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Healthy Habits MRR Ebook

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Due to the damaging impacts of negative behaviors, countless articles and books have been written on how to identify them, their triggers, and how to overcome them. There is no doubt that these efforts are commendable, and many people have been able to improve the quality of their lives by leveraging the tips in these materials. However, the fact that many writers and readers fail to see is that bad behavior is essentially the absence of healthy ones. Therefore, if good habits can be promoted, they will automatically eliminate and replace destructive ones.

This conviction is the reason behind this project. Health is the most important thing in this world. Sadly, many people don’t realize it until they lose it. The reality is that our health will deteriorate as we grow older and move towards the end of our lives. Nonetheless, we can choose to age gradually or look older than our real age due to poor health management. Healthy habits ensure that you will be able to stay more away from the doctor and have the strength to carry out your daily activities.

It is high time you prioritized your health. If you are sick, it is going to be difficult for you to achieve and live your dreams. Your loved ones need you to be healthy. If your physical health is affected, it will affect every other aspect of your life including your mental and social health. Life becomes colorless and meaningless when you are not healthy. What is the way out? Leverage the tips in this book.

Chapter 1: What are Healthy Habits?

It is logical to start this book by investigating healthy habits. Indeed, they are numerous. So, we will highlight the characteristics of healthy habits and remind you about what really matters the most in life.

What Matters the Most in Life

In the midst of the craze and rush of the modern world, many people forget the most important things in life. Many never learn to value those things until they lose them. It is this lack of getting our priorities right that is responsible for the rate of depression in the world today. Many people are unhappy despite the money and achievements they have. They keep wondering what is missing. The answer is not farfetched. They have forgotten how to live.

Here are some of the most important things in life that many people neglect.

Loved Ones

The desire to be rich and famous has made many people forget that it’s lonely at the top when you’re not there with your loved ones. Some people cry on the days they receive awards because they wish their friends, families, and any other person that matters to them were present. In reality, there are some situations in which we lose our loved ones to accidents.

However, in some cases, they leave us because we are selfish and don’t have regard for them. We are busy chasing our dreams while making them feel that they take secondary places in our lives. King Midas, in ancient Greek mythology, learned the hard way that no amount of treasure in this world could replace his daughter. You don’t have to lose your loved ones before you figure that out.


Happiness is the greatest pursuit of man, even though many people don’t realize it. The reason you want to chase and live your dream is that you want to be happy. Sadly, many people get all they want only to realize that they don’t want what they got. In other words, they chased the big life because they thought it would make them happy only to realize that they felt hollow and empty after achieving their targets.

You don’t have to possess a private jet or wear expensive clothes to be happy. Enjoying the camaraderie of your loved ones is enough to make you happy. The issue is that many people have friends that don’t value them because of the things they don’t possess. Still, if you find yourself among people who love and respect you regardless of what you have, you will understand that happiness is in the simple things of life.


Note that health is not simply the absence of diseases, according to the World Health Organization. It also refers to your mental and social life. Your health is very crucial to the quality of life you live. It is harder to be happy or enjoy the company of your loved ones when you are sick. So, you should never toy with it.

Your job schedule must not make you have less regard for your health. If you don’t treat your body well, it will soon “go on strike” or “evict you”. Your body is that landlord you shouldn’t mess with. It wants to be respected, and you will wake up to a rude shock when you aren’t doing what you ought to do.

Health is Wealth

Many people say the above maxim is almost becoming a cliché and losing its relevance. Nevertheless, it remains an important truthful statement that you can only treat with levity at your own peril. Health is wealth and there is no doubt about that. At least, you need it to make wealth. You cannot go to work if you are sick unless it is very minor. Even when it is minor, you will still find it difficult to be at your best when you don’t have sound health.

Moreover, you need to be healthy to enjoy your success. What is the point of making all the money only to spend it on sickness? You should take an “excursion” to the hospital once in a while to learn some vital lessons in life.

There are many rich people in the hospital who are there battling for their lives. They have money but they don’t have the sound health that money cannot buy.

The fact that you can afford an expensive meal doesn’t mean that you should buy it. You should consider the health implications of the things you consume rather than their prices. Success is only worth it when you are in good health and can enjoy it with the people that mean the world to you.

What Makes a Habit Healthy?

We will end this section by identifying the qualities of healthy habits in order to help you identify them and avoid destructive ones. Healthy habits have the following attributes.

Beneficial to the Individual in the Long Run

It is crucial to mention that a habit should be beneficial in the long run before it can be considered to be healthy. There are many things we do that gratify our desires in the short run but are disastrous in the long run. For example, smoking settles the desire to feel calm in the short run. However, it affects the lung and other parts of the body eventually.

So, if a habit cannot make you stay healthy in the long run, you shouldn’t let the short-term benefits blindfold you. Lack of consideration for the future consequences of an action will only bring tears and regrets eventually.

