seven traits that define a successful visionary and entrepreneur and look at what you can do to emulate that success and to potentially become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk.

I can’t guarantee that it will happen, but if you develop these traits, then you’re in with a better shot!

Trait #1: They Talk About Their Ideas

A lot of ‘wannabe’ entrepreneurs will spend too long jealously and secretively protecting their ideas. They are afraid their ideas will get shot down by people when they talk about them, they’re afraid people will steal them and they generally end up not telling anyone about them as a result.

This is a mistake as we’ll see – as there are HUGE benefits to talking to people about your idea.

In his great TED talk ‘Where good ideas come from’, speaker Steven Johnson describes an alternative narrative for where we get our best ideas from. Rather than striking us from the blue and causing us to jump up and shout ‘Eureka!’, Johnson suggests that most good ideas take a while to gestate and don’t arrive fully formed.

The best way to have a great idea then, is to mull over a problem for an extended period of time. Write it down when you have the germination of something that could work and then keep returning to it and iterating upon it.

Better yet, try speaking with other people. When we talk to others, it not only gives us access to their point of view and ideas (there’s the ‘crowd’ again) but it also helps us to better contextualize our own ideas. There is something valuable about saying an idea out loud and seeing how it sounds and imagining it from the perspective of others. Conversations flow and they bounce around from topic to topic and this helps to encourage that exploration of ideas that ultimately leads to novel combinations.

Don’t be jealously private about your idea – be open with it, talk about it and share it with your team. This is the best way to help it grow and turn into something amazing.

Do you really think that Steve Jobs invented the iPad on his own?

Trait #2: But They Don’t Talk Too Much

That said, you should also be wary of talking too much. This is one of the biggest warning sign that an ‘entrepreneur’ is actually a ‘wantrepreneur’. They are doing what some people call ‘playing business’.

This is the kind of person who spends a huge amount of time discussing their ideas, designing logos, holding meetings and planning their launch parties. They’re dragging their heels rather than getting on with actually creating their product or service. But it’s not because they are afraid to go live – it’s because they are just enjoying the song and dance of having an exciting idea. They waste everyone’s time with meetings and ultimately they’re more interested in wearing suits than they are in making the idea happen.

On the other hand, the real entrepreneur simply gets on with it and puts their idea into action.

Trait #3: They Are Not Afraid to Think Big

Too many people think that they can’t aim big with their business ideas. They are afraid that if they tell people that their plan is to go to space, they’ll just get laughed out of the room! Likewise for coming up with a plan to make a virtual reality headset.

Reality check: two of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent times (Elon Musk and Palmer Luckey) have built their businesses around these two ideas!

As Tim Ferris points out, it’s actually often easier to get attention for a big idea. Why? Because it’s so bombastic and so new that people sit up and they pay attention where otherwise they might have not cared. People want to be involved in something bigger than themselves. Why do you think that the Kickstarter for the Oculus Rift was so incredible successful?

Finally, consider a technique that I often use when trying to come up with new ideas for apps, services and products. I call it the ‘step-back’ technique and the idea is that you are always taking one step back from what it is you want to accomplish.

In other words, you come up with an idea for something you want to invent that could change the world and you hold nothing back. You imagine what the product or service you’d be most excited for would be in a perfect future.

Lose Your Belly Diet MRR Ebook With Audio

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The Lose Your Belly Diet Report: How to Get a Honed, Toned Stomach

Lots of people want to lose weight and get into better shape but when you press them on what this really means, you’ll often find that their main concern is with their stomach. What they really want is a flat, toned stomach with a six pack that will help them to look better both in and out of their clothes.

Only problem is, too many of those same people have little idea of how to go about achieving that goal and they end up barking up the wrong trees as a result. Read on and in this report, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything you need to know to get a honed, toned stomach.

Weight Loss Through Diet

The first thing to recognize is that getting a ripped mid-section involves losing weight. In order to have highly defined looking abs, it is usually agreed that you need to drop your body fat to below ten percent. It is certainly true that getting your body fat that low will be sure to make your abs visible but actually, you don’t need to go that far.

Abs become visible when the amount of ‘padding’ (fat) on top of them is low enough that they can be seen pressing through the skin above. Get your body fat percentage under 10% and even the most undefined set of abs becomes visible.

