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Financial Abundance Give Away Rights Ebook

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Chapter 7:

Use Affirmations


Affirmations can be very useful when facing tough situations. That is why they should be used while you are trying to build a financial abundance. It may feel weird saying affirmations to yourself but it will surely help. If you are unsure what an affirmation is or are not sure of how to properly perform an affirmation, the next chapter is meant for you.


For those who do not know what an affirmation is, an affirmation is a set of positive statements you say toward yourself in order to build your level of self-confidence and self-worth. One of the great things about affirmations is that you do not have to count on someone else to receive them and you do not have to pay for them. It is important for people to understand that simply saying an affirmation is not enough if you want to see real results. A person making an affirmation must find a way to make themselves believe the statement. Keep in mind; this is something that gets easier over time, the more and more you do it the easier it will become. This is especially true for those who already have damaged self-esteems since it will be harder for them to accept compliments at the beginning.

Many people may feel awkward while doing an affirmation properly, but it is important that you do it correctly if you want it to work. You need to be in a quite are, preferably with a mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and look yourself deep in the eyes. While looking yourself in the eyes you need to tell yourself that you are a good person, you will be successful, people like you, you are loved, and you will build a financial abundance. You are free to add in your own affirmations as those were just examples. You need to use affirmations that are related to your current goals.

You may also want to try hanging written affirmations in areas where they will be seen numerous times throughout the day. These affirmations should be pretty close to those that you speak out loud each day. This will further enforce the affirmations and make them more powerful and effective. All you have to do is write on a piece of paper a statement like,” I am successful, I will obtain a financial abundance.”

You will likely be surprised by how effective this simple and cost-free method for reaching success can be as many others have been.

The Goal Getting Success Guide Give Away Rights Ebook

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Setting your goal can be nice way for you in improving your performance. But this is not for the cases when you fall out in a spiteful little side-effect.

Let’s take dieting for example. Consider that you have set a daily amount of calorie intake and you are planning to keep this for some days but unexpectedly, your peers brought you to a restaurant one day. That resulted to a situation wherein you are having a meal in restaurant, rather than a healthy one at home. And before arriving there, your group dropped by to a bar to buy and eat some snacks and drinks. By that time, you are already near to your calorie intake boundary. Then, inside the restaurant, you have decided to have some bread and drink rather than the other menus. You have also decided to order salad, but there is something that attracts you to have a steak menu. Then, you will realize that you have already violated the amount of calorie intake that you are suppose to have. What the hell, you will take the steak menu.

This gives you the picture that sometimes as you go along in reaching you goal, things unexpectedly go out of the window as you enjoy a moment of madness.

The “what the hell effect” is not just a momentary lapse or a sudden lack of self control. Instead, it is greatly related into missing a goal. This has been discovered by the expert psychologists in their proficient studies.

Everyone should avoid this what-the-hell effect. The what-the-hell effect is not just applicable for dieters, it also related in setting your goals. It can be about shopping, money, alcohol or other areas into which you have set your limitations. It is always expected that when you have this limitation, you will do all your best to maintain it during the first days. But later, loses control over it.

In order to fight back against this what-the-hell effect, it is important that you should know the situations when this effect takes place.

When you have set short term goals like tomorrow or today, compared to those next month or next week and you are trying to do something in order to stop a bad habit, these are the times that the what-the-hell effect should be considered.

The statement above suggests that you must establish longer-term goals and transforming such goals from the inhibition aspect into the acquisition aspect. Maybe you will think that transforming goals from short terms to longer terms will be easy but transforming such goals from inhibitional into acquisitional will be of different degree.

An example of this case is the alcoholic individuals. Alcoholics are surely trying to quit from drinking which is an inhibitional goal, but this goal is transformed into an acquisitional type when they are going to consider the number of days they are sober. With this case, they will be trying to have more non-drinking days as much as possible.

This method can be use by many people, like the dieters. They can consider the number of days instead of other things. Others like the procrastinators can forget for a while about idling and focus more in producing certain quantity of work daily.