Beneficial to Others

When something is beneficial to you but hurts others, it’s not a good habit.

We have to be conscious about how our actions affect the people around us.

This is the reason the government of some nations restricts the activities of industries. The fact that a company is boosting the economy and raking in a lot of money doesn’t mean it has the freedom to jeopardize our health.

We should apply the same principle when evaluating our habits. For example, sexual promiscuity might make you feel good immediately.

Nonetheless, it will hurt your partner emotionally when he or she finds out.

In some cases, it might even affect the person physically if you infect him or her with sexually transmitted diseases from unprotected sex.

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Your First Physical Product MRR Ebook

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Chapter 1: Why Create Physical Products

There are many attractive reasons to work online. There’s the freedom, there’s the potential for big earnings and there’s the sense of satisfaction that comes from choosing what kind of business you want to run.

But for some of us, the biggest draw of making money online is that sense of accomplishment. We love being able to tell people we’re ‘entrepreneurs’ and we get a thrill out of earning a living on the back of our own ingenuity alone. But perhaps you’re getting to the point where that isn’t quite enough? Because sometimes, selling digital products and running blogs can start to feel a little empty… while you might be creating value, at the end of the day you’re still just selling ideas and text and nobody actually gets anything physical to hold at the end of the day.

When you tell someone you’re an entrepreneur, what springs to mind? Most likely, they’ll imagine that you’re an eccentric inventor – someone who comes up with gadgets, gizmos, ideas and more and then uses those to make people’s lives better and make a bit of money on the side. We think about people like Arthur Fry – the inventor of post-it notes.

When you say: ‘nah, I run a website’, you can almost hear them deflate with disappointment.

Oh, that kind of entrepreneur…

Make no mistake – making money online is a fantastic way to earn cash while enjoying the lifestyle you want. And it’s incredibly skilled, talented and impressive if you can do it.

But at the end of the day, it’s not quite as exciting as creating a genuine, physical product.

Imagine being able to hold something in your hands that you dreamed up. Imagine being able to use it as part of your routine. And imagine visiting a Big Box store and seeing your product there on the shelf…

Imagine your product taking off and becoming incredibly popular. Imagine walking down the street and seeing lots of people using your item.

With a physical product you can quite genuinely change the world and make a much bigger impact than you can with an ebook.

Physical Products for Profit

But it’s not just about the noble cause of getting to feel that sense of accomplishment. Making a physical product also makes a lot of sense in terms of money.

That’s because physical products are still where it’s at when it comes to revenue and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

For starters, physical products have a much wider appeal and can sell to a significantly bigger audience. Even through ecommerce, physical products sell significantly more than digital products. Why? Partly it’s just because people like to hold something in their hands when they’ve spent money. Have you ever bought a digital product online and then felt immediately empty? As though you haven’t really gotten anything worthwhile for your money?

Now imagine trying to sell an ebook to people on the street. How many people would be likely to go for it? Or even be interested?

A lot of people would never buy an ebook and certainly not one on making money online. In fact, the vast majority of people would never consider that. They’re not getting anything tangible that they couldn’t find for free online, they don’t like reading books on their computers and they’re not interested in working online.

Compare that with a physical product though and you now have something with obvious value to a large audience. If it’s the right price, then there’s a chance anyone who passes on the street will be interested.

Imagine just showing your Grandparents what you make for a living. Show them a book you wrote on the computer and you’ll get an unenthusiastic ‘that’s nice dear’ if you’re lucky. Show them that you’ve made your own toy, gadget or item of clothing though and you’ll have genuine interest.

That’s the difference with a physical product.

And then you have the ability to scale. The most scaling you can do with a digital product is to get it on JVZoo or another affiliate marketing platform. That way, you can get countless other marketers helping you to promote your product in exchange for commission. That’s good – but it’s not quite as good as having millions of units selling through countless high street stores around the world…

Why Now is the Best Time

So with all this in mind, why is it that most people don’t create their own physical products?

Why is it that most people will settle for ebooks or just placing ads on a website?

The answer is simple: they think that creating a physical product is beyond them. The assumption here is that companies like Apple, Microsoft, Hasbro, Ikea, Nike… They make the physical products because they’re the huge, multinational corporations. They have manufacturing plants, patents, shipping deals, huge amounts of marketing and more – and they poor billions into market resource, focus groups, R&D and more.

So how can one person do all that? How can you possibly compete?

Well, that’s where things are changing. And that’s where all this gets very exciting.

Because right now, it’s actually incredibly easy to create and sell your own digital product. If you’re willing to make something simple, then there are options that will allow you to start selling physical products from your website today.

But I’m not just talking about those simple ideas. I’m also talking about the ambitious ones. Want to make your own smartwatch? Well you can do! Want to make some kind of device for opening jam jars and sell it from major stores?

Again, you have that option.

