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Ketogenic: A Lifestyle, Not A Diet PLR Ebook

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Ketogenic: A Lifestyle, Not a Diet

It’s hard to stick to a diet. You have so much to deal with. Hunger and cravings, not to mention expense, all come to mind when you think of the word diet. But the truth is, all that expensive diet food is really harming you. It’s usually over-processed to the point that your body probably doesn’t even know it’s food. It cannot digest it, and you have stomach issues, heartburn, and vacillate between constipation and diarrhea.

But, when you have a good plan, it’s actually not hard to stick to at all. Not if it’s a lifestyle, and certainly not if it’s good food. It’s food you really want to eat, and since ketogenic is not a diet but a lifestyle, you can eat as much as you need to without hunger. What more could anyone want?

=> What Is It and What Makes It a Lifestyle?

A ketogenic lifestyle consists of eating the ketogenic way: low carb, high healthy fat, and moderate protein 99 percent of the time - even if it’s your birthday. What does it mean to eat ketogenic, though? Well, basically you eat in such a way that your body produces ketones. Don’t worry, this is not scary; in fact, ketones can protect your brain from Alzheimer’s and other problems, such as brain fog and memory.

What if you started eating the way your ancestors used to eat? What would that look like? When you consider what your ancestors did not have, namely processed food, you can see what that might look like. The food around was that which was easily available such as berries, wild animals, and vegetables that are easy to grow like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Because it was hard to catch food, they also had to ensure everything they ate was as high in fat as possible so that they could keep on enough weight to be healthy. But not fake fat, of course - healthy fat from fruit like coconut oil and olive oil.

Some people also enjoy ghee, which is clarified butter, in this plan. That’s the other thing that is awesome about the ketogenic lifestyle; you do have lots of leeway in what you eat if it follows the main goals, which are to eat low carb, high fat, and moderate protein most of the time.

Processed food is full of refined sugars, unhealthy fats, and chemicals that no one can pronounce and will leave you unsatisfied, always craving more. And guess what; it’s not your fault if you’re always craving more. They made the food that way.

The food you’re eating is designed to cause cravings. Processed food is made to hook you on it, just like opiates. The food scientists know the exact combinations of fat, salt, and sugar to hook you. They’ve found the formula to make every meal into a drug. What’s worse is that this drug will make you fat, unhealthy, prone to diabetes and you’ll likely die earlier than you otherwise would. Even when you think you’re eating small amounts of food called "diet" food, you can be fat and very unhealthy. In point of fact, thin people who are eating a fully processed diet are also very unhealthy and prone to illness. Disease manifests differently in everyone.

Thankfully, the ketogenic diet has become more mainstream. People are taking to it and getting healthier. They’re getting healthier because it’s simple. They don’t have to think too hard to know whether they can have that food or not. Due to this fact, it makes it easy for the ketogenic way of eating to become a full-on lifestyle.

That’s good, because one thing that can ensure that people really change for life, and make eating keto a habit, is to turn it into a lifestyle. When you know you’re going to live this way forever, that you’re not taking breaks, and that you’re not doing it for just the next few weeks until the big party, then you tend to stick to a healthier way of eating because it’s just normal and natural. Since ketogenetic eating is so natural, you’ll agree that it can easily become a lifestyle.

=> Reasons the Ketogenic Lifestyle Is So Effective

The main reason that the ketogenic lifestyle is so effective is simply that it works. When something you do gets results, it’s easy to want to keep doing it. All you have to do is take the first steps, and after that, the proof is in the pudding.

* It’s Easy – Yes there are numerous products out today to make it easier still, but even if you never buy a single prepared item, it’s still easy to eat this way. When you start doing it within a week, you’ll realize that this is easier than what you did before.

* You Don’t Have to Spend Lots of Money – The keto lifestyle is simple and due to that it’s not expensive, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can go out to almost any sit-down restaurant and find something to eat that will work, even if it’s not perfect.

Storytelling Marketing PLR Ebook

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Story telling can be a powerful component in a marketing strategy. It can be the driving force behind developing, and more importantly, establishing a brand that connects and resonates with your target audience.

The story you tell, and the method in which you use to weave that story throughout your marketing campaigns will be based on your overall goals but one thing remains the same:

Your story will be designed to introduce your brand to the world in a way that helps you stand out and apart from the competition.

Storytelling is a testament to our hard work; it highlights the efforts we’ve taken to create an outstanding brand, and it helps deliver larges pieces of content in a way that people can connect to.

It’s also the easiest way to express emotions and illustrate your commitment to providing value.

There’s nothing more powerful than a carefully crafted story that fulfills the needs of your core market. 

