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Team Training Mrr Ebook

Team Training Mrr Ebook
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Empathetic listening is basically a techniques adopted to help an individual manage and avoid disruptive and negative behavioral patterns from becoming a problem within the team that working towards the successful completion of a project.

This technique can also be used in other circumstances where there is a need to hear and understand all views and thoughts on any particular situation or circumstance.

The exercise of empathetic listening involves the ability to provide the platform for the speaker to enjoy undivided attention, as any distractions can be deemed disrespectful to the speaker.

It also encourages both parties to be completely committed to solving the perceived problem at the time. Being non judgmental is also another very important criteria.

Embarking on the exercise with preconceived notions can only distort any effort to solve the problem. Making a conscious effort not to minimize or trivialize the speakers concerns is also equally important.

Making observations from the visual impacts showed when the speaker is expressing himself or herself is also another form of gaining insight into just how the speaker is effected by the perceived problem. The emotions expressed through the course of the exercise can help define the method eventually chosen to defuse or address the problem.

Offering verbal solutions before the speaker completes explaining his or her perspective is also not encouraged, however asking clarifying questions may be welcomed.