It takes a little bit of work – and that’s why I recommend creating an online business first and using that to bootstrap yourself (although we’ll see how you can avoid the need for doing that too).

Ultimately though, the web is the ‘great equalizer’ and has closed the gap in many ways when it comes to creating hardware. It’s now more possible than ever to not only do all this but to do it from the comfort of your home without ever stepping foot outside. You can outsource your manufacturing, you can outsource your shipping and storage and you can do all your marketing and selling through the web.

Today, just one person can have the same kind of impact with a physical product that a large company can. And it’s only going to move more and more in this direction in future. And actually, that’s an incredible thing.

There is a genuine hardware revolution occurring right now. Are you going to get involved?

Chapter 2: Some Very Easy Ways to Get Simple Products Off the Ground

This book is going to tackle everything you ned to know about coming up with an idea and then taking this all the way to market and manufacturing/selling it.

But before we get into the technical and ambitious stuff, let’s start out by looking at the easy stuff. If you want to create a physical product to sell from an existing website – just to gain some additional profits and perhaps strengthen your brand (it always looks very ‘professional’ when you have your own physical products), then there are ways you can do that right now without having to learn a ton of new skills or invest any cash.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can dip one toe tentatively into the world of physical products.

Physical Books

One of the easiest ways to start selling products is to sell physical books. If you’re already selling a digital product such as an ebook, then it’s only a small transition to start selling a hard copy of that book. And actually, this is incredibly easy to do.

If you already have the file, then all you need to do is to take that file and upload it to either Lulu (www.lulu.com) or Amazon’s publishing service. This is called ‘Print On Demand’ (POD) and it essentially means that you’re printing out your physical books every time someone orders one.

Normally, if you were going to self-publish a book, then you would have to order thousands of copies of the book to keep in a warehouse. This would involve a large up-front investment and you’d then have to sell all those copies at a profit to make any money. That would mean going to retailers and generally it’s a lot of work that led to a lot of people crashing and burning over the years. Alternatively, you could try and find a publisher, which would mean going via an agent – and this would usually lead to years of rejections before you got a deal. Even Harry Potter was rejected by several publishers before it found one!

With POD though, you simply upload the files to a machine that’s capable of printing out the books.

When someone orders your book (or you do), the printer simply makes a new copy ready to sell.

There’s no up-front investment and no risk of losing a profit. And the only overheads are the printing costs (which are very small) and whatever you paid for designing a cover etc.

Custom Gifts

There are plenty of sites on the web that allow you to create items with your brand printing on them. These include sites like Vista Print (www.vistaprint.com) and like Spreadshirt (www.spreadshirt.com). Using these sites, you can start selling printed t-shirts or printed mugs, caps, mousemats and more – and all of them will look highly professional without any work on your part.

Like POD, these print each time items are ordered, which means you’ll never end up with a ton of stock on your hands! You can’t create anything particularly inventive but if you just want to get a physical product on your website, it’s another easy way to do it. What’s more, is that this route is ideal for strengthening your brand. By giving or selling items with your logo printed on them, you increase the sense of loyalty your customers have as they feel proud to brandish your brand. What’s more, every time someone uses your custom mug or cap in public, more people will see your logo!

And some people actually manage to make quite a lot of money by selling t-shirts with funny slogans on them etc.


And guess what… there is one more way you can quickly start selling. It’s pretty retro but it works! That method? Simply start making things by hand and selling them online. If you watch The Big Bang Theory, then you might remember the ‘Penny Blossom’ episode where Penny creates lots of small paper flowers and sells them online. She ends up creating a human assembly line and minimizing her overheads and the result is that she’s able to generate a good profit for a day’s work.

You can do the exact same thing, with a website to sell your product and something you can relatively easily mass produce, you have all the basics you need for an easy online business. This is made even easier by the fact that you can also promote your products on sites like Etsy (www.etsy.com) or eBay (www.ebay.com).

There’s also no reason that your items have to be mass produced at all. If you are a creative type and you have a particular skill or craft that you can sell, then you can just as easily make money selling portraits on eBay, caricatures, home-made jewelry or even artwork. My sister left art college with no job lined up and became a sales-person. That wasn’t exactly what she wanted but it doesn’t matter to her because her real passion comes from making stunning artwork and selling it on eBay. What’s more is that this makes her a very nice little profit on the side!

Drop Shipping

Finally, why not have someone else design and manufacture the products – even handle the fulfilment – and you just put your logo on it? As it happens, that’s actually a thing! And it’s called ‘drop shipping’. This is a white label service, meaning no one will ever know the other company is involved. The only difficulty is finding companies that offer this. Try WorldWideBrands (www.worldwidebrands.com) or Alibabab (www.alibaba.com) to find companies that do.

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Youtube Studio PLR Ebook

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YouTube Studio is where you can manage your YouTube channel. Everything you need is all in one place for your convenience.