In this special report, we’ll cover the top story-telling methods, how to best use these strategies and how you can use storytelling to strengthen your brand or launch a new one.

Without further delay, let’s begin!

The Art of Storytelling

Content marketing is when you figure out ways to utilize and repurpose content so that it is seen by a larger audience.  Storytelling and content marketing go hand-in-hand. 

With storytelling, you can design a highly-engaged marketing campaign that carries a strong focus.  You’ll use storytelling to give people the information they want to hear to make the decision to follow your brand, purchase your products or connect with your platform.

Thankfully, there’s an easy structure to a creating a compelling storyline for your marketing campaign and it begins with utilizing a variety of delivery methods, including:

Visual and Content-Based:

Visual storytelling would include things like videos, presentations, Webinars or perhaps a series of episodes that bring your viewers on a journey. 

Content based would include everything else, such as articles, blog posts, sales pages and so on.

It’s important to combine both storytelling methods into your marketing campaigns so you’re able to reach a broader audience.  Some people prefer to watch video; others absorb information better in text form.

The anatomy of a successful storytelling campaign will also include a specific series of questions and answers.  We’ll dive deeper into this in the next chapter, but for now, here’s a quick overview of what you need to consider when designing your storytelling campaign.

Questions from your Audience:

This isn’t where you poll your market for their most burning questions, though that can be an effective strategy in coming up with a storyline that connects with your core audience.  But another way to address questions without surveying your market begins with the questions you had when you first ventured in your niche. 

Look at what questions your customers are already asking? What answers your competitors are providing?  And how best to connect with your audience using language they best understand.

Establishing a Timeline:

This is where you draft your story arc around a marketing campaign.  This story will tell your audience how you got from point A to B, why you created your brand (services/products), and how it exists to serve them.  

Laser Focused Success PLR Ebook

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We live in an era of information overload. We are bombarded with media, technology, entertainment, and notifications every day. It seems there are hundreds of people and things competing for your attention at any given time. There is no wonder why in the last few years, our attention spans have become shorter and our ability to focus has decreased.

Your time is valuable. Not being able to focus can have a negative effect on how successful we are at work and in our personal lives. Focus is a skill that we develop by training and practice. Productivity requires intention and strategy to help make your time work for you!

Let’s begin by examining time killers that make us less productive. We will discuss tips and techniques to help improve your focus. Then let’s create your plan will that will get you started on improving your productivity now!

Indentify Focus Killers

“Focus can only occur when we have said yes to one option and no to all other options,” says James Clear in his article on Focus.

Time killers are activities that distract us from what we really need to do. They don’t contribute to helping us achieve our goals.

Time killing activities are “noise”. They are distractions that kill our ability to focus. Laser focus requires to limit them as much as possible while you are working.

The key to focus is to choose one task to do and get rid of the rest. Anything that is not essential for completing that task is a distraction.

To help you get started on your journey on maximizing productivity, let’s identify those things that are distracting you from completing your work.
Tomorrow morning when you start work, try taking a written (or mental) note of every time you stop from what you are currently working on to do something, then come back to your work. Keep a tally.

Once they are identified, let’s write those activities down to put in our plan later. We will look for ways to set boundaries to prevent it from happening in the future. Here are a few examples of the most common distractions and how they affect our ability to stay focused.

Your Mobile Device/Phone

It is with you when you wake up, while you are driving, in meetings, at dinner, and by your bedside at night. Our mobile devices have become another appendage to our bodies. Some people find it difficult to be away from their phones, even for a few minutes. Constant notifications from apps and texts can quickly distract you, causing a delay in getting your attention focused back on the task at hand.

To help us be more aware of our phone usage, some mobile devices (like the iPhone) will track home many times you pick up your phone a day. This can be a scary number to see. Once you are aware of how many times you pick up your phone to check notifications, you can start making some adjustments to how often you pick up your phone.


Some people use multi-tasking as a badge of honor to feel accomplished. That person may feel that the busier they are, the more things they are getting done. The truth is we can work on more than one thing at a time, just not as well.

When we can focus on one task at a time, we can give it our full focus. It takes time for our brains to switch between tasks which results in time wasted. Focus on the completion of tasks rather than getting many tasks done quickly. How often are you multi-tasking? Write down if you feel multi-tasking helps you feel accomplished.

Social Media Traps

Have you ever fallen into the rabbit hole of YouTube or become so engaged with Instagram that you found yourself there for hours? It happens often. The chemical rewards we get from our brain when we get likes and comments on our posts keep us engaged.

