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The Motivational Handbook MRR Ebook

The Motivational Handbook MRR Ebook
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Forgiving frees up the soul. It makes a person feel lighter inside. It is as if a big iron ball chained around your legs has been taken away. Try and forgive people who did wrong to you and you will immediately feel lighter. This will renew your energy to start again. You will be able to face your problems with fewer worries in your mind. Also, you must learn to forgive yourself. One reason why people cannot move on is because they continue to blame themselves for their failure.

Catch the momentum and stay adrift.

Motivation is like the high wind which eagles seek out and ride. So once you feel the spark of energy again, you must grab it and never let go again. And to keep it, you must also feed it. Know what makes you motivated and keep adding fuel to it. This is like adding dry wood to fire in order to keep it burning.

Listen to motivating music.

Good music lifts up the soul. It makes one access the inner cores of his being. Music can also change the mood of the listener. It can induce joy, fear, sadness, and motivation. So when you are feeling discouraged, you should find music with lively and happy tunes. This will make you feel instantly better. Of course, you can listen to any genre of your choice. It can be Jazz, Blues, Pop, or Country. However, studies show that classical music has the best effect on people’s mood.

Read motivating quotes.

There is power in words. A good writer knows this and makes use of his skills to instill different emotions upon the reader. A good writer can make someone feel sad, happy, perplexed, and motivated. So when you are feeling down, try looking for ‘inspirational quotes’ on the internet. Once you find a good one, you can keep it for future reference.

Watch classic fairy tales.

Nobody wants to live in a world of lies and fairy tales. However, the unrealistic stories of Disney’s old time classics are actually surprisingly motivating. The life of Snow White, Belle, and Ariel can really move someone’s heart. Also, their ‘happily ever after’ ending makes one feel contented and happy inside. It can be all that you need to get back on track.

Avoid discouraging news.

Of course, you always need to stay informed about the latest news. News about the weather report for example is something you cannot do without. These are important. What you really want to avoid are the depressing ones. News about murder, rape, and terrorism are some of the things which you can ignore for a while during your down times. You already have enough going on in your mind so try and avoid things that can make you worry more.

Attend spiritual retreats regularly.

Events like this one are usually organized by religious groups. If you belong to any, it will be easier to find a one. You can also ask your psychologist or your consultant about any spiritual retreats they organize. The idea may sound a bit off to you at first but joining a retreat can really make one feel invigorated and refreshed.

Spend time with your other interests.

Think of your other interests as your little escapes. Whenever you are feeling tired about your work or studies, take time to stop for a while and spend time enjoying your other interests in life. Maybe you like ski boarding, painting, fishing, or travelling? Do not neglect yourself. Having these little escapes will make you feel refreshed and renewed. When you come back, you will be stronger and energized.