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The Hangover Survival Guide Mrr Ebook

The Hangover Survival Guide Mrr Ebook
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Supplements and Over-The- Counter Meds Used To Cure A Hangover

Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers

There are different opinions on whether or not over-the-counter medications are good or bad for your hangover. However, it is proven that taking certain pain killers will greatly alleviate a lot your aches and pains associated with the symptoms of a hangover.

Aspirin and Ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin) are great pain relievers for symptoms such as a hangover due to a hangover, however they can be more harmful if you have the associated symptom of an upset stomach or nausea. So make sure that you do not take these certain pain relievers when you are experiencing stomach pains or nausea.

An aspirin is great for hangover headaches and can also help with your symptoms of nausea. The best times to take aspirin for a hangover is the night before you have your hangover before you close your weary eyes. Studies have shown that people report that their symptoms are greatly diminished when taking an aspirin before bed.

It is always wise to consume some type of food before taking any of these over-the-counter pain relievers to prevent you from taking on an upset stomach. Try eating something light like a piece of toast to take with the pain relievers as this will decrease your chances in gaining an upset stomach symptom if you didn't have one in the first place.

Popular Common Household Supplements

Many people nowadays are opting in to the natural way to curing many different types of ailments and that means hangovers as well. It really is true that this is the safest way to get rid of any type of ailment without the fear of many dangerous side effects.

Let's take a look at some of the most common household supplements that will greatly help in your efforts to curing a dreaded hangover!

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle can work wonders on your symptoms associated with hangovers. Normally you can find these herbal supplements at your local drug store or nutritional store for a very reasonable price. Milk Thistle has been used for many, many years primarily in the Mediterranean.

Milk Thistle is commonly used to help with attributes of the liver and liver diseases. Milk Thistle is an antioxidant and is said to help increase the strength of your liver cells and fighting off bad toxins.

You want to make sure that you consume some form of food before taking Milk Thistle and try taking the supplement before you go out for a night out. The next morning try eating some toast and then taking another Milk Thistle supplement and you will see your symptoms start to decrease almost instantly.

This is truly one of the top herbal supplements that many people have proven to be very effective for the relief of hangover symptoms!


Ginseng, like Milk Thistle, also helps your liver in many different ways when it comes to fighting off those bad toxins. Although the common conception of Ginseng is that only old people take it, however that is surprisingly not the case. Many people of all ages are using Ginseng for many different health conditions and ailments, with hangover symptoms running side by side.

Taking Ginseng before you indulge in drinking is also very effective in preventing a hangover from even starting. The best part is Ginseng can be found in abundance at many of your local pharmacies as well as nutritional stores.

Prickly Pear Extract

Taking a dose of prickly pear extract when you are down in the dumps with hangover symptoms is a great home remedy that is growing more and more popular to cure hangover symptoms almost instantly. Although this type of extract can be quite difficult to find, most health and nutritional stores will carry this particular herbal supplement.

If you are able to get your hands on this little jewel, then you are headed for a speedy recovery when it comes to common hangover symptoms. The most beneficial way to use this particular home remedy is by taking the supplement hours before you start drinking.

The only symptom that the prickly pear extract has trouble subsiding is an aching stomach and nausea. However, it will alleviate the head pounding headache and dry mouth associated with the common hangover. Best part is it's completely natural and side effect free.

Evening Primrose Oil

This type of herbal supplement can also be quite tricky to find but should be found at specialty health and nutritional stores at a pretty reasonable price. This gives you a rich source of fatty acids which will help you greatly in the recuperation stage o your hangover. It will greatly reduce the pains of an upset stomach and nausea.

You can also use a herbal supplement that is closely related to evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil. It is also very high in fatty acids and can at times be easier to find when you can't get your hands on evening primrose oil. You'll be glad this little remedy is in your medicine cabinet the next time you experience a dreaded hangover!

Bifidus Powder

Another great home remedy you can try the next time you are experiencing a hangover is Bifidus Powder. This is a friendly type of bacteria that literally destroys actaldehyde, which coordinates with the major symptoms that you are having with your hangover.

The simple way to achieve this home remedy is by adding a couple of teaspoons of Bifidus Powder to a glass of water and consume it the night before you go to sleep. This can greatly prevent any symptoms associated with a hangover from occurring.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds have also been proven to help the effects of a hangover. Many people believe that the main property that cumin seeds hold is getting you sobered up at an extremely quicker rate than normal home remedies.

The best way to consume cumin seeds is by strictly picking up the seeds and chewing them up. Although it might sound cray, this type of home remedy has been used for years and was first discovered by the Moroccans as instant hangover relief in the form of a seed!