Viral Marketing Tips And Success Strategies Give Away Rights Ebook

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It's significant to note that a video that's produced as part of a viral marketing campaign is a bit different from many of the videos that proliferate around the net.

The chief purpose is to excite viewers enough that they decide they have to purchase your product or become an affiliate so they may begin making revenue with your product. There are a few matters you have to always bear in mind so your video won't become a total mess.

Many beginner video makers will inevitably make one of the following errors when producing a viral video:

Swamping the viewer with so much sensory stimulation that the message is lost underneath all the pretty extras. You need the special effects to enhance your content, not hide it.

Don't be too cute with the demonstration. Keep the cute factor to a minimum...unless you're touting an informational product on minding kittens.

Attempt to stand back from becoming a condensed infomercial. Think in terms of 30-second commercials that you've watched in years past that got right to the point and still held your attention – that's the angle you wish to go after.

Don't utilize verbiage that's likely to offend others. While this might sound like a common sense approach, it’s astonishing how many sales oriented videos online today totally forget this!

Don't produce something that will be dated in a year's time. The fact is that when a video recording goes viral, it's out there broadcasting from now on. If you rely to a great extent on cultural benchmarks that are clearly an denotation of a specific time era, you run the risk of turning individuals off as they believe the video is old and the product is likely old and outdated.

Don't release a video till you're totally happy with it. Remember that the video represents you and your product. If you've doubts about the caliber or the structure of the video, there's a great chance that other people will feel the same way.

When you've your concept, your primary script and a great idea of how to stage the action for the video recording, you're ready to start the actual digital filming.

Essentially, you've 2 options open to you when things get to this stage. Either you may do it yourself or you may have the video assembled by a pro. There are a few pros and cons to both approaches that you ought to consider.

A lot of entrepreneurs decide to assemble their own viral marketing videos. And many of these videos do work all right and generate plenty of positive attention, resulting in traffic and sales.

The benefits to doing the video yourself being you get low production costs, you don't have to be technically disposed thanks to technological gains and you may change things at the last moment.

Business Planning And Strategies Give Away Rights Ebook

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At the beginning the relationship is determined – is the coach considered a trusted friend or an advisor? Does the coach listen and provide feedback or does the coach help the manager obtain 360-degree feedback and then develop an action plan to increase performance? The role and the relationship need to be established by both parties before the coaching project begins.

The coach will push the window with each manager to help them grow professionally and to promote the company’s success and the success of the leadership team. A good way to do this is to create a situation so that each leadership team member will ask for help from the coach, rather than the coach forcing their help on the manager.

Business coaching doesn’t look just one way. It is designed to be created to work specific to the needs of the client and in doing so the delivery can be tailor made.

How Business Coaching Works

We hear a lot about business coaching these days, but you may not actually understand how it works and what it’s really all about. In fact, you may have considered business coaching, but then changed your mind because you weren’t really sure your company needed it.

Business coaching will apply the essential coaching principles to every part of a business or organization. It will follow meticulous and detailed methodology to ensure both facilitative coaching processes and management consulting tools are employed and put into place in the manner they should be.

It is acknowledged just how important the role of employee productivity is to any business or organization. Therefore, it is also interesting and important to know about the productivity components and their role in the business success.

Employees at every level of the organization must have the proper skill and the skills they have must be properly used. Employees need to be motivated in order for optimal productivity to occur and for the corporations or organizations’ vision to be fulfilled.

The matching of skill and experience of employees to positions within the company or organization is generally managed through the HR department that is responsible for creating the HR processes including recruitment and training. Management teams usually manage the planning and use of staff to get the highest production. However, few companies actually manage employee motivation very well. It is rarely recognized or understood. Recent motivational studies that have been done by Harvard research confirm this.

Motivating your employees by throwing incentives at them, can work for a short time; however, if you want sustainable motivation there must be an alignment between the employee’s personal goals and aspirations and the company’s needs. This alignment is what the business coaching process can do for a business or organization and it is also where the success lies.

