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Overcoming Self-doubt And Believing In Yourself PLR Ebook

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Overcoming Self-Doubt and Believing in Yourself

One of the hardest things that some people ever do is transform themselves from a person full of self-doubt to a self-assured person that believes in themselves. But, the truth is that no matter where you are in life right now, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, opportunities you’ve passed up, or what’s happened to you in life, you can overcome your self-doubt and start believing in yourself. This is true even if you had a poor upbringing and even if you’ve never believed in yourself before. It’s within your power, and it will change your life completely.

So, congratulations on getting this and reading it, soaking it in, and implementing the suggestions. Once you do, within just a short period of time you’ll start feeling better about yourself, feel more confident, successful and know that your future is bright.

Let’s get started learning how you can overcome self-doubt and believe in yourself.

What Is Self-Doubt?

The dictionary defines self-doubt as, "the lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities." This is a very good definition, but it doesn’t fully demonstrate the problems caused by self-doubt and not believing in yourself.

Think about these questions:

* What are the dangers of self-doubt?
* How does self-doubt affect your life?
* Where does self-doubt come from?
* And most importantly, how do you overcome it?

In the next pages, we’ll give the answers to all these questions and more. If it helps, take notes as you read through when you notice issues that resonate most with your current situation. Everyone has different issues, reasons for their self-doubt, and problems in their life. You’re a unique person and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The Dangers of Self-Doubt and How It Affects Your Life

There are many dangers inherent in hanging on to self-doubt that you should be aware of. If you suffer from self-doubt, it’s important to understand the type of damage you’re doing to yourself if you continue to hang on to it. It has affected your past, is affecting your present and can devastate your future if you don’t deal with it. Here's why.

* Self-Doubt Damages Motivation – When you don’t think you can do much, and don’t trust yourself to do something right, fear can get in the way of doing anything. This can turn into a severe lack of motivation to do more than you have to just to get by. It can affect your entire life because you may have less satisfying relationships, a job you hate, and not enjoy life much.

* Self-Doubt Causes Procrastination – If you don’t think you know how to do things "right" then you may end up thinking you’re a perfectionist, which is just a way to procrastinate and never finish anything or finish it at the last minute. This is how you set yourself up for failure. No one is perfect and perfection is not necessary to thrive in this life.

* Self-Doubt Leads to Regret – When you miss opportunities, you will experience regret. Regret, when left unresolved, can lead to chronic stress and anxiety. This will then build upon itself to create even more self-doubt, which will create more regret, and so on.

* Self-Doubt Causes Defeatism – If you allow self-doubt to continue, you can start to become almost morbid in your belief that you cannot experience anything good or happy. It’s essentially an acceptance of failure.

* Self-Doubt Stunts Self-Improvement – When you have no faith in yourself, it’s hard to even think about self-improvement. You think you have too much to improve because you can’t do anything, and maybe you even think you’re a victim of your circumstances to a point that you cannot achieve even if you try.

* Self-Doubt Stifles Inspiration – When you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to get inspired to do anything new or to create anything new. Ending the self-doubt will bring out the creativity you already really have.

As you can see and may have experienced yourself, self-doubt can be dangerous and these are all good reasons on their own to work toward overcoming self-doubt and learning to believe in yourself.

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Dynamite Reports PLR Ebook

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How would you like to turn a 4,000-word report into a potential $4,000 payday? 

It’s happening all the time with specialized short reports that people will bend over backwards to pay good money for.

Find it hard to believe?

Think about this for a minute.

People are busy. They’re on-the-go, and so they don’t have a lot of time to spend reading extended guides or books.

These days’,people want bite-sized, comprehensive booklets that give them the information they’re looking for without the fluff.  

Think about the kind of articles, blog posts or guides you personally prefer.  Wouldn’t you rather have a condensed version of a 100-page book that rips out the padding and cuts through the noise so it can provide you with all the important information in less time?

That’s exactly why short reports are so extremely profitable. 

The length of your book has nothing to do with whether your product is successful or well received by your audience.  

