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The Law Of Attraction In Action MRR Ebook

The Law Of Attraction In Action MRR Ebook
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Hello and welcome to our short, introductory guide on the power of the law of attraction, well more importantly…How to put the law of attraction into action for your life!

If you're reading this book, chances are, you have come across the phrase "Law of Attraction" at least once before. You probably have watched movies or heard of movies like "The Secret." That's how many Americans became aware of the Law of Attraction.

Ever since the word got out about this body of knowledge, more and more people are talking about it on social media, mainstream media, and among their circle of friends and associates. Interestingly enough, the more people talk about it, the more mysterious it became. It seemed that the more people kicked around the term "The Law of Attraction," the murkier it seemed.

Now, it's very easy to see why this is the case because a lot of people are skeptical. In fact, according to these people, the Law of Attraction doesn't exist. They're so close-minded and they are so dead set against this type of thinking that they don't even think of the possibility that it could be real.

Others are more likely to believe, but they're still dismissive. For a variety of reasons, they can't quite accept that the Law of Attraction would actually deliver something of tangible value to people's lives.

Even if we were to filter out these people, among those who are left, there's still a tremendous amount of confusion. Why? Simple overuse, lack of clarity, and a tremendous amount of subjectivity.

The bottom line is that regardless of the confusion surrounding the Law of Attraction, it is real. It changes people's lives. It has a direct and profound impact on how people think, the things they say, and most importantly, the things they do.

The Law of Attraction has helped people get over fears, attain their desires, meet the right people, and otherwise make their dreams come true. It really all boils down to using the right framework.

In the next part of the guide we are going to start the foundation of putting the law of attraction into action by covering 6 common myths of the law of attraction which hold a lot of people back.

Part 1 – 6 Common Myths Of The Law Of Attraction

Unfortunately, a lot of people hang on to 6 common myths about the Law of Attraction, and that's why it doesn't work out for them. Let go of these myths and you can rest assured that the law of attraction can have an impact on your life.

What are these myths?

Let’s find out…

Myth #1: The Law is magical

For far too many people, this type of thinking is really just magical thinking. We're talking about witches, wizards, and the supernatural. The good news? It isn't magical. In fact, it's the complete opposite.

The Law of Attraction involves how people edit and perceive their personal reality. Accept it or not, believe it or not, like it or not, you have a direct and profound role in how you perceive reality, act on it, and ultimately, shape it.

The kind of life you're living right now is, by and large, a product of your decisions. Where do you think your decisions came from? Let me tell you, it's not like somebody pointed a gun at your head and told you to make one bad decision after another. Chances are, you have a certain attitude, a certain mindset, that leads you to make decisions a certain way.

Now, if you presented all the opportunities that you had to another person who had a different mindset, chances are, they may end up with a completely different life. There's nothing magical in this situation.

The Law of Attraction works with your innate, all too human ability to perceive, shape, and ultimately, "edit" your reality. Absolutely no magic involved.

Myth #2: This is all just self hypnosis or delusion

Another line of criticism points to the fact that, since people are engaged in affirmations or conscious and purposeful thought, that this is really just an exaggerated form of self hypnosis. You're essentially just playing mind games with yourself. Well, not quite.

The law works because it interacts with how your mind shapes reality. Self delusion implies that you are looking at things that don't exist. Self hypnosis suggests that you're seeing things that aren't there. Well, if you follow this guide correctly, you will see things that are there.

You're going to be dealing with reality, and it all begins with how you choose to perceive and act on your personal reality. Instead of hypnosis or delusion, you are actually learning the skill of purposeful thinking.

Myth #3: The Law of Attraction is just wishful thinking

It's easy to see why people think this way because a lot of the mainstream depictions of the Law of Attraction involves people engaged in affirmations. They say certain truths to themselves, often times in front of a mirror. In the minds of too many people, this is all there is to the Law of Attraction.

No, it isn't. That's just a tiny fraction of what goes on. It's an important part, but it, by no means, forms the bulk of this very important process. The Law works because it drives you to take action.

Let me tell you one thing, you can engage in all the wishful thinking you want, but your life is never going to change until and unless you take action on the things you purposefully think about. The Law is able to produce all sorts of amazing changes in people's lives because they are finally, for once in their lives, driven to action.