However, if you want to get visible abs without going to this extreme, then the other option is to make your abs visible by making them stronger. Stronger abs protrude further and so can be seen through 12 or even 15% body fat. We’ll look at how to get stronger abs in a little bit but for now, know that 12-15% is a much better target and far more achievable than aiming for 10%.

How to Diet Effectively

So how exactly do you go about losing that weight though? There are actually a number of answers and the best one is going to depend on your lifestyle and your preferred eating habits. More importantly: it will depend on your biology and your hormonal balance.

A lot of healthy experts and online ‘gurus’ will recommend that the best way to lose weight is to stick to a diet that is low in calories and then to combine this with extra activity. Extra activity will make you burn fat faster and if you aren’t consuming extra calories then this will create a deficit resulting in you quickly becoming slimmer.

To manage this then, all you need to do is to track the total number of calories you are consuming and then measure the total number of calories you burn off (your ‘Active Metabolic Rate’). As long as the latter is higher than the former, then you should maintain a ‘calorie deficit’ and your body will have no choice but to burn away the unwanted fat stores to keep you moving around.

You can measure your AMR using a number of calculations but actually a better option is to use a fitness tracker. This will take into account not only your height, weight and gender but also the amount of daily steps you take, your heart rate at any given time and a range of other metrics (such as exercise).

You can then track your calories consumed by using an app like MyFitnessPal. This will allow you to simply scan foods through your phone by using the barcode and to that way tally up the number of calories you are eating. Again, as long as the total burned is higher than the total eaten, your body should have no choice by to turn to your stored fat to burn for fuel.

Maintain this deficit every single day and you’ll be able to encourage gradual and regular fat loss.

How to Make This Manageable

One problem with this strategy? It is not at all convenient or practical.

I always say that unless you can stick to a diet plan or training program indefinitely, then it is pointless. Why lose lots of weight for a month or two only to give up and go back to normal and bounce back?

It’s also true that no fitness tracker is completely accurate (the way they measure the heartrate isn’t perfect to begin with and that’s just one issue) and that it’s impossible to be completely aware of your caloric intake. You really think that any two apples have the precise same number of calories?

What about the fact that weight loss is also reliant on hormones? As we’ll see in a minute…

In other words, this is a whole lot of effort for something that isn’t guaranteed to work perfectly anyway!

And with that in mind, you would actually do much better to find an easier and quicker alternative to counting every single calorie. That alternative? Guestimating.
The best strategy I can recommend is to spend a little time with a fitness tracker and to that way measure your expenditure over several normal days.

At the same time, measure your caloric intake and see what you regularly eat and where the most calories are coming from.

After a week or two weeks, you can stop. Take a look at this information though and then see where the problems are. What are the biggest contributors to calories in your diet? What are the worst culprits? You might surprise yourself to learn that there are just a few very big contributors that add a large amount of calories to your diet. If you cut these out, then you can quickly get your calories down somewhat.

Now try to reduce the number of calories that ‘sneak in’ without any real benefit. These are the calories that you can do away with and not really notice are missing. One of my favorite examples is soda drinks: many of us drink Coca-Cola on a regular basis as well as others like 7Up and these will add a huge number of calories to the diet over time while not really providing us with any sustenance.

Plr Success Shortcut MRR Ebook

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Smart business owners should always be on the lookout for tools and strategies that will help them run their organizations more easily, quickly, and profitably. One of the toughest parts of an online busi-ness is the need to keep generating useful, high-quality content for your newsletters, ezines, videos, audios, and blogs. Thank goodness, there's a tool to make this constant content generation easier – PLR, or Private Label Rights. As you'll discover in the following pages, when you purchase PLR content, you get the legal right to use it in your business in a variety of formats. When used well, PLR is an information marketer's dream come true... but when done poorly, it can cost you more time and money than it's worth.

My goal in this short report is to answer the most common ques-tions about PLR, including how you can use it for your business, what the different rights mean, and how to avoid some of the all-too-common mistakes many entrepreneurs stumble on. Trust me when I say, PLR is a shortcut no forward thinking internet business owner can afford to skip.

Let's get to it!


To the uninitiated, “PLR” sounds like an airline or a record label. But instead of just being another common internet abbreviation, it's one of the most valuable shortcuts an entrepreneur will find to creating fantastic content for their audience. What is it exactly? In it's simplest version, you can purchase arti-cles or reports that have been written in advance. The PLR site owner sells these articles or reports (or videos, ebooks, etc.) with special rights that allow you to edit them and use them as if you'd written them yourself (although there may be certain restrictions).

