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The Bootstrapper’s Bible PLR Ebook

The Bootstrapper’s Bible PLR Ebook
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Interior Decorating Services

If your interior design is the talk of all your friends, or you're known for your good taste in decorations, interior decoration might be the right angle for you. It's not easy, but you don't need professional certifications to get started - all you need is a good aesthetic eye, an ability to stay current on fashions and an intuitive sense of style.

Interior decorating is all about attention to detail. Once you've started your business, you'll develop a sixth sense for what "belongs" in a room and what changes need to be made to improve its beauty. You can learn best practices, past designing trends and industry standards by getting a degree at a school like Devry, but this is only a requirement if you want to go to work at a design firm; many interior decorators are completely untrained.

Interior decorating requires almost no startup capital, other than basic organizational and office supplies (and some highly fashionable clothing -you've got to look the part!) However, it can be difficult to build up a portfolio without any experience, so you may need to offer your services at a highly discounted rate to friends and family before you attempt to build a relationship with building contractors.

Jewelry Making

There are as many ways to start a jewelry making business as there are different kinds of jewelry. Whether you make hand woven hemp and bead necklaces to sell at the local market, or open up a metal shop and start working with precious materials like gold and silver, your options are endless. Depending on your own passion and your level of skill, you can make jewelry from glass, plastic, beads, feathers, bone and wood, just to name a few.

There is usually stiff competition at local markets for jewelry sales, so you'll need to work hard to differentiate yourself. It's more than just making sketches of your ideas - you need an in depth knowledge of styles, trends and materials. Most of the really unique, high-value jewelry that comes out of home-based businesses tends to be hybrid jewelry, in which several different materials are combined into a simple, but elegant piece. In order to make designs that wow your customers, you'll need to understand how to solder, shape and cast metal, set gems and other decorative pieces, and how to create jewelry that works with different bodies and body types.

There are degrees and certificates available in jewelry design that will teach you historical methods, such as wax design and casting, and current methods, such as using software to design pieces. Most local community colleges offer entry-level courses that will teach you the basics. This is one of the more cost-intensive home-based businesses to start but as an artistic endeavor, it's also one of the most rewarding.

Landscaping Services

If you were born with a "green thumb" and an overactive imagination, you don't need a college degree to get started with this job (although it certainly can't hurt you.) The bulk of landscaping services come from folks who are looking to have their yards fixed up, their lawns mowed, their leaves cleaned up and more. Many people with gardens also contract landscapers for debris removal and help with planting, cleanup and pest control, and there are business opportunities available in tree care, as well. Outside of plants, you might build retaining walls, irrigation, fencing and more. There is a lot to do in landscaping services!

Landscaping is hard, physical work, and it requires being outside in weather that's often terrible. But it's a rewarding business that can quickly grow once you've got regular customers that trust you and begin recommending you to their friends. To begin, get to know the horticulture of your local area - what kinds of different plants are trees are commonly planted? And remember that landscaping services will be very different depending on where you live. You're going to spend a lot more time maintaining small lawns in California, you'll be working with large trees in the South, and if you're in the Pacific Northwest, you'll be called on to help with gardening and urban farms.

If you want a professional degree, you can also consider becoming a landscape architect. These programs are available at most major four-year universities.

Marketing Copy Services

Copywriting differs greatly from creative writing, in that there is much less art in it and much more craft. Rather than trying to write something beautiful or engaging, a marketing copywriter attempts to get people excited about purchasing a good or service that your client is trying to sell.

Copywriting is one of those elusive skillsets that is easy to be competent at but incredibly difficult to become great at. It takes a lot of experience and education to get going, but it's a rewarding, fun job once you've invested the necessary time in getting it up and going.

If you don't have a Bachelor's Degree in either English or Marketing (it's best to have a major in one and a minor in the other) you'll need to go to a local community college or an online university and take some classes there. Copywriting has very specific formats, and businesses have very specific expectations that you'll need to meet in order to be successful. However, once you know what you're doing, it's relatively easy to find clients who need advertising copy (the Internet has caused a boom in demand for marketing copy) for their web pages, brochures, catalogs, e-mail marketing campaigns, advertisements and more.