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Ai Impact On Our Lives Personal Use Ebook

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a ubiquitous technology in modern society, and its impact on our lives is rapidly increasing. From virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to self-driving cars and predictive analytics, AI transforms how we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

AI systems can perform tasks previously only possible for humans, such as recognizing faces, understanding natural language, and even playing complex games like chess and Go. As AI continues to advance, it has the potential to bring about significant changes in various areas of our lives, including healthcare, education, transportation, and entertainment.

While AI can bring many benefits, it poses challenges and risks, such as job displacement, privacy concerns, and bias in decision-making. As such, it is essential to consider the impact of AI on our lives and work towards responsible and ethical development and deployment of AI technologies.

So, this guide will assist you in understanding how AI impacts our lives.

So, let’s get started!

rtificial intelligence (AI) has had a significant impact on our lives in recent years, touching almost every aspect of society. From voiceactivated assistants like Siri and Alexa to recommendation algorithms that suggest what to watch, read or buy, AI has made our lives easier and more efficient.

In the medical field, AI is being used to diagnose diseases, analyze medical images, and develop new drugs. It's also being used in transportation systems to improve traffic flow, and in agriculture to optimize crop yields.

However, with the increasing use of AI, there are also concerns about job displacement, privacy, and ethical issues surrounding the use of AI. It's important to continue to monitor and regulate the use of AI to ensure that its impact on our lives is a positive one.

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the capacity of machines or computer programs to carry out actions usually associated with human intellect, such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and decision-making.

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves using algorithms, statistical models, and diverse data sources to recognize patterns and forecast outcomes, allowing machines to mimic human-like intelligence and behavior. AI is a fast-evolving domain with many applications in the healthcare, finance, transportation, and entertainment industries.

As we can see, Artificial Intelligence is going on boom these days, and every second person is dying to promote or market their AI-powered products.

These people only refer to AI as part of technology like machine learning, but it’s more than that. It requires a specialized hardware and software foundation for writing and training machine algorithms. There is no single programming language that counterparts with AI, but Python, Java, C++, and Julia puts an outstanding featural contribution to AI developers.

These AI tools work so that they get a large amount of labeled training data input. Then they analyze the data to correlate to the patterns. Later in the future, the tool will use this data to predict answers to the entered prompts.

It can learn to generate realistic human-like conversations by feeding text examples to a chatbot. Similarly, reviewing millions of illustrations can enable an image recognition tool to identify and describe objects in images accurately. With the advent of novel and quickly improving generative AI techniques, it is now possible to create realistic media such as text, images, and music.

Why is AI Important?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important today due to its ability to replicate human-like thinking, reasoning, and decision-making. AI has the potential to transform various industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, education, and entertainment, by improving efficiency, accuracy, innovation, personalization, and safety.

Below are the reasons why AI is important:

Efficiency: One of the significant advantages of AI is its ability to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which allows humans to focus on more complex and creative tasks.

Accuracy: AI can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make accurate predictions, which can help in better decision-making and improved outcomes.

For example, AI can analyze patient data in the healthcare industry, including medical history and symptoms, to provide more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

Innovation: AI can simulate human-like intelligence and behavior, which can lead to new products, services, and experiences that were previously not possible.

Generative AI techniques, such as GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), can create realistic media, including text, images, and music, which can be used in various applications, including art, gaming, and marketing.

AI can also enable the development of new products and services, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, to improve customer experience and engagement.

Personalization: AI's ability to personalize recommendations and experiences based on individual preferences and behaviors is also crucial.

AI-powered algorithms can analyze large amounts of data, including browsing history and purchase behavior, to provide personalized recommendations, advertisements, and offers. This can help companies improve customer loyalty and retention, increasing revenue and profitability.

Safety: AI can also help ensure safety by monitoring and analyzing data in real-time to identify potential safety risks and take action to prevent accidents or other adverse outcomes.

For instance, in the transportation industry, AI-powered systems can analyze traffic data and identify potential safety risks, such as accidents or traffic jams, and reroute traffic to avoid these risks.

In conclusion, AI is becoming increasingly important in various industries, and its potential to improve efficiency, accuracy, innovation, personalization, and safety is enormous. With continued advancements in AI technology it will likely have an even more significant impact on our lives.

How is AI impacting our lives?