In fact, a 15 report that cuts out the fat and gets right to the heart of the matter will be far more successful than a 60-page eBook that brings the reader on an endless journey, only to leave them disappointed in the end.
Are you ready to start making money with your very own series of in-demand short reports?

Let’s begin!

Making Money with Short Reports

Short reports are incredibly valuable because not only will they appeal to the busy shopper, but they are much easier to create than full-length books. 

In fact, reports can be as short as 10 pages long because if you’ve done your job at filling the pages with solid information, your audience will still be satisfied with their purchase.

And think about this:  With short reports, you can cover more ground in less time.

You know how quickly some niches and buying patterns change. What’s hot today is often irrelevant tomorrow, and in the digital product business you need to keep a close pulse on your market so that you know what your audience is interested in and willing to buy.

Also, when it comes to digital products, the early bird always gets the worm.

What I mean by that is you need to stay on top of trends. 

For example, if a certain money-making opportunity suddenly becomes a hot topic, you’ll make a lot more money if you’re one of the first to create a short report that outlines how someone can jump on board. First to market always wins.

If you were to create a massive digital product that takes months to develop, you run the risk that by the time you bring it to the market, the topic isn’t nearly as popular as it had been.

Short reports removethat risk.

You don’t have to worry about your product launch taking months, or even weeks, giving you the advantage of being able to launch quality, in-demand products on current hot topics, before demand dies down or the market becomes saturated. 

Plus, since you won’t spend a lot of time creating each report, even if they fail to meet your expectations, you can quickly replace it with a new report that’s been tweaked to sell. 

They’re also a lot more affordable to outsource since you could hire an expert writer for half of the price of someone hired to write a full-length book.

Short reports are also one of the easiest ways of evaluating a market, test new niches and identify demand, while there is an active buying pattern. 

If you’ve ever considered creating an information product before, you know just how much time can be spent on market research. 

You could literally spend months testing the viability of a market, and trying to come up with a unique angle or slant so that your product stands out. 

By the time your product is “market ready”, you’ve lost a couple of months in potential earnings, not to mention your opportunity to position your product in front of a majority audience may be gone since they may have purchased other books and are no longer interested in the topic.

With short reports, since you’re not spending a lot of time creating the products, you can make money faster, while working on expanding your collection of in-demand products.

In fact, you could create a report that continues to sell for years in just a couple of hours!

Are you excited? You should be!  This is an exciting opportunity to make money with info-products quickly and easily! 

In the next chapter, we’ll take a closer look at how you can create a bestselling PLR report in under two hours.

Reports That Outsell

When it comes to writing short reports that people want to buy, your content must be both conversational and engaging. 

It doesn’t matter what niche or market you’re in, if you want to create bestselling reports that people want to talk about to others and encourage repeat sales, you need to create content that is easy to understand and keeps their attention.

Here are a few simple rules to follow:

Use contractions in your information product (Example: Use “that’s” instead of “that is”).  This makes sure that your content doesn’t read too stiff or formal. You can still write in an authoritative voice while keeping it light and entertaining.

Break up your paragraphs into easily digestible segments of information. Don’t create a wall of text!  No one wants to wade through extremely long paragraphs.  You want to keep skim readers in mind who will just blaze through your content quickly, picking out the golden nuggets that are of interest

Create chapter headlines and sub-headlines that are interesting and bold. It’s your job to keep your reader glued to the pages of your product, and you can do that by offering ‘visual guidance’ by defining sections, while keeping them engaged.

Passive Profits PLR Ebook

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There’s nothing better than passive income.

With passive income channels, you’re not limited by how much money you can make because it’s not based on the time you put into it.

Instead, you build your income channel once and it goes on to make you money for years to come.

Imagine just how much a solid and reliable source of passive income could ultimately change your life.

You’d finally be able to live the dream lifestyle where you can enjoy time with friends and family while maintaining a viable and consistent source of income.

Exciting, right? 

So, the only question that should be on your mind is…

How can I start building unstoppable passive income channels?

That’s what this special report is all about.

I’ll show you exactly how you can start generating passive income from some of the top hands-free money making opportunities. 