So, the PLR, or Private Label Rights, is the means by which a busi-ness owner, like you, can purchase rights to pre-created content, and then use that content in a variety of ways as your own.

Unlike ghostwritten articles, you'll pay much less for PLR (approximately one dollar per article), because others are purchasing the same articles to use, too. (I'll show you how to stand apart form all those other users in a bit.)

Unlike free reprint articles, you can edit the PLR content you purchase and you do not have to link to an author.


PLR content is available in scores of topic areas, from health and fitness, to internet marketing, to parenting, to pet training, and every-thing in between. Good PLR is written by professional, native-language speakers. You, as a business owner, can purchase single pieces of content or packs of articles at a relatively low price, and then use them for your website, blog, newsletter, podcast, etc.

One of the first questions many people ask is, “Is this legal?” If the content is created and sold with the express intent of offering it as PLR, then you are legally permitted to adapt, use, and disseminate the information, according to the specific rights you've been granted.

The next question people typically ask is, “Why would anyone sell PLR? How can they possibly make any money?” The answer is in volume. They may charge only a dollar or so per article, but by selling multiples of the same article to many different business owners, they make their money in numbers.

Now you're probably wondering what happens if a bunch of people purchase the same articles and publish it via their websites or newsletters – won't their customers notice, or get mad that they're using someone else's material? Well, here's the real secret about PLR. You need to see it as a starting point for your content. Sure, you could cut and paste it into your blog or ezine as-is, but savvy business owners know that they need to put their own spin on PLR to make it really work. We'll cover more about how to do that in the following sections, but for now, what you need to know:

PLR is legal
PLR is easy
PLR is effective
PLR needs to be “massaged” into a format that fits your brand and voice
PLR is a great tool for any business owner, regardless of niche or market. Read on and I'll show you how to make it work for you.


PLR may seem like it's only for certain big business owners in particular niches, like internet marketing or finance. While there is a plenitude of PLR content available in those markets, you can find PLR to fit virtually any business. If you have a business where you regularly provide blog posts or articles to your prospects and customers – or SHOULD be doing so but haven't yet started – PLR is for you.

A QUICK SEARCH of some of the leading PLR sites shows content avail-able in the following categories:

Finance and Debt
Health and fitness
Weight loss
Marketing and Business
Home décor
Pregnancy and parenting
Pet Care and Training
and dozens more!

Not only are there hundreds of categories of PLR content avail-able, you can actually take PLR from one content area and adapt it to your market. We'll get more into customizing your PLR content later, but a quick example: If you bought a pack of articles on using social media to get new customers, you could quickly and easily add content to make it apply to the real estate market, the personal training market, the dog grooming market, and pretty much any other niche market where people are trying to get new customers online. The same goes for stress, productivity, and self-improvement. The niche doesn't matter; you can “work it” to make it fit.

5 Steps To Improving Your Mindset MRR Ebook With Audio

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5 Steps To Improving Your Mindset

What is it that makes some people more successful than others?

More importantly, what is it that makes some people happier than others?

Of course, you can always point to luck and you can always point to outside factors. Sure, there is often an element of knowing the right people. Of being in the right place at the right time. Of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth…

But if you constantly focus on the factors that are outside your control then you will never obtain the fullest of your potential. Not only that, but there are plenty of examples of people who have beaten the odds. People who were born into poverty, who perhaps didn’t have the opportunities that others did. Of course, there are plenty of examples of people who dropped out of school or college and all these people nevertheless managed to become immensely successful.

Likewise, you can have two people in the precise same situation but they might be completely different in terms of how happy they are and how they perceive their ‘lot’ in life.

The difference? The successful and happy people have the right mindset. They have the ability to look at a situation and see the glass as half full. They can spot their opportunities and they can take those and make the most of them.

Having the right mindset allows you to see the best in a situation and thus be much happier no matter what kind of situation you find yourself in. At the same time, having the right mindset allows you to spot opportunities that others might miss and to play the hand you’re dealt.

In short, everything starts with the right mindset. The right mindset can help you to accomplish more, to do more and to be more effective.

So now the only remaining question is how you get into that correct mindset in the first place. In this report, you’re going to learn five crucial steps.

Step 1 – Responsibility

The first and most important step is simply to learn to take responsibility for your actions, your mental state and more importantly, your circumstances. Learn that the situation you are in is because of you and that you have the power to change it.