Mindful Meditation MRR Ebook

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Ten million people in America practice mindful meditation. That’s quite a lot. Mindful meditation has become popular as more and more people enjoy living a better, less stressful, more productive life.

Why are these people turning to meditation to improve their daily lives? The easy answer is, meditation works. The more complex answer is that today, we are suffering from information overload and stress more than previous generations. Some meditators want to reduce stress and enjoy greater peace. Others seek more awareness to create a more purposeful life. Still others want to gain greater awareness and align their thoughts with their actions.

Mindful meditation is useful for all of these purposes. What is true for everyone, however, is that the more you know about your thinking, the more you are in control of your life.

Whatever the reason, mindful meditation can be a powerful force. Like music, life has many layers, and mindful meditation can help you become aware of all the nuances.

Mindful meditation isn’t magic. It allows you to concentrate your awareness on the here and now. All too frequently, our attention can scatter into the past or the future. We become distracted and unable to focus on what is important in the present.

Mindful meditation gives us power to focus on the here and now.

It increases our mental energy, allowing us to perform better and achieve more. Quite simply, mindful meditation makes us more efficient in many areas of our lives.

More importantly, it puts us in control. The mind is an extremely complex labyrinth, where the subconscious can rule and throw roadblocks in our path. There are times we behave in certain ways without being consciously aware of why. Mindful meditation increases our awareness and opens our minds to more answers.

Our senses are heightened as we enjoy the present more fully.

Everyday activities, from what we eat, how we enjoy art and listen to music, and how we respond to friends and family become more vivid as mental walls crumble.

Mindful meditation relaxes us. With awareness, stress and unpleasant thoughts become less threatening and easier to handle.

We become more relaxed and are able to let more joy and peace into our lives.

Today, we live in a state of impermanence more than ever before in history. More than a hundred years ago, most people spent their lives in the town in which they were born. They knew all their neighbors. Their station in life determined their job. It may not sound ideal to us, but it certainly wasn’t stressful. These days, we live very fragmented lives. We may move regularly and barely know our neighbors. We switch jobs and friends on a regular basis.

Constant change has become the one permanence on which we can rely. There’s no denying that modern knowledge and conveniences have brought us untold advantages. However, at the same time, we have lost our connection to others and our surroundings. Mindful meditation brings back that important lost connection to what is happening inside of us and around us. It’s not an antidote to the problems of living in the 21st century, but it can provide the skills to help us cope with many of its problems.

You don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits of mindful meditation. The more you practice, the better you will become. It’s like exercise for the mind. You know what daily exercise does for your body. It strengthens and firms those muscles.

In much the same way, daily mindful meditation strengthens your mind and hones your thinking process. It’s both simple and complex, and at all times, it’s a choice. Hopefully, this book will help you make the right one for you. Consistency is the key to successful practice. Even a short meditation period every day is more effective than sporadic longer meditations.

Like physical exercise, mindful meditation is a process. Success doesn’t happen overnight. But it will happen. When you begin your meditation journey, you may find it difficult to sit quietly for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. You may start making excuses why it’s okay to skip meditation for just one day.

This will make it harder to resume meditating the following day, and you’ll easily find an excuse why you shouldn’t. You’re too tired, too busy, too frustrated … any excuse will do. That’s why making a commitment to regular meditation is necessary. Ask yourself what motivated you in the first place. Make a pact with yourself that you will get up half an hour earlier in the morning to meditate. With a firm commitment, you will gain momentum and see the results.

Mindful meditation is unrivalled in its ability to open your mind.

If you are new at mindful meditation, it is helpful that you ask yourself what has motivated you to start meditating at this time.

There is, however, no right or wrong reason.

Chapter 1

What Is Mindful Meditation?

Mindful meditation is actually very simple, yet it comes with great benefits.

The Origin Of Mindful Meditation

It’s a Western practice with roots in thousands of years of Buddhism, where it’s referred to as “Insight Meditation.” As that name suggests, it is meant to develop our mental skills and become more aware. However, mindful meditation is not associated with any specific ideology.

Mindfulness is a skill we all possess, but not all of us develop and cultivate it fully. The unique thing about mindful meditation is that it allows us to take an active part in our thinking process instead of remaining passive. It’s more than being aware of the world around us; it specifically refers to that exciting and sometimes mysterious world inside of us. Mindfulness increases our awareness of ourselves and how we think. It’s an effective way of knowing ourselves better.