Upload and edit videos, manage your live feeds, see analytical information about who is watching your videos, see and respond to your comments, and handle your settings.

There’s also a monetization section if you are part of the YouTube Partner Program. They also have an audio library which gives you free music to upload for your videos.

However, before you begin using YouTube Studio, you’ll need to create a YouTube account. This is super simple to set up. Just go to YouTube and click on “Sign In” at the top right. Click “Create Account” and choose “For Myself” or “To Manage My Business.”

That’s all there is—you can set up everything else later on if you want a profile picture, etc. Now you can create YouTube channels and manage them using YouTube Studio!

But that’s only the first step in utilizing all of YouTube Studio’s powerful features. In this special report, we’ll take a deep-dive into YouTube Studio and show you everything you need to know.

Are you ready to master YouTube Studio?

Let’s begin!

Getting Started

You can navigate to YouTube Studio using two basic methods. If you’re on another website, just type “studio.youtube.com” in your browser window and click “enter.”

If you’re on YouTube already, click on your profile picture at the top right and you’ll see a drop-down menu. “YouTube Studio” will be underneath “Your Channel” and “Paid Memberships.”

Just click on it and you’ll find yourself on your Dashboard.

Your Dashboard has everything you’ll need to manage your channels. If you look at the left-hand column, you’ll see several icons.

These are:


This shows you what video content you have, either uploads or live videos.

You can filter what you’re seeing, find out the visibility of each video (who can see it), check to see if there are any restrictions limiting your video’s visibility, and so much more including:

See the date you uploaded or published the video;
Find out how many views your video has had;
See how many comments each video has;
See how many likes and dislikes each video has.


This allows you to manage your playlists on YouTube. You can edit the playlist or watch it. You can also see the visibility (who can see it), the last date anything was uploaded to the playlist, and how many individual videos are in your playlist.


This shows analytical data for your channels. You can get an overview of your channel in the last 7, 28, 90, or 365 days (or for the lifetime of your channel).

You can also look at your channel’s reach: individual impressions, impression click-through rate, views, and unique viewers. Reach also shows you traffic types.

Engagement shows watch time for your channel as well as average view duration. You can check out your top videos, playlists, and cards.

And Audience will show you information about returning vs. new viewers, when your viewers are on YouTube, what other channels they watch, age and gender, watch time, geographies, and top subtitle languages.


As you might expect, this tab shows you published comments, as well as those held for review (ones YouTube feels might be spam). You can see which comments you have responded to and which need response.


This tab shows you any subtitles you have on your videos and which language your subtitles are in.

Vitamin D Deficient PLR Ebook

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Did you know that an estimated 1 billion people worldwide have low levels of Vitamin D in their blood?

And did you know that Vitamin D isn’t really a Vitamin at all?

It’s a prohormone—and prohormones are substances that your body will convert into a hormone. And because of that, unlike vitamins, every cell in your body has a receptor for it.

This also means that it must be broken down from the initial form into a form your body can use. Vitamin D is then circulated throughout the body and in turn, it serves many important functions.

This so-called “vitamin” is essential in many of your body’s functions, especially your skeletal system because it supports bone growth and promotes muscle health.

In this special report, we’ll take a close look at why Vitamin D is essential, the causes of Vitamin D deficiency—as well as symptoms you should look out for—and what you can do to make sure you are getting enough.

Let’s begin!

Why You Need Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, especially as we grow older. It helps your body take calcium from the blood and use it to produce and repair bone and muscle tissue.

It also helps your body regulate calcium levels in the blood.

The most common type of Vitamin D deficiency, of course, is rickets. This is a childhood condition in which bone tissue never mineralizes properly, and the bones become soft and deformed.

However, modern research has been revealing many other health problems that proper Vitamin D levels can help protect against. We’ll talk about those later in this report.

Vitamin D also helps with the immune system. Immune cells have a receptor for Vitamin D and can synthesize the active Vitamin D metabolite or hormone, so there’s a definite connection between them.

A deficiency in Vitamin D is often associated with increased autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis. If you have enough Vitamin D in your blood, your immune system will work as designed to keep you from coming down with infections or autoimmune disorders.

Finally, Vitamin D helps the parathyroid gland, which is the one that regulates the amount of calcium in the blood.

Vitamin D helps communication between the intestines, kidneys, and skeleton so that your calcium levels are appropriate. If you have enough calcium in your blood, Vitamin D will help your body use that to form and strengthen your bones.

However, if you don’t have enough calcium, or if the Vitamin D levels are low, the parathyroid gland “borrows” it from the skeleton, weakening your bones.

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

There are several reasons why you may be struggling with a Vitamin D deficiency. In fact, as mentioned in that the start of this report, over 1-billion people are Vitamin D deficient.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to detect, especially if you aren’t familiar with the symptoms. Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why this can happen:

You don’t eat the kind of foods that support the development of Vitamin D.

