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Wp Video Page Creator MRR Script

Dear Videomarketer,

We all know that video nowadays is KING.

Most of the savvy internet marketers, gurus and fortune 500 companies are leveraging the power of videos in their sites.

And they are doing this for a very good reason...

It's insanely profitable.

Are you where you want to be with your online business in terms of profits?

Are you getting enough traffic to even cover your monthly hosting bill?

If you answered with a big and resounding "YES", then I am sorry...

This message is NOT for you.

However, if you responded with a "NO" - buckle up.

We need to talk...

I know that all of this sounds like the usual BS that you are unfortunately used to.

But as you keep reading you will discover that what I am saying here is TOTALLY true!

Here's why...

Over the last months I've spent a fortune in hiring an A+ WordPress programmer who created a plugin suiting my needs for more views and more profits.

It took a long time to tweak and test this plugin...

But to my surprise, this has turned out to be even BIGGER than I thought!In almost no time I doubled my traffic, my page views and my profits!
Want to know how I did this?

WP VIDEO PAGE CREATOR is a magnificent plugin that will allow you to quickly and easily create"video profit pages" in less than a minute.

Also, it enables you to look authoritative in front of your audience (most of the content that this plugin pulls is curated, and comes from sources like YouTube and Google news).

To put it simply, this plugin is the definitive "video marketing weapon" that YOU need!

Wp Combo Bar Personal Use Script

Dear Friend,

Everyone knows that nowadays it is really difficult to make your visitors stay longer.

With so much information floating on the Internet, attention span is really short-lived.

We are talking about a few seconds…and if you don’t grab the attention of your visitors they won’t hesitate to click away and spend their money elsewhere.

It’s certainly a frustrating experience seeing how your bounce rate goes through the roof!

If you look around you’ll see that the big boys usually resort to some kind of “trickery” to make their visitors reconsider leaving their site.

They use all kinds of banners, pop-ins or exit bars…

However, I do feel that these techniques might come across to users as very annoying.

And you know what happens when people are annoyed right?

Exactly, they will leave in a heartbeat and will never return.

Today I would like to share a secret with you…

If you truly want to see a difference in your blog as soon as TODAY, I suggest you read on because you are in for a few surprises.

Guaranteed Viral Visitors Script MRR Script

"Now YOU Can Put This Incredible, One-Of-A-Kind Viral Guaranteed Visitors System On YOUR Website, And Have Your Visitors Scrambling to Add Their Site ... And Return Repeatedly To Do it Again!" (An older product, but was requested)!

Sticky Note Ads Plugin Personal Use Script

ATTENTION: WordPress website owners....

"Grab Their Attention With Clever, Colorful, and Completely Customizable Ads That Instantly Draw the Eye!"

Dear Fellow Website Owner,

Do you know that the average time spent on a website is less than one minute? In fact, one study shows that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your site.

Fifteen seconds.

If you earn your living by the words you write and the products you sell online, that's a pretty scary number. Clearly, every website owner must have a plan in place to keep readers on the site longer, and to engage with them better. To do anything less is an invitation to a slow and painful death for your business.
Plenty of Options for Engaging Visitors

Here's the thing...we've known for years that readers have a short attention span--and it's only getting shorter. That's why smart bloggers take steps to encourage engagement. We...

Use video and images to make our content more interesting.
Add pop-ups to collect email addresses so we can stay in touch.
Use ugly exit pop-ups to guilt readers into staying longer.
Include calls to action everywhere.
Link to other pages on our site so new readers can see all that we have to offer.

The list goes on and on. And all of those things do work...sort of.

Videos and images tend to hold our attention longer than just words.
Pop-ups do encourage more sign-ups for our email lists.
Calls to action give the reader something to do next.
Interlinking ensures our older content gets some love, too.

But still...
These Engagement Techniques Are No Longer Enough

Here's what's missing: uniqueness.
Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. You have a pop-up, or a sidebar ad for a great program, and your readers simply ignore it.

This is a common problem, actually. We call it "ad blindness" and it happens because we see the same ads in the same locations so frequently that they cease to make an impression.

But sometimes you really need to give your readers an important piece of information, make an announcement, or even offer a great deal, and you need to ensure they see it.

Wp Notification Plus MRR Script

Dear Entrepreneur,

In today’s web economy, trust and respect is everything.

Giants like Facebook, Yahoo or Google knows this the same way you and I probably do.

It’s no secret that these sites receive an incredible amount of traffic due to their reputation…

Now, what if I told you that today you are about to discover an out-of-the-box, incredibly smart technique to instantly grab your visitors’ by the throat and force them to pay attention to your message?

Yes, by leveraging the trust and credibility from “the giants”!

This is totally possible and in just a few moments you will get access to this cool way to get more attention – something that will allow you to spice up conversions and rock those bland sales that you are experiencing right now.

Nowadays most online marketers are experiencing the following problem: they don’t get enough attention to their banners or ads.

People are so used to this kind of commercial intention that they become “blind” to them. The results are lack of sales and money on the table.

This is very simple…no attention, no money.

Fortunately for you I’ve come up with a brilliant, powerful and effective tool to make people pay close and undivided attention to YOUR message (whatever it is) and make the “CLICK”.

And do you want to know the best thing?

You can achieve this in less than 3 minutes!

Over the last months me and my wiz developer were working together to come up with a WordPress plugin that would “piggy-back” on the authority and trust of some of the Internet “big boys” like Google or Facebook for example.

And after much hard work, sleepless nights and gallons of red bull I can safely say that I have created the “ultimate attention-grabbing plugin” that will make you MORE money!

Wp Spincode Plugin Personal Use Script

Have you ever thought of randomizing your content within your website for your visitors? It makes your website look fresh and up to date and leaves your visitors less bored of the same old content!

This plugin does it all for you in an SEO friendly way. Download WP SpinCode for WordPress now and enjoy ever lasting connections with your visitors.

Wp Phantom Rebranding Suite Personal Use Script

It should come as no surprise to you that many marketers sell PLR to their plugin products(most times for WordPress) for a slightly inflated price compared to the original.

What this means is that they are allowing you to take their plugin product and modify it however you’d like, even as far as changing the name, author, description, and so on. More often than not, these PLR license packages also include the graphics, sales page(s), and entire funnel along with them.

When people purchase these packages, many of them just upload the product to their own website or server and begin promoting it as is. But if you take the time to re-title and re-brand the entire product, including the graphics (Fiverr, anybody?), and sales page – you can easily eliminate all of your competition and become more respected as a marketer to those on your list.

Let’s recap that entire blurb of text you just read:

Purchasing the PLR license for a plugin product most times allows you to take the plugin and rebrand the entire thing, modify the sales page, graphics, swipes, and other sales materials provided and then launch the product as your very own.

Whether it’s to your own personal mailing list, or on a widespread scale on one of the many platforms for launching products – this can be a major money maker and can also help improve your reputation.

On the other hand, often times marketers and list builders (or just everybody) aren’t entirely familiar with the programming language(s) that are used to build these plugins. Even if they are familiar with it, it can take time and effort to rebrand the plugin by hand.

But what if there was a tool that functioned properly on ANY operating system you choose (or use), and allowed you to load any WordPress plugin into the software, while displaying the essential information for rebranding the product? What if this tool allowed you to modify the information you’d like, and then simply click a button to re-save or even create a new file of the plugin? What if this tool required no knowledge of programming at all?