Cbtube Easy Money Give Away Rights Ebook

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When you create a new channel for your videos it is of course better for ranking if the channel name repeats the main keyword on which you are bidding and building the whole product campaign. It can be also more general channel name, which comprises several products in the same niche, for example “Do It Yourself” named channel can have many various products that fit into this broad niche. But even if you have a channel with totally irrelevant name, or containing a person’s name (as one of the channels in my case), your videos will still rank well and be highly competitive IF you follow all the rest of important guidelines in this Manual concerning keyword build techniques and video creation rules.

If you are going to create say, 2 channels with around 15-20 videos on each, you’re going to need about 30-40 different titles total prepared in advance (15- 20 titles for each set of videos on each channel) .

When videos have been created later (how-to is explained further in this manual) you will need to rename each video file with the keyword title. So prepare your list of the gathered keywords and start making titles for future videos.

Imporant! - The best for ranking is when titles repeat the actual video file name and keyword Tags, which you place under the video, as well as if the keyword is repeated twice in the title (but don’t make it sound too awkward). Therefore, gather best keywords for Tags that should contain the most popular keywords in your list (Youtube allows you to place 15-17 tags max) and then start creating titles for videos, shuffling those tags in various combinations. As you can realize, combinations of keywords can be much more in number then actual keywords.

For example, my tags were: shipping container home blueprint, build a container home review, build a container home cost, build a container home 101,build a container home download, shipping container homes, how much to build a shipping container home,….etc

So having collected them, I began making Titles, combining some of these tags together to make meaningful titles:

100 Press Release Strategies Give Away Rights Ebook

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66) A 'films/records' news content would increase your income. You may publicize a news content relative to filming a seminar.
67) A 'creates/invents' pr release can multiply your buyers. You can circulate a pr release linked to inventing a new product/service.
68) A 'wins/is awarded' media story might obtain you more affiliates. You might upload a media story with reference to wining an award/competition.
69) A 'joins' press report could jump up your product shoppers. You could construct a press report themed about joining a business membership/club.
70) A 'extends' news statement will influence your business endorsers. You may exhibit a news statement on the subject of extending a sale.
71) A 'restores' pr announcement should preserve your subscriptions. You can whip up a pr announcement in respect to restoring a part of your business.
72) A 'shows/shows off' media broadcast would proceed your advertising returns. You might design a media broadcast regarding shows off testimonials/endorsements.
73) A 'retires/ends' press advertorial can increase your clicks. You could reveal a press advertorial about you retiring a old product.
74) An 'expands' news bulletin might propel your money spenders. You may air a news bulletin pertaining to expanding a part of business.
75) A 'negotiates' pr article could skyrocket your business admirers. You can organize a pr article about negotiating a contract/jv deal.
76) A 'previews/unveils' media information will pull in more resellers. You might syndicate a media information the idea of previewing a new service.
77) A 'responds to' press content should rectify your company supporters. You could script a press content about responding to a type of accusation.
78) An 'adds' news release would raise your buying advocates. You may set up a news release related to adding another business/expert.
79) A 'markets/advertises' pr story can refine your site viewers. You can advertise a pr story referring to advertising through a certain medium.
80) A 'boosts/increases' media report might raise your hits. You might transmit a media report touching on you increasing your profits.
81) A 'proclaims' press statement could reinforce your readership. You could release a press statement dealing with proclaiming your expertise.
82) A 'contributes/gives' news announcement will rejuvenate your click-throughs. You may pitch a news announcement referring to contributing to a bundled product sale.
83) A 'tests/beta tests' pr broadcast should rev up your jv partners. You can compile a pr broadcast info about testing a certain product/services.
84) A 'gives away' media advertorial would safeguard your co-op list. You might issue a media advertorial connected to giving away a product freebie.
85) A 'presents/exhibits' press bulletin can secure your viewers. You could prepare a press bulletin relative to presents/exhibits a media event.
86) A 'reduces/cuts' news article might shape up your conversions. You may push a news article linked to reducing a product price .
87) A 'closes/ends' pr information could ignite your open rates. You can dream up pr information with reference to ending a business/sale.
88) A 'reports/documents' media content will shoot up your business contacts. You might form media content themed about documenting your survey/poll results.
89) An 'eliminates' press release should skyrocket your colleagues. You could start a press release on the subject of eliminating your shipping costs.
90) A 'retails/offers' news story would surge your business admirers. You may announce a news story in respect of offering company stock.
91) A 'increases/accelerates/raises' pr report can springboard your web site browsers. You can cook up a pr report regarding your increasing production.
92) An 'account for' media statement might sprout you extra business supporters. You might forge a media statement about accounting your profits/losses.

