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The Definitive Guide To Tackle Bass Fishing PLR Ebook

The Definitive Guide To Tackle Bass Fishing PLR Ebook
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Chapter 3 - Styles and Specialty Bass Fishing Techniques


This technique might remind you a lot of throwing rocks onto the surface of the water to see it „skip?. As a water/top-water disturbance and movement simulator, it triggers and teases our predator to come up and see what is there to eat/attack. Spinning rods and reel combo is best used for this technique – perfect for fishing and reaching bass where they swim and hide under piers, docks and pontoons. Also useful for getting under and into underbrush and growth. Remember their „comfort zone?. On sunny days, bass look for shade, food and shelter and often rest here in shady areas, under cover of structure.


Some call this the throw it out, twitch, jerk and go method. A medium-action rod with parabolic bend and action to it. If might actually trick our bass-friend into thinking there is a „wounded? prey around. Like a pro, let the worm drop and settle to the bottom, remaining there for a period of time. Reel some slack out of the line, picking up the worm with a long, sharp upsweep of the rod tip. Let „er rip! Let it drop down again to the bottom, under tension while slowly lowering the rod tip – keep on imitating live prey like this, moving, swimming and bobbing about and your predator will strike it with a vengeance.

Drift Trolling

Trailing behind the boat, covering the bottom worms crawl and move, simulating prey in its purest form. Raise and lower it occasionally, looking natural and alluring to any bass in the vicinity hunting for a tasty morsel.


In ponds, ,rivers, streams and lakes this approach is quite effective. Fly-fishing like techniques are very effective with bass. Begin by preparing and rigging a plastic worm, weed-less adding a small split-shot just before the hook. This will enable it to sink slowly. Flip or cast and allow it to drop and bob to the bottom. Quite the tease and hard for the bass with keen sight, sound and smell to miss. Keep the tip of the rod very low, to make it possible for you to make a well timed, strike when you feel a bass hit.

Night and Ice-fishing

Schooling, effective tackle and dropping the lure/bait right in front of the fish, not having them expend a lot of energy is the key for these timings and conditions. Water tends to be cooler and all your approaches, strategies and techniques need to slow down a notch. Bass also tend to school, during these times. Knowing this fact can help you in acquiring your target better and increasing your odds of getting a hit under these unusual or specialty conditions. It is almost an impossibility to provide here for every unique condition and we barely scratched the surface on most of the contexts bass anglers might find themselves. We look forward to sharing more secrets with you and learning from your journey!