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Tube Frame Tamer Software PLR Software

Brandable Software! Tube Frame Tamer Software Creates Custom Iframes! Makes Videos Autostart, Loop, Remove Controls, And Much More!

Do not let the simplicity fool you as the Tube Frame Tamer will make your life easier every time you need a customized video player.

Be sure to try out the example / test projects I have provided. They will most likely be all you need to learn how powerful this software is.

ResponsiVid Squeeze Page Builder PLR Software

Brandable Software! Easy To Use Software Creates YouTube Video Review Pages With An Opt-in Form In A Snap! Mobile Ready!

If you are an affiliate marketer, chances are one of your marketing strategies is product review through videos.

But sometimes, people don't remember your information due to the fact that they might be looking for something more.

And the best way for you to remember them, is by asking them their emails for future updates and that's what this software is all about.

Minimem Software PLR Software

'Brandable Software! Build Your List In Double Turbo Mode With MiniMem!

This Easy To Use Push Button Software Will Quickly Create A Membership Site For You - No MySql Required!

MiniMem is not meant to replace a paid membership site system. It was designed with “list building in mind”.

Free membership sites are one of the best ways on the internet to build a very loyal mailing list. People perceive a product as having much more value when protected by a username and password.

If they are 'forced' to join a “membership site”, the person is much more likely to hand over their 'everyday' email address without a second thought.

This may sound crazy to some of you but, the ones that are in the 'know' have been quietly using this method for years.

Flip’in List Builder Software PLR Software

Brandable Software! Explode Your Opt-In List With This Simple To Use Software!

Very effective method that makes your site visitors want to opt-in to your email list. Build 'page-flip' ebooks with your opt-in form on the last page which the visitors fill to read the complete ebook!

New software creates Flipbook style pages that literally forces readers into giving you their email.

One Click Mobile Web App Personal Use Software

Brand New WordPress Plugin Turns Any Website Into An Web App Then Forces Your Visitor To Install Your App Onto Their iPhone!

Mobile web apps are quickly becoming the standard way to deliver content to mobile devices.

Unlike traditional mobile sites, web apps allow visitors to install your entire website directly onto their iDevice - with it's own custom app icon on their home screen and a custom loading page start screen.

Mobile is the hottest topic in the marketing right now, and every serious entrepreneur and business owner is desperate to get in on this new gold rush!

Below are some of its cool features:

Customize the pop-ups animation to give it an organic feel.
Set the pop-up on a delay, or let it disappear after a few seconds to enhance the visitors experience.
Ability to target only returning visitors not showing the pop-up on the first visit.
Full control over when the visitors will see the pop-up again after closing it - remarket to get the maximum app install.
Pop-up only displays to iPhone users who do not have the app installed
And many more...

Wp Tweeet Plugin Personal Use Software

Create Engaging Tweetable Content with Sweet Tool-Tip Popups Using Shortcodes!

Engage Your Readers & Increase Your Tweets. Quick tool to increase your blog traffic only takes 5 seconds to setup.

Below are some of its cool features:

Make Tweetable Text - Turn a link into a surprising engagement for your traffic. Click to tweet and hover to display tooltip.

Easily Create Shortcode - Use the wizard to create and preview shortcodes before you add them to your blog posts.

Tooltip Popup - Very cool tooltip popups to display your text or HTML. Display video, images, whatever you want!

Add Unlimited Shortcodes - Add any number of shortcodes to your page to increase tweets and user engagement.

Customize Shortcode - Change the tooltip position and theme on the fly! It's extremely simple to setup new shortcodes.

Delayed Download Plugin Personal Use Software

Discover the Simple Tool That Will Make Your Readers Finally Pay Attention to Your Offer! Remove the hurry and distraction factor from your website traffic!

There's no doubt that today's surfers are in more of a hurry than ever before. All you need to do is look at your bounce rate to know that. Most page visits last only seconds - hardly long enough for your readers to even see your offer, let alone act on it.

And if you're offering something for free - such as a lead-generating report - the 'grab and go' surfing style of today means readers are in and out so fast they sometimes don't even remember where (or why) they downloaded your offer in the first place.

Website owners have been trying to figure out how to keep readers on their site longer and how to engage visitors better since the Internet began. Today, though, as we've just seen, it's even more imperative. Distractions are everywhere and surfers have amazingly short attention spans.

Now, with this powerful WordPress plugin, you can actually encourage your visitors to see your offer, opt-in to your list, or read your terms - all with just a simple shortcode.

Below are some of its features:

Easy one-click installation right from your WordPress dashboard.
Failure-proof style for easy bypassing of pop-up if necessary.
Unlimited delayed downloads for multiple offers.
Full formatting available using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
Works with all major autoresponders for easy insertion of opt-in forms.
Multiple color/layout styles to match any blog.
Customizable call to action button for better conversion rates.
Ability to add images to your delay screen.
Custom CSS fields for infinite variety.
One-click addition of your delayed download to any post or page.
Ability to trigger your download via a link or an image.
Easy shortcodes so you don't have to worry about fragile scripts that WordPress loves to break.

Wp Pop Notifier Personal Use Software

The Smartest Way to Easily Get Your Message Noticed!

Here's how you can get instant access to a mind-blowing WP Plugin that will capture your visitor's attention and literally Force them to see what you have to offer.

WP Pop Notifier allows you to display a notification to capture your website visitors attention effectively.

It provides customizable pop up notifications – there are 5 theme styles to choose from, option to change colors, fonts, borders, shadow settings and much more!

These attention-grabbing pop-up notifications are super effective, and will spread your message effectively. You will make more sales, increase subscription rates and generally convey YOUR message YOUR way.

Easily add video, images, text and much more
Choose between multiple notifications
You can even choose from different styles for the notification windows
Highly customizable
You add different sounds – reach your visitors also by ear.
'WP Pop Notifier' easily opens like Lightbox!
00% short code support
You can quickly and easily activate timers
And much, much more!

Picture Blast Wp Plugin MRR Software

Quickly search, manage and add free photos - over 180 million - to your posts!

This amazing plugin is really a huge to all bloggers all around the globe. Images is vital in every blogger's blog post and if you are short of images in your database, this might be a pain in your ass. :)

So here it is.

Graphix Magix Personal Use Software

Discover the easiest way to double your sales even if you're 100% new!

Create high converting call to action buttons, testimonial boxes, and guarantee seals without Photoshop!

Truth be told, sales page graphics will make or break your product. How much would one high converting sales page would be worth to you?

Suppose you had a salespage that systematically converted cold visitors to send more traffic to an already proven and high coverting sales funnel.

Unfortunately without a professional design sales page, it's almost mission impossible to convince your potential customers.

And you see, I too needed a better way to churn out high quality graphics in minutes, not hours and for next to nothing...

So I got my team together and during a late night brainstorming session we came up with a simple way to create sales page graphics in minutes!

Graphix Maker is a suite of online graphics editors which allow you to create high quality sales page graphics in seconds.

Here are some benefits of GraphixMaker:

Create unlimited graphics for all your sales page.
100% Online so you can access it from any PC.
Simple point-and-click technology, edit in real time.