These passive income channels are based on proven, working strategies that have been responsible for generating thousands of dollars a month.  

So, without further delay, let’s begin!

Passive Income Channels

Let’s jump right into it by taking a closer look at 2 of the easiest ways of create passive income online.

Passive Income Channel #1: Membership Sites

I know what you’re probably thinking…

Membership sites require monthly updates so how can it truly be a source of passive income?

The truth is, you can create all the content upfront and then drip-feed it to your members so that they are given access to new material every 30 days.  

Sure, you’ll spend some time upfront getting the membership site ready and creating enough content to sustain members for several months, but once you have laid out the groundwork it can run on almost complete autopilot.  Then you can spend whatever time you wish working on new content for a future update.

Membership sites can also be set up where it simply provides access to fresh content on a limited cycle, such as a 6-month membership site that ends with a final update.

For example, a subscriber would join and be able to access content from month 1. Perhaps this is a series of eBooks, or video training. 

Then, that subscriber would then pay for access to the second month’s content. Their member’s area would automatically update to include the next month’s content and so on.

By the end of the membership cycle (month 6, in this example), they would pay one final time to receive access to the remaining training tools. Then once that final month has been billed, no further content is provided and billing ends.

There are many ways to create membership sites that can run on autopilot, or that require very little work. It’s entirely up to you how much time you spend on your website and whether you decide to create most content upfront and limit its cycle, or develop a continuity website that needs regular updates. 

You can also save yourself time and money by purchasing pre-made digital products from PLR membership websites that you can publish and charge access to. These require no upfront work whatsoever.

Regardless how you decide to structure your membership site, one of the easiest ways to launch a website while ensuring that your content is protected is with Product Dyno. 

You can find it here: http://www.ProductDyno.com

Product Dyno works for every type of digital product imaginable. It’s also easy to set up so it protects a single digital product, or power up an entire membership site with recurring billing. 

It’s a flexible yet powerful product enabling you to host all your pages via Product Dyno, or use your own domain. 

I highly recommend checking it out if you want to simplify the process and get started quickly.

Passive Income Channel #2: Amazon KDP

One of the easiest ways to generate passive income is by publishing books on Amazon. This is something anyone can do even if you’re not a prolific writer.

In fact, you can easily outsource a combination of low content books as well as Kindle based fiction or nonfiction content and then publish them instantly on Amazon KDP.

Self-publishing is a powerful, yet simple way to start building income on total autopilot. Once you’ve published your books and created an optimized book page that drives in readers, you can virtually set and forget your listings and they’ll continue to generate royalty checks every single month.

If you aren’t familiar with what low content books are, think about journals, planners and organizers. Journals are extremely popular in countless niche markets and very easy to create. In fact, you could have hundreds of low content books published in a matter of days with very little upfront costs involved.

If you’d like to find out about a proven way to create profitable low content books without lifting a finger, check out http://www.LowContentMastery.com where you’ll be able to gain access to a fully-loaded training course that includes all the tools you need to get started.

Regardless what genre you’re interested in, you can quickly find qualified and seasoned writers on marketplaces like http://www.UpWork.com  

Start by providing writers with a smaller task, perhaps a 5k word short story to gauge their quality and reliability. If they pass the test, hire them to write longer books. 

There are countless tools available to self-published authors that will help them maximize exposure so that you can build a truly passive income channel, but did you know that your Amazon author central page is one of the most valuable marketing tools of all?

Ghostwriting Made Easy PLR Autoresponder Messages

If you can answer yes to the following questions you'll want to get your hands on the Ghostwriting Made Easy Crash Course Package!

Have you been looking for a great way to get more subscribers?

Do you constantly seek quality information to provide to your readers?

Have you been looking for a way to quickly increase awareness, traffic and profits for your website?

Dear Marketing Friend,

The "Ghostwriting Made Easy" course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners what it's like to run a successful ghostwriting business. Even if your readers don't have clue how to get started as a ghostwriter they will quickly understand what it take to become a highly sought after well-paid writer for hire!