100 Self-Help Selling Secrets Give Away Rights Ebook

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72) You might publish sound therapy tools. You can market that the self repairing product would make people lucky or help them oversee awful desires.
73) You can sell spa treatment products. You may state that the self aiding product will make people wanted or help them overtake imperfect intents .
74) You should make spiritual items. You could advertise that the self counseling product should make people thankful or help them persuade careless intentions.
75) You may market spiritual healing merchandise You promote say that the self enhancing product can make people grateful or help them reduce damaging meanings.
76) You could promote step programs services You might promote that the self help product would make people blessed or help them reform unhealthy objectives.
77) You might create stress management stuff. You can mention that the self improvement product will make people joyful or help them regulate detrimental plans.
78) You can advertise stress reduction things. You may publicize that the self growth product should make people cheerful or help them rectify unsatisfactory purposes.
79) You should publicize subconscious mind gear. You could write that the self therapy product can make people delightful or help them remedy defiant hopes.
80) You may suggest subliminal messaging info products. You promote market that the self educating product would make people pleasured or help them remove terrible wishes.
81) You could endorse support groups equipment. You might state that the self management product will make people enjoyment or help them restrain rotten destinations.
82) You might distribute symbolism accessories You can advertise that the Self guided product should make people peaceful or help them rule weak anticipations.
83) You can auction taking action supplies. You may say that the self fixing product can make people thrill or help them run unfavorable fantasies.
84) You should publish task management tools. You could promote that the self maintenance product would make people exhilarated or help them seduce pessimistic forecasts.
85) You may sell team building products. You promote mention that the self learning product will make people courageous or help them shift depressing lifestyles.
86) You could make thankfulness items. You might publicize that the self bettering product should make people interested or help them shrink adverse predictions.
87) You might market transformation merchandise You can write that the self repairing product can make people triumph or help them slice defeating projections.
88) You can promote video therapy services You may market that the self aiding product would make people accomplishment or help them soften gloomy prophecies.
89) You should create vision boarding stuff. You could state that the self counseling product will make people relief or help them stop negative experiences.
90) You may advertise visualization things. You promote advertise that the self enhancing product should make people safe or help them succeed bad daydreams.
91) You could publicize wellness gear. You might say that the self help product can make people creative or help them sway defective expectations.
92) You might suggest persuasion info products. You can promote that the self improvement product would make people self-starting or help them switch sad visualizations.
93) You can endorse past life equipment. You may mention that the self growth product will make people crafty or help them assure poor prayers.
94) You should distribute accelerate learning accessories You could publicize that the self therapy product should make people balanced or help them takeover awful symbols.
95) You may auction self discipline supplies. You promote write that the self educating product can make people competitive or help them terminate imperfect accomplishments.