The problem is that many people assume that their situation is largely dictated by outside factors. They will blame their circumstances on luck or even on other people. You don’t have the job you want because you didn’t have the luxury to look around when you first left school. You can’t go travelling because you have a family. You aren’t rich because you were born in the wrong generation, in the wrong part of town.

There may be some truth to these things. Sure. But it is also up to you to dig yourself out of that situation and that’s something that we’ve already seen is possible. You think that Richard Branson made these kinds of excuses? Or Steve Jobs?

If you don’t take responsibility for your actions, then you can’t be expected to achieve all the things you want to achieve because you’ll just find an external reason to blame.

You need to believe that you have an impact on your life and you need to have an internal locus of control.

Only by accepting this can you then recognize the power you have to make a change. Yes, with great power comes great responsibility. But you know what else? With great responsibility, comes great power!

Step 2 – Direction

Once you’ve taken responsibility, your next task is to decide the direction you want to go in and more to the point, the goal or vision that you are working toward.
A lot of people are a little directionless in this sense. How can you spot he opportunities that arise if you don’t know what it is that you want to achieve?

The key thing here though is to recognize that the goals or visions you set for yourself don’t have to be the cliched goals that everyone is going after. You don’t need to want to be a top executive. It is not a requirement that you try to get rich.

If you feel that you would be happier living in a cabin in the woods, then go ahead and let that be your goal!

What you want to try and employ here is a strategy that is known as ‘lifestyle’ design. So, lifestyle design effectively means that you are looking at the things that you want to get from your life and you are looking at the different factors that might be getting in the way or that might provide opportunities.

The problem that a lot of people have is that they go after the wrong goals. Many of us don’t feel all that attached to our jobs and yet we work for eight hours a day, spend a lot of time commuting… even stay in the office late on regular occasions. Then when the opportunity to take on a promotion and work longer comes along… we take it!

Instead, look at the things that really have value to you in your life. That might mean the love of being creative whether you are a writer, a videographer or an artist. Or it might mean spending time with family.

Now look at what kind of job you can do that will help you to get more of the things you love in life. Your sense of progression and accomplishment doesn’t need to come from your job. There’s no reason you can do a stress-free job to pass the time and then feel passionately about the art projects you take on in your spare time.

You might find that simply removing your commute makes you wealthier and happier at the same time. That it gives you more time to be yourself.

Private Label Cash MRR Ebook

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Private label rights are a new concept which functions within the realm of internet marketing. It is a derivative of private labeling and can generate a great deal of cash from those companies and individ-uals who are tactfully engaged in the world of making money online. The idea follows one wherein an author sells all or most of the intel-lectual property rights to their work. There is no legal definition, with the license being defined by the author. This concept is similar the idea of reselling rights in internet marketing.

The use of private label rights has become a hot commodity these days, with private label rights being offered everywhere you look. However, in spite of the particular breed of re-print rights that are defined as private label rights, not many people are aware of them or how to use them.


Defining private label rights can seem tricky. Overall, they allow you to change the content purchased from another author so that it looks like your own and you can claim it as such. This can range from changing an introductory paragraph, editing a title, or completely altering the content and adding your name as the author therein. Private Label Rights allows you to change the content and use it to direct traffic to your site, sell more to your customers, and generate more income.


Reprint rights were the original private label rights. There is a mixture of definitions found now for both reprint rights and private label rights, but overall, reprint rights means that you have the right to re-distribute work done by another author that was already published. Reprint rights are not limited to internet business, but they are most popular among them now.

In terms of master reprint rights, it means that you have complete ownership. You can then re-distribute the product and from there trade the partial re-print rights for the product. You can even sell the master rights to a product.

This means you can purchase full rights to a thirty chapter e-book from someone and sell the partial rights to each chapter in the book. From there you can resell other parts of the book or sell the master rights to the entire book. The people who purchase the partial rights to chapters from the e-book are allowed to re-write part of the content and re-distribute it as their own.

These vary from copyrights entirely and are only in reference to a means of distributing content. However, the criteria for these private label rights are contingent upon the actual agreement. Based on the agreement, you may or may not have the right to:

1. Give away the unchanged product.
2. Give away a branded version of the product with your links
3. Package the product with other products
4. Give the product away as a bonus
5. Use the product as web content only
6. Break the product into smaller articles only
7. Offer the product through auction sites
8. Offer the product in the form of a paid membership area only
9. Alter the product
10. Allow buyers to resale the rights of the product

Private label rights can cover reports, documents, e-books, soft-ware, graphics, and articles. You are able to use private label rights in order to expand an existing product line, increase the profession-alism of your existing products, or enter into other markets without product development.

