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The Internet Empire Focusing On The Big Picture Mrr Ebook

The Internet Empire Focusing On The Big Picture Mrr Ebook
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Very simply described, PPC advertising is when you put up an advertisement of your website somewhere on the Internet and then pay the host according to the number of clicks you get. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, if you haven’t figured it out already.

So, who helps you with PPC? That is the best part actually - the very search engines that rank your websites, something that influences your websites’ popularities to such a great extent, can help you with PPC. Through PPC, they ensure that your website is always displayed on a search engine result page when someone searches with a keyword that pertains to your wrebsite. All search engines, including Google, MSN and Yahoo! have this provision.

Have you checked out any Google results lately? If you haven’t, go ahead and do that now. Type in any keyword that you are looking on information for, like ‘adventure vacations in Bali’, for example. You will see a lot of results, but look attentively at the results on top and on the right side of the page. These are the paid results. Or, you could call them the PPC results.

These results aren’t displayed because these websites rank well. They are displayed just because the webmasters will pay Google according to the number of clicks that visitors will make on these w'ebsites.

The other results are known as organic results. These are results that appear because of the optimization, such as keyword optimization, that has been done on their pages.

There is understandably a lot of consternation about using PPC in this manner. But it really helps. If you are just starting out with your expansion, you won’t mind the extra money you pay to get your results listed here. In return, you are getting traffic. Because of this traffic, your website will begin ranking organically as well and that’s when you stop this kind of PPC.

PPC is also present in emails. Check your inbox now and open any mail. You will see some advertisements on the page. These are PPC advertisements. The concept works the same way as with the search engine results.

And who can ignore the guru of all, Google AdWords? This sendee allows people to buy such ad spaces on websites all over the Internet. "Wherever you see Google Ads, note that they are paid ads.

The thing that you have to remember is that PPC is everywhere, and it can take you everywhere. When you are looking for vigorous expansion, you simply have to use this.