Mindful meditation is always purposeful and non-judgmental. We calmly accept and acknowledge what is. Instead of moving through the day on autopilot, mindful meditation allows us to be more present and gain more control over our thoughts and activities. This invariable enriches our lives beyond measure.

Mindfulness To Tackle Daily Challenges

When we practice mindful meditation consistently, we gain an inner calm that will help us deal with life’s many challenges. How often have we become so stressed that we have consciously avoided

thinking about our problems, which then only worsen as we become more stressed? Sometime, it may feel easier not to think at all. But in the long run, reality will take over.

Non-judgmental awareness allows us to remove ourselves mentally from the mental tsunami and remain calm in times of adversity. We become more connected to our experiences in a healthy, non-threatening way.

On a basic human level, it’s natural for us to push aside unpleasant thoughts by distracting ourselves from what is really important. Addictions to alcohol, drugs and social media are just some of the ways we avoid dealing with the present.

This obviously is not helpful and merely generates greater anxiety and stress. Daily mindful meditation keeps us focused on the present and helps us deal with problems rather than avoiding them. Fortunately, becoming more aware is a skill that can be learned. Like playing a musical instrument or a sport, the more we practice, the better we become at it.

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Transform Your Home Into A Cash Machine Resale Rights Ebook

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What About The Home Business

A Turnkey Business is one which you can operate, part time if desired, online from the comfort of your own home.

After researching hundreds of different opportunities, companies and Franchises, we can say with certainty that a successful Turnkey Online Business will contain the following six ingredients:

1) You have to have a product that everybody wants and needs. This doesn't have to be fancy or particularly fashionable, just something that is in demand that everybody can benefit from in the short and long term.

2) You have to have a compensation plan that will guarantee you a good immediate income with the potential for residual income down the road. The idea of building a turnkey online business is that, as the business grows, you'll have more time to spend with your friends and family and let the business run on auto-pilot.

3) You need a comprehensive system that can be easily duplicated that does the telling and selling for you. Many people have product ideas but don't want to pick up the phone to talk to people and are scared of the marketing side of their venture. Your system, therefore, needs to do all of this.

4) You need a system that provides the necessary training, via webinars and conference calls, so that you can feel confident about doing what you are doing.

5) You need to be able to mentor with people, who are already successful, doing what you want to do, who are already making the kind of money that you want to make and who already have the kind of lifestyle that you want to have. That is important because they are going to share with you how they did it and the mistakes they made along the way so you can avoid doing the same.

6) Finally, you need yourself. You are the most important piece of the process. You have to understand that, in order to be successful, you are going to have to learn new skills and put in some work initially to get your business up and running. Do not believe the nonsense that often gets peddled online about instant riches. Making a success of business on the internet is possible, but it will not happen overnight. Condition yourself to be flexible and dynamic and adopt a long term view with your strategy. Getting your expectations in check from the outset is half the battle for most newcomers.

You are reading this Ebook because you are looking for ways to generate an income from home either on a part time or a full time basis. If you are fed up worrying about whether you are going to have a job in six months or whether you are going to get that pay rise (which probably won't happen). Or, if you are just fed up working 80 hours per week for a measly wage, then keep on reading because, with the right knowledge, the internet can literally transform your life. If you've been involved with the Net home business industry for any time at all, you likely realize there's a ton of junk online!

Everybody claims to have the "one" lead generation tactic that's going to help you blow away the rivalry, the "one wizardly pill" that's going to make all your Net marketing dreams come true.

At a particular level, individuals know that the Net is full of hype. It’s like reading a magazine with an ad for a luxury auto and shows a fine-looking guy with the gorgeous girl. At a conscious level, individuals know it’s an ad. But at a different level, individuals trust it.

Those sorts of ads are targeting something much richer than our conscious wants.

Great marketing targets people’s core desires. An individual's want to be treasured, to feel worthy, to feel unparalleled and like s/he has a purpose.

The “make money” industry online operates in the same way. At a superficial level, most individuals understand the Net is full of hype. But there’s this other part of the human mind, the emotional part, which would like to trust some part of it's true.

The Basics

So even though you recognize there’s a ton of hype everyplace, it’s really simple to get rolled up in all of it. And it adds up, as the Net is flooded with so many individuals. What’s not to love? The dream to stay home in your jammies, work from anyplace with your laptop, and make buckets of revenue living like a rock-star... Correct?