IF YOU AGREE to terms which allow you to alter the content and then present it as though you were the author or creator, then you have found a valuable purchase assuming that you have assessed the quality of the product and it is good. It is important to note that just because you obtain the private label rights does not mean you own the product, unless it is explicitly stated in the agreement. You also cannot distribute the product in any manner you choose unless it is explicitly stated in your agreement. A good rule of thumb is to assume that you cannot distribute or reprint the content as your own unless the seller says it is ok.


I f you have an online business, it is no secret that it is in need of a constant stream of information and content which is engag-ing. This can come in the form of blogs, newsletters, info on products, or print books sold online. The problem for many business owners is finding content which has the quality to keep your business expanding. While some private label rights can be bought and sold through membership websites, there are great websites out there which offer articles and blog content for pennies each. You can select only content you need instead of being forced to buy large block groups of articles and information which might vary from month to month. There are packs available online for particular niche markets which leaves you in control. These are great because you don’t have to buy more than you need, which saves you the hassle of buying content which you cannot use. It is beneficial to find content which has gone through an editing process from both the writer and an editor, ensuring quality purchases. With more than one mind you add ideas and value to any content.

Time Management For Success PLR Ebook

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Chapter 01 - Time Management and its Basics


“Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of

using it.” – Anonymous

How do you make the most of your time? Have you felt missing something at the end of the day, thinking that you can do more with your time yet do not get the chance to do so? This is probably a typical scene for most people. But, to be able to become successful, you have to realize that time management is an essential ingredient.

Time Management and Its Fundamentals

Time has been considered as one of the most essential things in one’s life. Without it, the society must be in great trouble these days. That is why many people try to engage in proper time management.

Time management is considered as the most essential part of becoming a successful employee, student, or a person as a whole. Before you continue reading, think about this, what do you do every day so as to be efficient in managing your own time? Have you experienced middling about other tasks on the day while working in the mid of a certain task? Do you experience combining two different tasks together successfully or unsuccessfully? Do you find yourself thinking about the things you should have conducted today while lying on your bed? If so, it could be a good sign because at least you are aware of your own time.

Hence, what is really time management? Simple, it is actually the art of being aware of the tasks within the given day and allocating your time in such a way that you will be able to effectively and logically accomplish all your tasks as well as your individual activities.

There are a number of levels to time management that you have to tackle. You can say that you are an efficient time manager if you are able to handle an unpredicted task that is not included in your predetermined schedule of the day. This is exactly where the true time management enters the scene and is something you must learn about.

However, for now, a simple way towards the creation of an efficient schedule can be taking a single day of a week, preferably one weekend day in order to take a seat with yourself for at least one or more hours and

design your schedule for the whole week. As you do this, you will need to note down the tasks you have daily and allocate the amount of time required in order for you to have them accomplished. Do not fool yourself by including the impossible. Make sure that the schedule you have created applies to reality. You may imagine the way it would work in your mind as you go about the creation of the schedule.

Yes, at first, expect that it will be difficult. However, keep in mind that doing great in time management will surely offer you great benefits in just about every area of your life that especially includes work and school.

And if in case you find some trouble having yourself committed into it, always keep in mind that time is certainly your most valued possession that you should manage properly. While important, people have to deserve of your time, as it is not like money that you can get any time that you want. It is something that you can never return once lost, so make sure to make the most of it.

Chapter 02 - Treating Others with Love and Respect


“Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.” –

Leo Tolstoy in Anna Karenina

Giving quality time to your loved ones simply shows how much you love them. Time is something that is considered very important in relationships. If you give some of your time to them, even with your busy day to day living, it should let them feel your love to them, showing how much you respect your relationship. This only means that quality time allows the establishment of good rapport.

The Best Way to Show Your Love and Respect with Others

Showing your love and respect to other people is an essential part of keeping significant personal relationships. Learning to respect the abilities, quirks, abilities, opinions and efforts of other people should benefit you in return, as it will keep you successful and happy with your interpersonal life.

Giving respect to yourself may also assist you in moving forward complemented with confidence so as to create the routine of respect and have it shared with other people who surround you.