As consumers, we enjoy viewing the millions of videos and content posted every day. However, if we are working this is a hindrance to our productivity. The best way to stop this time killer is to set boundaries for social media.

Break The Paycheck-to-paycheck Struggle PLR Ebook

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Breaking the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Struggle

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you’re in good company. Some studies report that 75 percent of people in the USA do this. In fact, most people cannot deal with a $500 unexpected expense without borrowing the money or dipping into savings. What’s worse is that according to CNBC.com, only about 29 percent of the population in the USA has at least six months' living expenses saved. All these facts are simply to let you know that you’re not alone.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can break the paycheck to paycheck struggle once you identify the problem, set a budget, and learn how to spend less on what you need and what you want. It’s all about living within your means, while also identifying the things that will make your life a little bit easier and happier without breaking the bank.

=> Identifying the Scope of the Problem

The very first thing to do if you want to fix your struggle is to identify the scope of the problem. There could be one or more major reasons that you’re struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. Not everyone is struggling due to lack of funds. Some people struggle due to lack of planning and simply overspending. When you figure out your issue, you can correct it. Here are some common reasons for struggling.

* Lack of Income – In many cases, money problems do not come from overspending but instead from lack of income. If you’re underemployed, or you simply are not making enough money to live the way you need or want to live, you’ll need to figure out a plan to remedy that situation. You can get a part-time job, freelance part time, or sell off some assets to pay down bills to fix this problem.

* Overspending – Some people have enough money on paper, but due to not paying attention to a budget at all they overspend. If you have credit card debt, you may belong to this category. Credit cards are great tools but not if you keep any balance on them long term.

* Credit Card Debt – Most credit cards now have standard double-digit interest rates, which makes them horrible deals. What’s worse is that some cards have fees too. A family with an income of just $40K a year can often end up with thousands of dollars in credit card debt over the years, with no way to ever pay them off. $30K's worth of credit debt on various cards can easily add up to over $1K a month in minimum payments if you’re not careful. Add it all up so you know where you stand. Check your interest rates too.

* Too Much House – Did you buy more house than you can afford? This is not unusual in the USA where it’s simple to buy a house without a down payment, and the interest rates are still reasonable. However, banks often approve you for far more than you can really pay. They’re so focused on the mortgage that they forget the other expenses such as insurance, taxes, and upkeep.

* Lack of Savings – Not having savings is expensive. It can cause one to borrow money even from payday lenders, which is a trap better avoided. Lack of savings can cost you so much money. You won’t be able to take advantage of deals that come along if you have no savings, nor deal with a minor unexpected expense such as a vehicle breakdown.

* Illness – If you have a lot of medical expenses and this is the reason you are living paycheck to paycheck, that is hard. You cannot just magically make yourself better or skip the doctor. It is one reason people are in debt to start with. In fact, most US bankruptcies are due to medical bills among people with insurance. (Source: AARP)

* Poor Credit – You can have poor credit even if you did nothing wrong. Having a low income, no credit cards, or low income and high credit cards even if you pay them religiously each month, can still result in low credit numbers. When you have poor credit, everything costs more - from rental deposits to interest on other loans.

* No Plan – Many people who struggle to make it between paychecks often have no plan at all. The main reason for this is simply overwhelm. It’s just emotional and difficult to put into words how emotionally damaging money issues can be. For this reason, you need a plan.

Once you realize what your issues are, you can set up a plan to combat those problems. Until you know, you can’t do anything. It will take complete and utter honesty from you to yourself and anyone you are relying on to help you to overcome the situation. But you can overcome it if you plan to.

=> Setting a Budget

Once you have checked where you are and noted where you want to go, it’s time to set a budget. When you set your budget, it's important to think about your needs, your wants, and the future, which involves savings according to your goals and plans. This can be overwhelming depending on your issues, but keep reading because there is an idea for everyone so that you can not just make ends meet but also thrive.

Simple Social Media Content PLR Video With Audio

Announcing The Brand New, 9 Part, Step By Step Video Course...

“Finally, Learn How To Create Super Simple But Powerful Content For Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram... Starting Today”

This specific training course was designed to help you watch over my shoulder, step-by-step, click by click, to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively create simple content quick.

Dear Business Owners,

Dear Business Owner

It's a fact. In order to survive in social media you need consistent content.

But not just any content will do. You need content that is engaging but catches your audience within minutes.

Content that is too long can become boring and lose your visitors interest and they’ll soon go to your competitors.

Problem #1 - Not everyone can create content.

If you don't have the artistic or creative ability to write content, then it doesn't matter anymore.

Now you can create simple images that are super engaging.