This Course Comes With Private Label Rights

Once you get your hands on this course you will be able to set it up quickly and use it to educate your members, subscribers and as a lead generating tool to get more traffic to your own website.

The best part is with the private label rights to this course not only will you be able to learn how to attract more clients for your own business, you will be able to pass that knowledge on to your subscribers.

The entire course is easy customize. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can add your contact information to all of lessons in the series at once.

"If you can copy and paste, then you'll love how easy it is to put this course to work for your business."

You will also have the freedom to include your own product and service recommendations along with links to your favorite affiliate programs.

I'm even including a ready to go to landing page and thank you page, so that you can get set up fast and start using this course to build your list right away!

Take a quick look at the landing page!

What's Included in the....

Ghostwriting Made Easy Package?

With this series, you will receive 5 formatted email lessons packed with easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business!

The "Ghostwriting Made Easy" package contains everything you need to start using it right away!


5 email lessons

1 ready to go landing page

1 ready to go thank you page

A complete graphic package

Remember, this package comes with private label rights, so you can edit the entire course, sign your name as the author and use it to build your list, promote, products, services and to drive more traffic to your website!

Here's How To Order To Right Now!

It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 am, you will get instant access to this entire package. Once your payment is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will have instant access to the Ghostwriting Made Easy course, including the lessons, web pages and custom graphics package.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the "Ghostwriting Made Easy" crash course package complete with private label rights today and start using it to build your list and educate your subscribers right away!

Video Launch Method PLR Video With Audio

Announcing The Brand New, 9 Part, Step By Step Video Course

"Discover How to Launch Your Product Through A Series Of Videos That’ll Generate The Buzz You Need ...Starting Today!"

You Will Get Access to This Step by Step Video Blueprint That Shows You How to Do It The Right Way Using Real Experience And Not Theory.

Dear friend,

You may have a great product, but if you launch it wrong, you’re leaving money on the table.

Everyday, product launches are happening. Some do enormously well, and some don't even make a couple dollars.

You could spend months or even years to get a product developed, but if the product launch planning is done incorrectly, you won't get the results you want.

You see....our goal here is to get you to launch a good product, so you can help people and in the end, you will make the profits you want.

Remember...Help people get what they want, and they’ll help you get what you want.

Now, keep in mind that this is not a get rich quick system either, and it takes hard work to make these videos. But, just with any business, if you have the right plan to go by, then your chances of doing well is greater.

With that said, you don’t have to make the same mistakes we made by watching this video series.


Video Launch Method

9 Part Video Course

Here's a list of this 9-part video series in more detail:

Video #1: Introduction to Product Pre-Launching with Videos

In this video, we'll introduce you to product launches and an overview of this video series. See...understanding what you will be learning and how this system comes together will help you speed things up.

Video #2: Planning Your Pre-Launch

This video covers a first step and an important step to product launches. Without the proper planning, your launch will fail. When I say "fail", I mean it won’t reach its full potential in impact, whether that may be how many people you are able to help and at the end of the day, profits. So, in this video, you’ll learn what it takes to plan a launch correctly, and the different phases of a product launch.

Video #3: Prelaunch - What Needs To Be Done

Imagine this. You launch your product. You’re all excited...and then nothing happens. This is typically what happens when the prelaunch is not done correctly or not done at all. Creating the necessary buzz around your main product launch is key.

Video #4: The # Step Video Blueprint

You’ve likely seen how big product launches use certain amount of videos to pre-launch their product. There’s a certain amount of elements that you need to cover in each one of these videos in order to correctly pre-launch your product. The main benefit of using these videos is that they’re not just for your pre-launch, however, you can also continue to use them after your product has been launched to convert prospects into buyers.

Video #5: Blueprint Video 1

Now is the time to learn what exactly the first and most important video will include. Believe you’re not getting anywhere, because if you get this one wrong, then the rest of your videos may not be seen. So, first impressions are everything. As you can imagine, getting them extremely excited and pumped up is crucial to this video.

Video #6: Blueprint Video 2

Once you’ve made some great first impressions, it’s time to reel them in further and get them more excited. Without giving the blueprint away, this video will help your prospects to continue being interested in what you have to offer.