As you show a person that you respect him, you also display your love to him. If you respect a person, you will listen to what he says harder. As you may know, proactive listening must be your initial social skill. You should know this because you certainly love people who listen to you. Hence, it will be safe to think that others also love it whenever you listen to them.

Being considerate is another way you can show your respect to others. Once you have listened, it is then the time to do the action accordingly. When there is something about the body language and the voice tone of the person that gave a clue of how they feel, make use of that data in your contact.

Keeping your promise can be another way to display how much you respect others. As you keep your word with someone, this does not only display you as a person with integrity, yet it will also make that someone feel like you truly value them.

Time also plays a significant role in showing your respect to others. Being on time must entail that you respect them. By treating someone’s time as

valuable, you simply show them your respect. Be punctual and respect to others should follow, which may even give you their respect in return.

Show some manners. If you respect a person, of course, you will show him the respect you think he deserves. Never be an interruption in a conversation. Make sure to be polite and observe your “thank you” and “please”. By showing good manners to someone, you should make him feel valuable.

Respect and love are generally connected, so if you love someone you will show him respect and give him your time he simply deserves.

Chapter 03 - Why is Showing Gratitude Important?

21 Email Marketing Hacks MRR Ebook With Audio

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Email marketing has the potential to be the single most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. Don’t take my word for it: if you check the blogs of any of the biggest ‘make money’ experts on the web, they will almost unanimously advise that email marketing should be front and center as part of your marketing and that it is more profitable than many other kinds combined!

But the fact remains that a lot of people aren’t going about their email marketing in the right way. Unfortunately, they have been misguided or they simply got the wrong end of the stick. As a result, they will spend an awful lot of time treading water and not making any progress. This is frustrating and it leads a lot of marketers to give up on this aspect of their marketing strategy.

This report is here to change that for you. Herein, you will find 21 incredibly powerful hacks that can instantly increase your engagement, your deliverability, your conversions and more. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Warm Up Your List

To avoid getting a bad ‘sender reputation’, it’s very important to avoid letting emails bounce or get delivered with very poor open rates. A good way to protect yourself from this fate is to first ‘warm up’ your IP address and mailing list. That means sending some emails from your account to only your most engaged members – maybe even friends and family. This will get you off to a good start which could stand you in good stead if things take a turn later on.

2. Keep Your Friends and Relatives On There

For this same reason, you should keep friends and relatives on your mailing list. They will (hopefully) always open them, which can help just a little in keeping your sender rep positive.

3. Send Emails Consistently

Don’t go long periods without sending emails and likewise, don’t go through phases of bombarding your audience. Let your recipients know what to expect and they’ll be less likely to complain or get frustrated with you.

4. Tease the Next Email

Once you have a consistent schedule, you can use this to your advantage by getting your recipients to eagerly await each new instalment! Do this by teasing what’s coming up and making it sound highly exciting.

5. Use Split Testing

Split testing means that you are going to send out two very similar emails, perhaps with subtly different subject headings, and then see which performs best. This will teach you the best practices to adopt and thus help you to optimize your process.

6. Use a Landing Page Builder

Something like Lead Pages or Thrive will help you to create more professional looking landing pages which will in turn help you to get more conversions.

7. Calculate How Much You Can Spend on PPC

Once you have a landing page, you can then use PPC (pay per click) advertising to direct traffic there. You now know how much you are paying (maximum) for each visitor. If you know what your conversion rate is and you can calculate the average number of purchases each subscriber makes (and how much profit comes from each one), you can choose the perfect budget for your ads and guarantee that you’ll stay in profit! Almost…

8. Offer a Good Incentive

A good incentive or magnet is something like a free ebook or a report. This can help to encourage people to part with their email address when they might otherwise have been on the fence and it will hopefully mean you buy some good will in the process!

9. But Not Too Good!

While it’s a good idea to offer an incentive, you don’t want to make this something too amazing. In fact, a report is almost always better than a free ebook.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, if your incentive is too good then you will risk attracting people to your mailing list who are in fact not interested in whatever you’re talking about. They will sign up purely to get your free gift and they might then never read any of your emails or even unsubscribe as soon as they have what they want! This skews your data and of course damages your sender reputation, so you want to avoid it.