Most of these foods are animal-based, like fish and fish oils, beef liver, egg yolks, and fortified milk products.

If you’re vegan, of course you don’t eat these foods, so you’re likely to suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency unless you consume supplements to make up for it.

Your skin color is very dark.

The pigment (melanin) that makes your skin tan or dark reduces your skin’s ability to form Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. So, the darker your skin, the less likely it is to make Vitamin D even if you sunbathe.

Twitterverse Explained MRR Ebook

Sample Content Preview


Today, Twitter is a social website used by absolutely millions of people to send messages to groups and friends every day. It has become one of the hottest social networks on the Internet today with thousand of new people signing up on a daily basis. This new phenomenon, ranks right up there with Facebook and LinkedIn for social contact and social media marketing. Today, companies are using this information to keep their friends, families, and customer base up to date on what is happening in their lives, families, and business ventures.

Twitter has long since considered itself to be one of the top communication systems for exchanging quick little “blurbs” of infor-mation with those you wish to keep in touch with. This short and direct communication has become known as “Tweets”, or short form messaging system, that allows a connected individual to share and listen to what is happening to and with the people their surround themselves with.

As Twitter has evolved it has become a communication device that provides many platforms for communication, but mainly communication on Twitter is done through posts, or “tweets”, which are restricted to less than approximately 140 characters in length.

Using Twitter, members can keep people updated, as well as follow updates from other members. Today, tweets are used for more than just updates; they are also used to discuss hot topics, videos, music, and events happening in the daily news.

One of the bonus features of Twitter is the ability to “Retweet”. This enables users to share things like tweets, links, and other little gems that they pick up from others who also use Twitter. New users often do not understand the benefit of retweets, but after a little time on Twitter they soon learn the value of retweets and set out to share as much as possible.

To retweet the user has a special set of tools available that make it easier to do. Some of those tools include copy and paste so you can share tweets themselves with others. When users do this, because they are using someone else’s information, the retweet is usually followed by an “RT”, short for retweet, as well as the original creator’s name. So, if you were to retweet the following sentence from “Sue-Smith”, your retweet would look like this:

The ipod I bought was great and I would recommend it RT@SueSmith AS A RULE PEOPLE TRACK, or follow, the most popular retweets on Twitter by using one of the following methods:

RETWEETRADAR – a tool for tracking and bringing to the forefront the most popular content on Twitter – right now, today, or yesterday. RETWEETLIST – this tool lets you track the most popular links that are being retweeted by other users on Twitter. You will note that it also keeps track of the accounts that are retweeted the most. TWEETNMEME – this is a tool that records and keeps score on the number of retweeted Urls and stories on Twitter and then places the ones that receive the most retweets on the front page of Tweetmeme, which if selected can be broken down into categories – i.e.: business, sports, etc.

ANOTHER GREAT THING about Twitter is that all your friends and tweets can appear on your desktop and retweets only take two simple clicks – one to create the retweet and one to post it.


As a Twitter member you will notice that the site has some great user friendly tools that will help in making your experience on Twitter a completely customized one.

However there are some steps you should initially take when creating your profile that will further enhance your customized experience.

First to ensure that you get the best possible results on the site, starting by creating your Twitter log in using your real name or company name this makes it easier for people to search for and find you. Also, using your real name makes it easier for fellow tweeters to follow and recognize you or your brand.

Including a personal photo or company logo on your profile page is always the best way to give your customized notability.

Your photo should be a good quality one; the picture should be clear, well lighted and you should have a friendly appearance the more approachable you appear the more people will follow you. If you are using a company logo make sure it is professional looking and represents your company’s brand you will want a pleasing image that people will remember and associate with your specific product or service.

Next you should work on customizing the settings on your profile page using the settings tool. Twitter does have built in themes that have predesigned backgrounds that use preset color schemes which is fine if you prefer it but you can also use the theming tools offered on the site to create your own theme and use your own personally designed color schemes.

Another customization tool available is language preference you can customize your profile to appear in your preferred language; there are several global languages to choose from. You can also change your privacy settings from public where anyone can view your tweets to private where only your followers can share your tweets.

Another way to customize your Twitter page is to share your personal media whether it is photos, videos, music or documents there is a tool available to help share your personal media. Groove-shark seems to be the most popular and user friendly music sharing application. You can tweet about a song you are listening to it.

Feature wise the most popular, free and easy to use file sharing application for sharing documents and videos is FileTwt.

If interested you can find out more about this application by visiting http://mash-able.com/2009/05/25/filetwt/.