Video #7: Blueprint Video 3

This video will review your product in such a way that it doesn’t seem like you are selling. You never ever want to appear like you were selling to someone, because that will throw them off or worse, it’ll get them on guard. I will show you how that looks like in this video.

Video #8: Blueprint Video 4

Last but not the least, we have the final video and as you can imagine, the goal is to close the deal. Get people to buy is the purpose of this video.

Video #9 - Getting Your Video Created

Once you have understood what needs to be included in each and every one of these videos, we’re not going to assume that you know how to create videos. In this video, you are going to learn some tips and tricks on how to get your videos created either by yourself or by a professional.

Grab this video course and learn how to generate high converting traffic from Pinterest.

Video Launch Method PLR Video With Audio

Video is a powerful medium for communicating brand, business and product information. Video captures your audience’s engagement, heightens their interest and gets them looking deeper at your product.

Video product launches are the go-to for the world’s best brands.

This guide reveals the best techniques used in successful product launch videos. With these techniques, you will not only gain a vital understanding of running effective video launches, you will also elevate your brand’s position and increase your brand’s awareness.

It contains all the necessary information that you’ll need to plan your product launch with all the best strategies and execute it to perfection.

The course has been split into 9 easily navigated sections and each provides highly effective and actionable instructions on how to video launch your product. With the power of video and the know-how on video launches, you can take your product launch to a new level!

Topics covered:

Introduction to Product Pre-launch: This section introduces the course and explains why you need to strategize your video product launch to maximize success.
Planning Your Product Launch: You can’t go in blind - this section teaches you the best way of planning your product launch from start to finish.
Pre-launch - What Needs to be Done?: Creating a preliminary buzz around your product prior to launch is crucial.
Launch Video 1 - First Impressions: Your first video launch video should aim to make the best first impressions possible on potential buyers.
Launch Video 2: This next sections explains how to reel prospects in and entice them further into your product.
Product Reviews and Descriptions: Describing your product is tricky - this section describes how to effectively review your product without putting people off with bad sales technique.
Closing the Deal: This section explains how to convert to sales and close the deal with an effective CTA.
Video Production Tips: We’re also going to explain the easiest and cheapest methods for creating a video, either DIY or in collaboration with a professional.

Includes ready sales materials and full PLR rights!

Image Sharing Profits PLR Ebook

Sample Content Preview


Sharing images on social media is something a lot of us do every day. Many of us do it just for fun. Some do it to try to grow their business. But others do it for pure profit, something the majority of people don’t realize is possible.

There’s actually a number of different ways to make money sharing images on social media, both directly and indirectly. If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to make money on social media, you may learn some tricks that will increase your chances of success in the pages of this guide.

In this guide, you’re going to learn about some of the various ways you can make money online sharing your content on social media. You’ll learn about some of the different moneymaking methods, as well as ways to increase your follower count and improve your engagement rates.

If you’ve been wondering how the big players of social media make their mega-millions, read this guide from cover to cover and start taking action. You’ll be raking in money before you know it!

So let’s begin.

Profit from Social Media

There are a lot of ways to profit from social media. The best way for you to profit is to choose the methods that best fit your specific social media persona.

Keep in mind that different methods will work better for different types of profiles. You may have to experiment with a few different methods to see what works best for you.

The biggest thing to remember is that your followers are your most important concern. Never put money over your followers. It may seem counterintuitive if you’re building a brand specifically to make money, but if you promote products that could upset your followers in some way, you’ll risk lowering your engagement and you’ll hurt your profit potential—potentially disastrously.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make money sharing content on social media.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money with your social media presence is through the marketing of affiliate products. You can earn a great commission from various products that fit with your branding, but be sure you’re only promoting the best quality products. If you promote an inferior product, you risk alienating your followers and harming future promotions.

There are affiliate products available for almost any type of branding you can imagine. You can promote information products through Clickbank or JV Zoo, or you can promote membership sites, or physical products through sites like Amazon.