The other issue is that if you plan on selling an ebook later on, giving away a free ebook will seem to undermine the value of that product. If you are giving one away for free right now, then why would someone be willing to pay $100 for the next one? Especially seeing as they probably haven’t read the freebie yet…

10. Use Storytelling

Storytelling is precisely what it sounds like: telling stories! In other words, when you write your next email, try to frame it as a story. Instead of dispassionately describing the merits of a certain technique or product, instead try talking about how it helped you and how it changed your life. Set the scene, describe the emotion and generally get your audience invested in the outcome. This is a far more engaging way to explain something and it’s actually much more persuasive as well.

Better yet, you want to ensure that the amount of time they spend is short. If they can get maximum value for minimum time investment, then that will be a more efficient exchange for them and it will feel like even more value. They’re essentially getting more for less! So, learn to write efficiently and get right to the point – be respectful of your audience’s time.

13. Use a Normal Email Structure

Earlier we mentioned that using the first name in your email could help you to stand out and to by-pass the spam filter.

The Journey To Top Blogger MRR Ebook With Audio

Sample Content Preview

How to Create a Stunning, Professional Blog With the Potential to Become a ‘Top’ Blog

Ever wanted to become a top blogger? In many ways, this is the perfect job and it will give you a chance to earn a living by writing about a subject that you love, all at your own pace.

Working as a blogger means that you make passive income. In other words, you earn money from the people who visit your site – meaning that the money comes in as long as your site is live. That means you aren’t exchanging your time for money anymore and taking a day off from work won’t cost you a day’s wages. You could spend all of tomorrow in bed and you would still make a ton of money from your blog! Oh, and if you reach the very top of your game, then the amount of money you can actually earn is gigantic.

At the same time, you’ll be a minor celebrity. It’s an amazing feeling to be a leader in your niche: to write content that people can’t wait to read and then to receive fan mail and questions. These days, becoming a blogger is actually one of the very best ways to become famous in fact!

Then again, if you’d rather stay anonymous then you can do that too!

Like I said: it’s the perfect way to earn money.

The only problem is that it’s a method that just about everyone wants to get involved with. If you want to be a top blogger, then you’re certainly not the first to try it and you certainly won’t be the last. Unfortunately, countless people have attempted this and failed in the past, so the question is: what can you do to be different? How can you succeed where others have failed?

There are actually many answers to this question and if you want a completely blueprint to becoming a top blogger, then you need to read the full ebook: Journey to Top Blogger.

In this report though, you’re going to learn everything you need to know in order to get off to the best possible start. In other words, we’re going to look at how to build that blog in the first place. How to create a blog that has the potential to become a top blog. This will show you what makes the difference between a truly professional blog with the chance to become a gigantic household name and a much smaller blog that will never gain true recognition.

It Starts With the Niche and the Brand

Before you can even begin thinking about how to create your blog, you need to choose your niche. The niche is of course the subject matter – this is what your site is about, whether that is fitness, money, dating, gardening, weddings or something else entirely.

A great niche is going to be something that has broad appeal so that you can gain the maximum number of readers, but it also has to be something that isn’t too broad. By carving out your own niche, you will give yourself unique avenues through which to market yourself and you’ll set yourself apart from the competition.

Often a good way to do this is to choose a big niche and then to hone in on a smaller aspect of that niche.

So you have your ‘fitness’ niche but within that, you also have a huge number of smaller subcategories. These include such things as:

- Bodybuilding
- Weight loss
- Crossfit
- Bodybuilding for students
- Weight loss for the elderly
- Fitness for nerds

Another option is to combine niches. The ‘fitness for nerds’ niche is an example of this and it will give you the opportunity to blog both about fitness and about nerd culture. This is something that is done very well by the excellent blog ‘Nerd Fitness’.

Either way, make sure you stand out and make sure that you have something that sets you apart on the basis of niche alone. Don’t be ‘just another fitness site’ because that doesn’t give your visitors any reason to subscribe to you. There are plenty of fitness sites out there already!

Mission Statement

In order to build a top blog, you need to begin thinking about the brand too. Note that ‘brand’ in this case does not just mean the logo – a brand is actually much more than a logo and instead speaks to the very ‘mission statement’ and the very objective of your site.

A mission statement is basically a statement of intent: this is your way of saying what you want your site to accomplish and why you’re passionate about that. This is what sets your blog apart and if you have combined multiple different subject matters, then your mission statement is somehow going to communicate that.

A mission statement has nothing to do with you making money and nothing to do with ‘what’ you do on a daily basis. This is why you do what you do and it is why people should care and why they should be excited.