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The Golden Key Of Success MRR Ebook

The Golden Key Of Success MRR Ebook
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OK, we’ve laid the foundation of understanding the main kinds of income stream that you can build online. It’s time to talk about the principle I am convinced is THE difference-maker between success in your online business, and bitter failure and disappointment. THE GOLDEN KEY. It’s what this eBook is really all about.

I read a statistic recently, how that one survey found more than half of the people trying to make a living online have only been at it for less than one year. If those numbers are correct, what do they tell us? Two things:

Firstly, that every day more and more people are attracted to the promise of making it working for themselves through this powerful medium. There is a constant flood of “newbies” ready to give it a go. And the second thing it tells us is that there is an almost equal dropout ratio within one year!

Sincerely, I don't want YOU to become one of those statistics. If you have set your sights on the online opportunity, dreaming of a better quality of life for yourself and your family, then I want you to succeed. WHY are so many failing and falling by the wayside?

Here's why. A lot of the problem comes back to the sales pitches – the way the opportunities are being presented. The exaggerated claims, all the hype, and the unrealistic promises.

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe the opportunities on the internet are fantastic. If I didn't believe that I wouldn't be building MY business in this environment. I believe you can build your business faster, and run it leaner, and take it further here than anywhere. Plus it's fun! And I've met some really wonderful friends along the way.

But, as I talked about in the first chapter, anyone who promises you instant wealth and for little or no effort is LYING! Period. The sooner you stop falling for that nonsense, and resolve that you're going to work hard and steadily build your income streams, the better.

There is just so much of that misleading hype out there. SO, here's what happens. The average newbie reads the sales copy, and shells out the money to buy into some plan that cannot fail to flood their Paypal account by the morning. But two weeks later, when they've stared at a computer screen non-stop night after night, and they haven't even made $50, they're disappointed. And they wonder what they did wrong, and how much of an idiot must they be if they couldn't make it work.