There are individuals simply looking to make a half-time income, individuals who are looking to replace a full-time income, and those who are attempting to get rich fast. The excellent thing about the Net is that it levels the playing field in a lot of ways. But, simply because the Net levels the playing field, doesn’t mean you automatically succeed.

A level field means that there's opportunity for everybody. However, it's a game. Understanding the game will be the difference between making it or simply wasting an immense amount of time and cash. The chilling truth is that for most individuals who come online... It’s a tremendous cash cavity. Individuals trust that all they have to do is "follow the leader" and they're going to hit it rich. After all, that’s what the site said—right? Right...

Individuals drop 1000s and 1000s of dollars for products that, ultimately, are not products anybody would purchase off the shelf. Basically, people are buying these products for the “right to sell and collect a profit’” on them. That’s the bottom line, regardless how it’s disguised.

Take a look at the immense number of business opportunities out there selling products. Many of the products are not anything that a consumer would purchase for that price off the shelf—or at any price for that matter. The mere reason why the products are selling is because marketers are purchasing them, to qualify to be in a place to sell them also. Apart from dropping 1000s of dollars for the products affiliated with a company, there’s likewise the cost of all the training and tools.

It’s simple to get caught in the cycle of buying every “hot” traffic-generating course that appears, big-ticket events, expensive PPC campaigns, more training courses, more monthly memberships, etcetera. Before you recognize it, you're out $50K and still have no clue what it takes to develop a successful online business.

This industry is full of exceedingly bright people who have had really successful careers. But it appears that somehow, when individuals come online, all “real world” horse sense exits. But disregarding your "gut" and your hunch comes with a really steep price—one that many individuals online are willing to pay to gratify their needs to trust in "an easy way to wealth”.

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Now a Net Business is decidedly quicker and cheaper than most other business models, comparatively speaking. But this doesn’t imply that simply signing on for a program and “following steps” are going to make you wealthy—as many of the opportunities out there say.

But having an Net business has a whole list of unbelievable advantages if you understand what you're doing and take the time to set up your business like a true business and not something that you're simply going to "try out" to see if you bring in any cash.

Consider a franchise for instance. If you had to drop $300K for a little franchise and show up there each day to make it work and get it off the ground— chances are you wouldn't be thinking, "Well, let's simply see if this works. If it doesn't, I'll attempt something else." More than probably, you're going to throw it everything you've got for at least 2-4 years to make it work out. On the Net you may begin a business and make it profitable in much less time and with much less start-up capital than a traditional business or a franchise.

Biggest Loser Recipes PLR Ebook

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Many Biggest Loser contestants come to the ranch from a steady diet of fast food laden with salt, fat, and tons of calories. At the ranch, they learn to love and appreciate the taste of clean eating--fresh veggies and fruit, whole grains, and lean protein. To help you reach your weight loss goals, we created this printable reference guide with the Biggest Loser healthy eating rules, expert tips, plus delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Losing weight never tasted so good!

1 Serving of Extras

You’re allotted 200 calories a day for healthy fats and condiments. Spend these calories on smart choices like olive oil or avocado.

2 Servings of Whole Grains

Whole grains undergo very little processing, so they retain nutrients. Buy breads with at least 2 g of fiber per serving and cereals with at least 5 g.

3 Servings of Protein Foods

Choose from three types of protein: animal, vegetarian, and low-fat or fat-free dairy. Aim for a serving at meals and half a serving with snacks.

4 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

At least half of your servings should be veggies, the rest fruits. Eat a salad most days and enjoy at least one fruit and one veggie daily.


1. Keep precut vegetables such as bell peppers, celery, broccoli, and jicama in your fridge for easy snacking at home or work.

2. Limit starchier vegetables such as pumpkin, winter squash, and sweet potatoes to one or two servings per week since they are higher in calories and carbs.

3. Eat fruit for dessert! Many Biggest Losers who have a sweet tooth use this strategy to curb their cravings.

4. Choose whole fruit rather than fruit juices. Fruit juice contains less fiber, so it’s not as filling as whole fruit. When you do choose juice, remember that a serving size is 4 ounces (1?2 cup).

5. Read the label when choosing bread products. If it says “enriched,” the product probably contains white flour—meaning it’s low in fiber and nutrition.