Problem #2 - But not everyone is a graphic artist either.

What if there was a way to create daily content in less than 10 minutes?

Is that even possible?


Social Media Content Marketing

9 Part Video Course

Here's a list of this 9-part video series in more detail:

Video #1 - Intro to Simple Social Content

As said earlier - There are all sorts of content marketing - but the goal here is to keep it simple but with a powerful message that will attract and engage the right audience. We’ll also discuss what you need to get started on this blueprint.

Video #2 - Analyze Your Audience

Before we jump in and show you how to create simple content marketing, it’s crucial to understand your audience in a more granular viewpoint. In this video we are going to dive in to gaining a clear inside of your audience. Don’t worry there’s going to be practical information on what to do step-by-step.

Video #3 - Similar Interests

Now that you have a better idea of what your audience likes and dislikes, it’s time to get a list of other topics that your audience is interested in. This is very important because it gives you a more well-rounded view what attracts your audience. This will allow you to branch out in terms of creating more content, so you never get stuck.

Video #4 - Where Do They Hang Out?

Know that you have a better idea of the different topics that they are interested in, it’s time to figure out exactly where they hang out. We want to get a better idea of what content they engage with, what triggers them, and how they speak as well.

Video #5 - Powerful Images

Finding images that are proven to work are important so that you don’t start from scratch. Now this is nothing about how to find royalty-free images or anything like that, this is about finding companies that have already done the testing and to simply mimic what they are already doing.

Video #6 - Powerful Words

Images themselves can be very powerful, however combined with some words can be even more powerful especially when it relates to your audience. So in this video we will be discussing how to find these powerful words that you can use in your own content.

Video #7 - Creation Time

OK great! Now that you have done all the research possible to figure out what images to use and even what words to use, it’s time to put it all together using some graphic editing tools. In this video we will show you tools that we use and have come to love due to their simplicity.

Video #8 - Organizing Your Content

Once you start creating your content, it’s important to organize them. When use this method you can easily create hundreds of contents very fast. Well this may seem simple and boring, it’s actually very important.

Video #9 - Auto Scheduling

Auto scheduling your content not only makes your life a lot easier, but social media sites love it when you post on a consistent basis. But how do you do it? What tool should you use?

Grab this video course and learn how to create engaging content within minutes

Add this product to your cart now for only....

Facebook Ads 101 PLR Video With Audio

Announcing The Brand New, 10 Part, Step By Step Video Course...

“Discover What You Need to Do To Setup Facebook Ads that Get Results”

In this specific video training course, you will get to watch over my shoulder - step-by-step, click by click - and learn what you need to do to setup your Facebook Ads properly.

Dear Business Owners,

It’s a fact that - Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business.

But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right.

What I mean is...

There’s a lot of courses out there on ads but they assume you know how to target the right person. They simply go over the technical aspects which anyone can learn.

The reality is if you don’t know everything about your target audience, then you will lose money.

Think about it for just a second.

Waving a sign that says “Lose weight” to a male who wants to gain body mass doesn’t make any sense does it?

Of course not... and the truth is most people do this.

So how do you find data that says – this is what your audience wants and how you should approach them?

How to make sure your ads appeal to the right person?

How do you use the right text, the right image, the right everything?

...and then how do you use that data to setup FB ads correctly?


Facebook Ad Basics

10 Part Video Course

Here's a list of this 10-part video series in more detail:

Video #1 - Introduction to FB Ads

Have you ever wondered why your Facebook ads don’t convert? The reason why is that most people jump with two feet and start creating ads. In this video, we will discuss the course itself and what you need to get started.

Video #2 - Paid Traffic Mindset

Before you create your Facebook ads, let’s discuss why you need a mindset shift and what that looks like. This is the sole reason why some people succeed and paid traffic, while others fail. Jumping into Facebook ads without knowing this is a sure way to fail.

Video #3 - Who Are You Targeting?

Doing this one wrong will give you horrible results. In other words, knowing who you are targeting and how to target them is very important. This is the first step to your road to doing Facebook Ads the right way.

Video #4 - FB Insights

After you get a better grasp of WHO you are targeting, it’s time to back that up with actual data. Fortunately – you can use a free, but powerful tool to get this data. This is very important especially before running any type of Facebook ad.

Video #5 - Creating an Avatar Profile

Now that you have gathered the right data from Videos 3, 4, and 5 – it’s time to create your customer’s avatar profile. This is simply a document that tells you what your ideal customer should look like and everything about them that you would need to find out.

Video #6 - Important Ad Rules

You should never setup ads until you’ve understood what Facebook does not like and what they want. Creating ads that violate policy is a sure way to get your account banned. So going over the rules is crucial.