100 Paid Advertising Secrets Give Away Rights Ebook

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64) Pay for audio ads from audio sharing networks. You may use sound effects in your paid ads. And you need to be attentive of your ad's income amount.
65) Invest in upsells ads from product sellers. You should use countdown counters in your paid ads. Plus you should be calculating your ad's repeat orders.
66) Purchase yellow page ads from online yellow page sites. You can use good grammar in your paid ads. Also you want to be alert of your ad expenditures.
67) Buy pic ads from image sharing sites. You might use logos in your paid ads. And you need to be keeping track of your ad revenue.
68) Order store ads from payment processors. You could use demonstrations in your paid ads. Plus you should be totaling your ad money.
69) Pay for interview ads from magazines. You may use beliefs in your paid ads. Also you want to be watchful of your ad's success.
70) Invest in web site ads from traffic exchange sites. You should use multiple fonts in your paid ads. And you need to be observant of your ad purchases.
71) Purchase viral ads from online freebie publishers. You can use videos in your paid ads. Plus you should be wary of your ad's transactions.
72) Buy insert flyer ads from newspapers. You might use empathy in your paid ads. Also you want to be alert of your ad funds.
73) Order discount ads from coupon companies. You could use ad testing in your paid ads. And you need to be overseeing your ad's savings.
74) Pay for radio ads from radio stations. You may use terms and conditions in your paid ads. Plus you should be keeping tabs of your ad's capital.
75) Invest in banners ads from web directories. You should use secret curiosity in your paid ads. Also you want to be attentive of your ad's tests.
76) Purchase booth ads from trade shows. You can use good punctuation in your paid ads. And you need to be calculating your ad's experiments.
77) Buy content ads from contextual ad companies. You might use tips in your paid ads. Plus you should be alert of your ad's tracking.
78) Order sponsor ads from report publishers. You could use colored text in your paid ads. Also you want to be keeping track of your ad's feedback.
79) Pay for wanted ads from career/job sites. You may use borders in your paid ads. And you need to be totaling your ad kitty.
80) Invest in product review ads from review web sites. You should use personal opinions in your paid ads. Plus you should be watchful of your ad's worth.
81) Purchase app ads from add web sites. You can use free services in your paid ads. Also you want to be observant of your ad changes.
82) Buy banner ads from free web hosting sites. You might use product ratings in your paid ads. And you need to be wary of your ad vestment.
83) Order display ads from stores. You could use samples in your paid ads. Plus you should be alert of your ad funding.
84) Pay for promo product ads from specialty advertising services. You may use emotional words in your paid ads. Also you want to be overseeing your ad cash.
85) Invest in commercial ads from cable stations. You should use product jingles in your paid ads. And you need to be keeping tabs of your ad's modifications.
86) Purchase graphical ads from image sharing web sites. You can use peer pressure in your paid ads. Plus you should be attentive of your ad's account.
87) Buy text link ads from blogs. You might use the word 'free' in your paid ads. Also you want to be calculating your ad's competition.
88) Order background ads from web sites. You could use artwork in your paid ads. And you need to be alert of your ad's impressions.
89) Pay for yellow page ads from phone books. You may use background info in your paid ads. Plus you should be keeping track of your ad's reactions.