A newer file sharing application available is Twitgram; It is a file sharing application that offers some great features such as : file send-ing, sending and sharing messages over Twitter in complete privacy, create chat rooms, organize your chats and the 140 character limit for tweets is not an issue with this application. This application however, costs to use. To find out more about Twitgram you can visit http://techcocktail.com/twitgram-share-files-sendprivate- messages-http://techcocktail.com/twitgram-share-files-sendprivate- messages-Twitter-2011-08#.TkbuGWvlx5w Also, Tweeters now have mobile access to Twitter. Now you can Twitter using most currently used mobile devices. Now Twitter is a mobile companion for the tweeters.


On Twitter the Twitter handles have become an important aspect of being a part of the community. Your handle represents you who you are and what you represent. As a matter of fact the Twitter handles have actually become a commodity on the site; there has been a need for an aftermarket to be created for the handles. The aftermarket is where Twitter handles are constantly bought and sold.

It has become a necessity for any member of the community whether business related or otherwise to claim their Twitter handle for their full name or full business name. If another member claims the name first it could lead to confusion when people are looking to contact you or your business on the site. It is very advisable to also employ this action for future business or personal prospects.

To gain followers a good way to attract people to you is to have your profile completely filled out and do so accurately. A word of warning, don’t claim expertise at something when you are not - create your brand based on your interests and your skills.

Your Twitter profile page should have a background that is related to your particular brand. When someone looks at your profile they should see an extension of who you are and what your brand repre sents. You should use the same logos, themes and color schemes as on your company website.

Furthermore, there are three different methods that can be used to brand you or your business on Twitter:

Leading with your company - Use your company as the beginning part of your account name and use your personal picture as your avatar.

Mutual branding – using your employees to subtly advertise by having their photos accompanied by the business logo as their profile avatar.

Personal branding- create everything completely about you. Using Twitter to establish that you are an expert in a particular field works very well to create an expert image for your brand and garner followers by constantly tweeting about the subject. Also, If you have a blog you can use Twitterfeed to create an affiliation between your blog and Twitter. You can also host question and answer f orums on Twitter with your followers about your field of expertise. By creating a marketing scheme you can also build up your brand.

Internet Marketing For Business People MRR Ebook With Audio

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Internet Marketing for Busy People:

How to Gain MASSIVE Exposure for Your Business or Site in Just a Few Minutes a Day!

Internet marketing is a set of techniques and strategies that a site or business owner can use in order to increase the visibility of their brand. Essentially, this means creating more links, building a following on social media and getting links to the top of Google.

The net result is that it is easier for people who might be interested in your content for find your website and more people around the net will have heard of your brand and be familiar with it. That means more traffic to your website and more people buying your products or signing up for your services.

Internet marketing is so powerful in fact that many people will do the marketing first and then come up with the business model second! In other words, they might focus on generating lots of traffic and lots of attention for a website or a web page and then think about how they’re going to profit from that web page (normally by selling a product or by displaying adverts).

Of course, businesses will use this the other way around – they already have a product or service they are selling and they just need to get more eyes on what they’re offering. Internet marketing allows them to do this and when everything goes smoothly, a business can expect to see a massive increase in turnover and profits.

The only problem? Internet marketing takes time and money. Whether you’re looking to create your own blog as a hobby in the evenings, or you’re interested in gaining more attention for your existing business… internet marketing requires you to understand a lot of complicated terms and processes and then invest lots of time into making them work for you.

This is a problem if you’re a busy person – if your business is already taking up all of your working time and you don’t feel like dedicating your spare time to more work…

Search engine optimization is certainly not something you can learn on your lunch break and you need more than a few hours a week to build a social media following… right?

Not necessarily! In this report, you’re going to learn how you can cut right to the chase with the most effective and straightforward internet marketing strategies available.

Search Engine Optimization in Minutes a Day

One of the aspects of internet marketing you’ve probably heard the most about, is ‘search engine optimization’. But what does this term mean precisely? More importantly, how can you implement an effective social media strategy in a few minutes a week?

Search engine optimization essentially means that you are optimizing a site or a page for search engines. More specifically, it usually means that you are optimizing said site or page for Google (seeing as Google is the search engine that pretty much everyone uses…).

So how does this work? What is Google looking for?

This is defined by Google’s ‘algorithm’, which in turn is its calculation for deciding which content is ‘relevant’ for which searches. Too many people get bogged down by the details of Google’s algorithms and by trying to work out precisely how many links they need and what the best ‘anchor text’ is.

In short, people try to second guess the nature of Google in order to ‘game the system’. In fact, this is what a lot of people think that SEO actually means.

But this is not SEO. Or at least it’s not good SEO. Because if you try and guess what Google wants you to do and then fill your site with that specific type of content and build those kinds of links, that means that anyone can get their way to the top of Google by using the same techniques – even if the site that they are promoting is not high quality!

In other words, as soon as someone finds a loophole to get to the top of Google, Google is going to plug it.