Video #7 - The Pixel

Before you run ads, you need to make sure you have your pixel created and installed. We’ll go over this, so you get the proper tracking setup.

Video #8 - Ad Campaigns

Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ad campaign. The campaign is what holds your ad sets and your ads and understanding your objective is crucial. In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad campaign in step by step manner.

Video #9 - Ad Sets

Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ad Set. The ad set is the child of an Ad campaign and it is what holds your ads. In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad set step by step.

Video #10 - Ads

Now it’s time to setup your Facebook Ads. You will need to have your creative ad in hand to do this. The ad is the child of an Ad set. In this video – you will get to see us setup an ad in step by step manner.

So, grab this video course today and begin setting up your Facebook ad the right way.

Sell Your Photos Online PLR Video

"This is a fun way to earn income online. This video series was created to help you rise above the ever-increasing competition in online stock photography!"

Outsource To Success PLR Ebook

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Face it; you can’t do everything yourself.

While it may seem like common sense, it’s not always so easy for new entrepreneurs to acknowledge. They tell themselves that they’ll save money if they just do it all themselves.

Perhaps it’s the control freak in us who wants to stay in charge of every aspect of our business, or the frugal shopper who wants to save money by just working on projects ourselves.

Regardless of how hard we may try to convince ourselves not to outsource, the bottom line is that delegating important tasks to qualified professionals is simply the fastest way to grow your business and skyrocket your income.

There’s another reason why outsourcing is important: when you try to do it all, you’re taking 2 big risks. The first is that some tasks and projects won’t be done as well as they well as they could be if you had more time, or the necessary training. This could lead to distributing inferior products or low-quality content that won’t help move the needle.

The second risk, and it’s a big one, is that you’ll simply burn out and not be able to stay on top of your market.

No matter how many skills are in your arsenal, or how many years of experience you have, there are always tasks that can (and should) be done by seasoned professionals. As the old saying goes, just because you can do it yourself doesn’t mean you should.

With an outsourced team, you can get the help you need to grow your business faster than ever before, and without worrying about human resources and employment taxes.

Better yet, if you stick with hiring professionals who are experts in their field, you won’t even have to train anyone to complete the tasks you assign to them because they’ll already be experienced and ready to take on all that you have to offer.

Outsourcing is the smart way of doing business, building an established presence in your industry quickly and developing a life-long brand that stands out and apart in your niche.

Connecting to seasoned professionals gives you the leg up, allowing you to compete, head on, with some of the biggest names in your niche.

In other words, it levels out the playing field.

In this special report, I’ll:

Show you how hiring experienced freelancers can help you dominate the market and grow your business quickly. This goes beyond the time you’ll save.

Provide some quick-start tips to help you start using freelancers the right way. This information will help you avoid the common pitfalls, ensuring your team stays focused.

Explain the anatomy of an effective job description (and tell you where to post jobs) so that you’re finding the best people for your team. Your job ad or description is one of the most important parts of your outsourcing strategy because it needs to be positioned as beacon that attracts the right candidates – the people who will help your business stand out.

Walk you through how to qualify the freelancers you hire to minimize your risks.

Show you exactly what should be in a freelancing contract to protect your business.

Outline powerful team-building strategies for working with freelancers so you can skyrocket your progress quickly.

By the time you’ve finished reading this report, you’ll be ready to get out there and build your power-house team of professional freelancers who will help you get to where you need to be.

Let’s get started!

Market Domination

So, you already know that hiring the right team of freelancers can help you take your business to the next level of success.

In fact, there’s no easier way to expand into new markets and test out new product ideas than with a team of freelancers at your disposal. And if you want to dominate your industry, then hiring seasoned professionals will help you do this in a way that might not be possible if you try to go it alone.

How Outsourcing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Freelancers can help you maximize your productivity by allowing you to focus on growing your business. You’re the one who needs to go out and attract new business. You’re the face of your brand and the voice and mastermind behind the product launches.

That’s a huge job in itself! And if you also consider the many different tasks often required in maintaining a stand-out brand, you’ll likely find yourself quickly running out of time. Then your business will suffer because you’re far too busy trying to micro-manage all the small stuff that you just don’t have time left over for what matters.

In other words, if you’re bogged down in daily tasks and administration, you won’t have time to effectively build your business on a strong foundation.

Outsourcing is, for many entrepreneurs, their secret weapon. It allows them the opportunity to expand into new markets they may not be experienced with, and to design, build and product extraordinary content, products, apps and merchandise that they could never create without a team of experts.