6. Choose cereals with fewer than 5 grams of sugar and at least 5 grams of fiber per serving.

7. Choose lean cuts of meat, such as pork tenderloin and beef round, chuck, sirloin, or tenderloin. USDA Choice or USDA Select grades of beef usually have lower fat content.

8. Ask for white meat when buying ground chicken or turkey.

9. Eat seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines (water packed), trout, and tuna.

10. Try meals with vegetarian proteins including beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, and edamame.

11. Choose olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, or walnut oil for salads, cooking, and baking.

12. When adding fat to a sandwich, use reduced-fat mayonnaise or a little mashed avocado.

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Supercharge Your Body MRR Ebook

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Chapter 1: Why Energy Management > Time Management

What is it that is holding you back in life? A lot of us make the mistaken assumption that it is time. We think that if only we had a little more time, then we could get all kinds of things done. If we had a little more time, then the house would be cleaner, we’d spend more time with our family and friends and we’d be able to progress faster through our career. Maybe we could start a new training program as well and finally get those abs?

But there just isn’t time in the day. We work from 9-5 and when we get home, we often still have a long list of tasks to do that we just don’t have time to finish. That includes checking the mail, paying bills, making dinner, washing up and hopefull y getting just a little bit of time to spend with family!

Man, if only there were more time… right?

Well actually, time is very often not the problem. Rather, the problem comes down to energy. Think about it: if you really don’t have any time to do anything, then how were you able to watch that entire Boxset of Game of Thrones recently? If you really don’t have time to do anything, then how have you been finding time to play Uncharted?

If you genuinely work and busy yourself from the first thing in the morning, all the way up until bedtime, then the answer would be simple: get up earlier, or go to bed later.

No, that is not the problem.

Instead, the problem is energy. Time management isn’t the only big deal here: energy management is just as important. If you can’t effectively manage your energy, then you’re going to find that you can’t make full use of your time. And that’s a problem!

What probably really happens when you get home from work, is that you collapse onto the sofa and watch TV for a bit. Or maybe you just procrastinate a little by not really doing anything much for a short time.

Either way, you could be working. You could be working on that amazing novel.

The issue is not your time at all but rather it is your energy. And this isn’t to say that you’re in some way lazy, or that you could be making better use of your time right now. Instead, it is to say that you’re simply pushing yourself too hard and too far – and it should come as no surprise that you’re not achieving as much as you hope as a result.

Energy is something that most of us ignore: ‘I have a few hours tonight,’ we say, ‘I’ll do it then!’. The only problem is that if you don’t have the energy, then you’re not going to do it. Your energy is finite, it can only go so far, and if you ignore that fact then you’re going to run out of steam and not accomplish the things you want to change.

Coming to Terms With Energy Management

There’s a good chance that you may be reading this and considering energy management properly for the very first time. Perhaps it’s something you never really thought about before – you wouldn’t be alone in that!

But even at this early stage in the book, you’ve hopefully learned a valuable lesson. Simply acknowledging that energy is probably what’s holding you back is one of the very best things you can do to start making life easier.

Once you come to terms with this, you can start to think more logically and realistically about what you can achieve in a day. That means you can remove item from your agenda – knowing full well that you won’t be able to accomplish them – and thus actually get more done as a result and come home with more energy left over.

When thinking about whether you’re going to walk home tonight or drive, be realistic and accept that driving may be easier. When planning to complete a long list of chores this evening, be honest with yourself and ask how likely you are to really complete that list. Did you manage to finish everything you set out to last time? Give yourself a break and organize your day sensibly.

Our Strategy for Boosting Energy

So what is our overall strategy for boosting energy?

It actually comes down to a few things. The first is management: managing our time better and thinking about how much energy we’re likely to have in a given day and what we actually want to do with it. And by finding ways to avoid wasting energy, we can save more for the things that we ultimately decide really matter.

The next step is to start small and not be too ambitious. That’s true with the other things we’re trying to achieve and it’s also true of the lifestyle changes we’re introducing in this book. Simply put? You’re not going to transform your energy levels and your health overnight – and you shouldn’t try! Work up to it slowly and be smart about how you’re raising your energy. We’re going to introduce the concept of ‘kaizen’ here, which means that we’re introducing small changes with the aim of eventually seeing big results. Kaizen is a Japanese concept that basically means any journey is best accomplished with lots of little steps.