Google does not want there to be a simple formula that bloggers and business owners can follow to get to the top. Google does not care about you! What Google cares about is its users and it wants to make sure that only the genuinely popular and genuinely high quality content gets to the top. That’s why Google has become increasingly good at assessing quality content – by looking at things like vocabulary and use of synonyms. It’s also why you see fewer and fewer of those pidgin English sites at the top of Google’s results pages.

So, what is good SEO? Simple: it is focussing on delivering high quality content for your users. If you do that, then your goals are aligned with Google’s own goals. If it doesn’t promote your site already, then future updates will make it more effective at identifying the genuinely high quality nature of your content.

So, write posts that are the right length for the topic you’re writing. Write posts that are filled with genuinely interesting tips. And write posts that are entertaining and well written. This will also mean that more people spend longer on your site (you will ‘reduce bounce rates’) and this is another very important sign for Google.

Better yet, if your content is genuinely good and interesting, then people will want to share it with other people, resulting in links being added to your site!

Now, writing high quality content does not take ‘a few minutes a day’ and this is going to be the most time consuming aspect of internet marketing. But if you want to get around that issue, then consider outsourcing the writing to a professional. Just make sure that you pay enough (you get what you pay for) and that you pick someone who is an expert in the given topic and who is genuinely passionate about it.

Link Building

The other part of SEO is link building. That means getting other sites to link to yours. This is also really important because it is actually the way that Google finds new content online – by following trails of links around the net!

What’s also important about link building is that Google treats each link like a testimonial. The underlying assumption here is that if thousands of people are linking to your site, then your site must be at least fairly good! What’s more, is that a link tells Google about the subject matter – because normally sites will link to other sites that are on the same subject.

Again though, the important tip here is not to try and game the system. The main way that people are guilty of doing this, is by trying to build as many links as they possibly can by buying them and trading them and while giving no thought to the quality of the site linking to them.

Google does not like this. As far as link building goes, Google’s stance has always been that quality trumps quantity. The aim should be to get links on sites that Google trusts as authority resources, not to build them on sites that no one has heard of!

So how do you know if Google trusts a site? Well, if a site has a .edu or.gov domain, then there is a higher-than-average chance that Google will trust it. Google also likes brands and Google likes the sites that have inbound links from these sites. In other words, it acts like a game of ‘degrees of separation’. If you can’t get a link from Harvard but you get a link from a site that has a link from Harvard, then this will be almost as good.

Another tip is to look for the links that are in Google’s news section – as all these are sites that Google trusts. If you can get a link from any of those, then it will be worth a lot.

So instead of wasting time sending unsolicited emails begging for links or offering to buy them, the best way to build links by far is simply to focus on getting links from the very highest quality sites.

The good news for you is that this is quicker. Focus on keeping your site top quality and then send an email a day to the best sites in your niche asking if they’d like to publish a guest post or work together in some way. You only need a couple of positive responses to completely change the game.

Website Cash Ideas MRR Ebook

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More and more people across the world are turning to the internet for a solution to their financial problems in the face of the job cuts resulting from the recent economic crisis.

Many people, who have previously enjoyed successful corporate careers and who have never had to worry about money before, are now finding themselves in a situation where their pension funds have been dwindled precipitously and the college education plans they had for their children have gone up in smoke.

The situation is out of control and lots of people are now begin-ning to question whether relying on someone else for a pay-check was ever really such a good idea in the first place.

Turnkey Internet Businesses are becoming more and more popular as a second, as well as a primary, income source simply because they require hardly any up front investment and also have great earning potential.

There are lots of possibilities out there that could suit your unique interests or skills. In this Ebook, we will look to examine some of these options so that you can make an informed decision about which strategy will be best for you.


ATurnkey Business is one which you can operate, part time if desired, online from the comfort of your own home.

After researching hundreds of different opportunities, companies and Franchises, we can say with certainty that a successful Turnkey Online Business will contain the following six ingredients:

1. You have to have a product that everybody wants and needs. This doesn't have to be fancy or particularly fashionable, just something that is in demand that everybody can benefit from in the short and long term.

2. You have to have a compensation plan that will guarantee you a good immediate income with the potential for residual income down the road. The idea of building a turnkey online business is that, as the business grows, you'll have more time to spend with your friends and family and let the business run on auto-pilot.

3. You need a comprehensive system that can be easily duplicated that does the telling and selling for you. Many people have product ideas but don't want to pick up the phone to talk to people and are scared of the marketing side of their venture. Your system, therefore, needs to do all of this.

4. You need a system that provides the necessary training, via webinars and conference calls, so that you can feel confident about doing what you are doing.

5. You need to be able to mentor with people, who are already successful, doing what you want to do, who are already making the kind of money that you want to make and who already have the kind of lifestyle that you want to have. That is important because they are going to share with you how they did it and the mistakes they made along the way so you can avoid doing the same.