Amazon is especially good, because they have millions of products you can promote, so it’s almost certain you’ll be able to find something your followers will respond to.

Sponsored Posts

If you grow your social media to a large enough following and you keep a good rate of engagement, you’ll be able to have brands pay you to post on their behalf.

Social media influencers are often paid thousands of dollars to make a single post. For example, someone who has a large following of video gamers might be paid to post about a hot new mobile game. Or a beauty blogger might be paid to post about a new skin care product.

If you’re interested in offering sponsored posts, you might want to hire an agency to represent you. (Note, they’ll want to see quite a large number of followers and a good rate of engagement before they’ll consider you.) But if you’re ready to take your social media to the next level, an agency can help you.

Here are a few places to start looking:

>> http://www.interactivesponsor.com/

>> http://viralnation.com/influencer-talent-agency/

>> http://cycle.media/

>> http://www.socialyte.co/#discover-influential-storytellers

Your Own Products

Having your own products to promote can be the most profitable way to make money, because you get all the revenue, not just a portion of it.

You might think it’s too expensive to create your own products, but the truth is you can make your own stuff pretty cheaply using solutions like CafePress, Zazzle, or TeeSpring.

Twitter Ad Pirates PLR Ebook

Sample Content Preview


Twitter is a great place to market your business, and you can certain use it for free. Lots of people have made big fortunes using Twitter as one of their primary marketing channels without spending a dime, however the nature of social media requires a lot of time and effort invested to get good results if you don’t want to spend any money. After all, time is money.

But if you don’t want to spend so much time on Twitter, you can spend a little money and skip the huge time investment. Even if you enjoy Twitter, you can reach more people with advertising, expanding your organic reach through selective targeting.

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to create highly effective Twitter ads, and to get the most out of the platform, no matter what you’re advertising.

So let’s begin.

Getting Started

Before we get started, you might want to go ahead and sign up for your Twitter ads account at:

>> https://ads.twitter.com/

This will let you kind of follow along and look at some of the features in your account as we discuss them, which helps you understand how the different features work a little better. You can always do this later if you want, but I recommend doing it now. This will just take a couple of seconds if you already have a Twitter account.

Twitter has been working on new elements for their advertising platform for a while now. By the time you read this, they may have added or removed features. But as of this writing, these are the options I have on my dashboard:

These are the options that you can choose from as far as the different types of ads you can run. You need to be sure you choose the right type of ad for your business’s purposes, not just the one that’s least expensive or seems to get the most traffic.

Let’s take a look at these different ad types.

Website Visits

This, of course, will get you visits to your website. You can include a “Website Card” which is a preview of your website that shows up directly in your Tweet. You are charged per click for this type of ad.


This is pretty self-explanatory. You can buy followers. Any impressions or engagements you get as a result of this campaign don’t cost anything. If you just want to increase your follower count, this is an easy way to do so.


This campaign is priced based on impressions, not results. For this reason, you should only use this type of campaign on Tweets that have already been proven to work through some other method, because you don’t want to pay for impressions to an ad that may not perform.

Tweet Engagements

With this type of campaign, you promote individual Tweets for the purpose of getting engagement. You don’t have to pay for impressions unless they result in engagement, and you will not have to pay for organic engagements from users who see your Tweet like normal instead of through your promotion.

Remember that even promoted Tweets must still adhere to the same 140-character limit that regular Tweets must follow, so you’ll want to be as succinct as possible.

Video Views

If you want to promote videos, GIFs, vines, etc., you can use this type of ad to do so. You pay for impressions to your video, and the video will auto-play as users scroll in order to get more attention.

Website Conversions

This is similar to the Website Visits ad type, but instead of just paying for clicks, you can track conversions. You can include a Website Card in this type, as well.

App Installs or Re-Engagements

If you have an app, this is the type of ad you’ll want to use. You can use this to get people to install your app for the first time, or to get people who already have your app and haven’t used it in a while to use it again. You can include an App Card in this ad type, which will let you show a preview of your app, plus the app’s ratings in the Tweet. It also gives users the ability to open or install the app with a single click.