Air Fryer Recipes PLR Ebook

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Airfryer Introduction

We all want to eat healthier but don’t want to give up the flavor, texture and taste of our favorite foods. That’s why Philips has created the Airfryer! With its unique Rapid Air Technology, the Airfryer grills, bakes, roasts and fries with little to no oil, making it the perfect solution for fast and healthy meals and snacks.

This recipe book features just some of the food that you will be able to cook in your Philips Airfryer. From French fries to chicken wings to muffins, the Airfryer’s ability to fry, roast, bake or grill is almost unbelievable: that is until you’ve tried it.

We hope that you will enjoy using the Airfryer as many others have around the world and the recipes inside inspire you to cook healthy, well-balanced meals for you and your family.


11 Tips for Using the Philips Airfryer

1. When making smaller items such as fries, wings and croquettes, shake the basket once or twice during cooking. This ensures the food is cooked evenly.

2. Don’t overcrowd the cooking basket. This impacts how well the air circulates around the food, increases cooking time and causes sub-optimal results.

3. Oil sprays and misters are excellent choices to evenly apply oil to food prior to cooking. They can also be used to spray the bottom of the mesh cooking basket to ensure food does not stick.

4. Preheat the Airfryer for 3 minutes. This is sufficient time for the Airfryer to reach the desired temperature.

5. To loosen any food particles that remain on the cooking basket after use, soak the cooking basket in soapy water prior to scrubbing or placing in the dishwasher.

6. When cooking foods that are naturally high in fat, such as chicken wings, occasionally empty fat from the bottom of the Airfryer during cooking to avoid excess smoke.

7. When cooking foods that have been marinated or soaked in liquid, pat food dry before cooking to avoid splattering and excess smoke.

8. For foods that require breading, coat in small batches to ensure even application. Press breading onto food to ensure it adheres. If breading is too dry, pieces may become airborne causing excess smoke or becoming trapped behind exhaust filter.

9. A variety of pre-made packaged foods can be cooked in the Airfryer. As a guide, lower the conventional oven temperature by 70 degrees and reduce the cooking time by half. Exact times and temperatures will vary by food.

10. When using parchment paper or foil, trim to leave a ½ inch space around bottom edge of the basket.

11. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Beef Kofta With Tzatziki PLR Ebook

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Makes 4 serves


- 2 cloves garlic, peeled
- 2 cups mint leaves
- 1 cup low-fat Greek yoghurt
- 1 Lebanese cucumber, grated and squeezed of extra moisture
- 400g lean beef mince
- 2 tsp ground cumin
- 2 tsp ground coriander
- 1 tsp ground cinnamon
- 1 brown onion, peeled and quartered
- ½ cup flat leaf parsley
- freshly ground or cracked black pepper, to taste
- 2 Lebanese cucumbers, extra, cut into 1cm dice
- 2 tomatoes, cut into 1cm dice
- 1 red capsicum, cut into 1cm dice
- 2 spring onions (including green tops), sliced
- 4 wholemeal or wholegrain wrap bread

Beef kofta with tzatziki
Nutrition information
Average Quantity
per Serving
Average Quantity
per 100 g
Energy 2007 kJ 431 kJ
Protein 31 g 6.6 g
Fat, total 13.5 g 2.9 g
— saturated 6.1 g 1.3 g
Carbohydrate 52.6 g 11.3 g
— sugars 18.2 g 3.9 g
Sodium 498.1 mg 107 mg
Fibre 10.6 g 2.3 g
Want to liven up your BBQ with
something different and tasty.
Try this Middle Eastern/Indian
specialty with your next BBQ.
Serve with some BBQ corn and/
or mushrooms to boost your
vegetable serves to fill half your plate. Left overs are great for a tasty lunch next day.
Mary du Heaume
Dietitian APD
HBF Member Health Coach


Finely chop garlic and mint or place them into the bowl of a food processor and process until finely chopped. Transfer ? of garlic and mint mixture to a small bowl and mix with grated cucumber and yoghurt to make tzatziki. Set aside. Add onion and parsley to garlic and mint mixture and chop or process finely then combine with mince, spices and season with pepper. Use clean hands to divide into 8 portions, shape each into a 12cm long sausage. Spray a barbeque, chargrill or griddle with oil and heat on high. Cook kofta for 8 minutes or until cooked through, turning every few minutes. In a medium sized bowl, combine cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum and spring onion. To serve, divide Lebanese bread, salad and tzatziki on plates and add 2 kofta skewers to each.

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