6. Finally, you need yourself. You are the most important piece of the process. You have to understand that, in order to be successful, you are going to have to learn new skills and put in some work initially to get your business up and running. Do not believe the nonsense that often gets peddled online about instant riches. Making a success of business on the internet is possible, but it will not happen overnight. Condition yourself to be flexible and dynamic and adopt a long term view with your strategy. Getting your expectations in check from the outset is half the battle for most newcomers.

You are reading this Ebook because you are looking for ways to generate an income from home either on a part time or a full time basis. If you are fed up worrying about whether you are going to have a job in six months or whether you are going to get that pay rise (which probably won't happen). Or, if you are just fed up working 80 hours per week for a measly wage, then keep on reading because, with the right knowledge, the internet can literally transform your life.


Google AdSense was the very first major contextual advertising program. Most of Google's earnings originate from its share of the contextual ads served on the incredible number of web-pages that run the AdSense program. Site owners can subscribe to AdSense to make it possible for text, image as well as video ads to be shown on their websites. Revenue is generated on either a per click or a per impression basis. Per click is where the advertiser pays the Search Engine (SE) along with other Internet publishers for just one click of its' adver-tisement that brings one visitor to its' web site. And an on line adver-tisement impression is just a single appearance of an advertisement on a web site.

AdSense has turned into a popular approach to placing adver-tising online since the adverts aren't as intrusive as banners and the content of the adverts is usually highly relevant to the web site. The primary reason Webmasters have for using AdSense would be to help their website's content generate revenue because they usually don't have the ability to develop advertising sales programs or employ sales agents.

AdSense works by providing webmasters with a Java-Script code which, once entered in to web-pages, displays relevant adverts from Google's inventory of advertisers. Since the ads tend to be more focussed, they will often be clicked, and this generates profit for the person who owns the web site, as well as the server of the ad itself. For contextual adverts, Google's servers make use of a cache (i.e. a sizeable storage of relevant data) of the page to find out some high-value key words. If key words have already been cached, adverts can be found for all those key words predicated on the AdWords bidding system.

For site-targeted adverts, the advertiser selects the webpage(s) to exhibit the adverts on, and then pays predicated on a Cost Per Mile, or CPM (the publisher only needs to load the advertising on his web site and show it to his visitors to be able to receive the commission), or the cost the advertisers decide to cover for each thousand adverts shown.

AdSense has received a fair amount of criticism in the past.

The primary section of complaint involves its vulnerability to click fraud. Google claims that, to prevent invalid clicks, they remove publishers from their partner network on a daily basis.

AdSense publishers can select from a number of click-tracking programs available that display step by step details about the visitors who click the AdSense adverts. Publishers may use this to find out whether they've been a victim of click fraud. Google will withhold payment until a merchant account reaches US $100.00. However, Google can pay all earned revenue of more than US $10.00 when an AdSense account is closed.


Clickbank is the world's largest internet provider of digital products. Every day, many products are put into Click-bank's marketplace for Online marketers to judge whether they would like to promote that product or not.

Those who are newcomer's to affiliate marketing visit Clickbank, examine all of the products and then put up campaigns and internet sites to advertise them. Expectations are usually huge and all of the hype that the 'pitch pages' of these products create often leads Online Marketers down a path of self destruction.

Only a small number of individuals promoting products on Click-bank ever make the 'big bucks'. Those who do not belong to the 'in-crowd' have no idea what they've done wrong and normally, after expending much effort, they quit.

To help those just getting started, there are some things that will help in determining whether an item on Clickbank may be worth promoting and whether it has the potential to create money. The points covered in this chapter can help you evaluate a great quality pitch page versus one which will not convert.

Does the headline stick out? Does it capture your attention? Does it produce a desire for you yourself to wish to read more? If it does not, it is time to search for yet another product to advertise. In the event that you are not thinking about reading the entire pitch page, neither are your visitors going to be.

Again, put your self in your customer's shoes. Take into account the benefits and options that come with what the merchandise is promoting. Does it complement your key words well for relevance and does it produce a desire for more information? Try to understand exactly how it benefits your customer.

Products that are distinctive will sell a lot better than other things. What's unique relating to this product that other products aren't offering? How could you capitalize with this to achieve a distinct market share that other people will lose out on?

Are testimonials featured? They are vital in showing the credibility of the merchandise for sale. Featuring a few of these is good but too many can be overwhelming and they may not be read.

Clickbank requires all products sold to have a fifty six day refund policy. So, if the guarantee is for longer than fifty six days, it should catch your attention.

It's amazing just how many pitch pages there are which do not implement a proactive approach. It is hard to create a sale if you do not instruct a person on how to proceed to help make the purchase.

Telephone numbers, email addresses, text links to other web pages and opt-in boxes for newsletters, free offers and trials are classed as 'exits' from the pitch page that benefit the vendor as opposed to the internet marketer. Always search through all 'exits', therefore, to ensure that they benefit both the product owner and the affiliate.