100 Outsourcing Techniques Give Away Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

78) A case can be made that you can salary services for purchasing. Supposedly they should be logical and effort-taking. According to my observations, you need to rid appointing people that are suspicious or hysterical.
79) Some have claimed you could commission businesses for researching. The one thing for sure is they need to be dedicated and disciplined. General opinion suggests you want to shield acquiring outsourcers that are temperamental or ignorant.
80) It is quite clear you can rent outsourcers for repositioning. It is no surprise that, they should be loyal and drug free. I can clearly state you need to sidestep assigning workers that are tense or immature.
81) It is no coincidence that you could sign up freelancers for scheduling. I suspect that they need to be manageable and conventional. As far as a I can tell you want to skip over attaining businesses that are tentative or immodest.
82) It is appropriate to mention you can hire workers for securing. The best I can tell is they should be mature and systematic. As I understand it, you need to slash bidding on employees that are timid or impatient.
83) A fair assumption is you could enlist employees for selling. A couple people state that they need to be methodical and motivated. First and foremost, you want to slow down booking laborers that are traitorous or impudent.
84) As far as I can tell, you can recruit laborers for shipping. Some theorize they should be neat and practical. My assessment is you need to stop hiring services that are trivial or incoherent.
85) To be frank, you could bid on people for social networking. At this time, they need to have good self-esteem and be respectful. Notably you want to strip out commissioning freelancers that are tyrannical or incompetent.
86) On a fundamental level you can retain services for starting businesses. It is true that they should be obedient and hard-working. The research points out you need to subtract considering people that are unapproachable or inconsiderate.
87) Upon further investigation you could book businesses for streamlining. Week to week, they need to be objective and involved. One interesting footnote is you want to subdue contracting outsourcers that are uncommunicative or indecisive.
88) Generally speaking, you can appoint outsourcers for supplying. In all truth, they should be open-minded and systematic. In hindsight, you need to supplant employing workers that are uneasy or indifferent.
89) It is generally presumed you could add freelancers for synchronizing. As it turns out, they need to be optimistic and selfless. The simple truth is you want to suppress enabling businesses that are unmotivated or indiscreet.
90) As a general rule, you can position workers for teaching. It is my understanding they should be orderly and goodwilled. It is safe to assume you need to suspend enlisting employees that are unprofessional or inept.
91) I happen to believe you could select employees for testing. Usually, they need to be organized and have faith in others. A common belief is you want to take away finding laborers that are unreasonable or infantile.
92) As it so happens, you can obtain laborers for tracking. The prevailing view is they should be original and cheerful. An obvious fact is you need to terminate identifying services that are unscrupulous or inhibited.

100 Business Boosting Ideas Give Away Rights Ebook

Ebook Sample Content Preview:

71. Advertising with pay per click ads can remove your ad bill phobias. This will allow you to only pay for interested prospects. It is fair to assume it will give your marketing plan clarity.
72. Rotating/targeting your advertisements might repel your product demand liabilities. It may give trigger people to buy with your personalization. It is of little surprise that this may create your desired financial utopia.
73. Giving away viral apps could relinquish your subscriber pressures. This might spread you opt-ad to every cell phone or social network. Last of all, it should make business paradise.
74. Doing co-op list building should restrain your opt-out problems. It shall help you build your list fast. For one thing, this could build you a wealthy empire.
75. Submitting blogs to directories will restrict your company pain. This can get you more traffic to your blogs. Experience tells us it shall strengthen your economic inspirations.
76. Making a membership web site may rid you of one-time product busts. It would give you long time paying members and recurring income. It has been stated, this would lift your marketing spirits.
77. Joining business clubs/organizations should block your offline business plagues. This could give you free business consulting and coaching. There is no question that it might ignite your financial passion.
78. Doing micro blogging will cancel your advertising anxiety. This can create a ton of free followers to advertise too. As always, it will complete your advertising intents.
79. Using automated seo software would side-step your competition resentment. It will constantly be working to increase your rankings. It is important to highlight this can give you big advantages.
80. Doing direct mail advertising can skip over your isp server restraints. This will bypass the spam email filters. In hypothetical terms, it will acquire you more business happiness offline and online.
81. Creating an article directory might slash your content roadblocks. It might attract authors and readers who will buy. It is no mistake that this will give you profitable enjoyment.
82. Joining 100% commission programs could eliminate your accounting sadness. This shall allow you to keep all the profits without all the extra work. To reflect, it should rejuvenate your business energy.
83. Launching dime/fire sales should stop your customer refund setbacks. They can create a a lot of buying urgency offering low cost products. Let me say that this could really bolster your brand/buzz fast.
84. Doing radio/television advertising will strip down your brand rejection. These mediums can target almost anyone in the world. As profitable as this may be, it shall boost your business's authority.
85. Buying product specialty advertising may subtract all your business foreclosure fears. It could brand your business while providing value to the prospect. If one were to investigate, this would slowly build up your finical security.
86. Purchasing email lists should subdue your list skepticism. This will give you an instant isn't list of targeted prospects. What seems to be the positive issue is it will enhance your personal livelihood too.