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The New Internet Marketing Shift MRR Ebook

The New Internet Marketing Shift MRR Ebook
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Chapter 4: Build Credibility By Helping Others


It lifts the spirits to do good things, and if you are able to inspire other people to follow suit, even better.


A well know shoe brand has made it its mission to provide a pair of shoes to a youngster in a developing country for every pair sold. To maximize its donation, the shoe company inspires users who purchase shoes online to share the word of their purchase on Facebook when the sale is done.

It's not surprising that the shoe makers messaging technique works as well as it does. When I purchase an e-book from Amazon or add a film to my Netflix line up, I've little interest in alerting the individuals in my life. If you ask me to alert them about something large-hearted I've done, my concern ramps up.

When I buy a pair of the shoes online, not only do I prefer to brag about my beneficial deed, I likewise want to encourage acquaintances to follow suit. The shoe company wins by making it simple for me, and anybody else, to do simply that.

Choose on what type of contribution you're going to make.

This helps narrow your charity options. You are able to donate food, revenue, vehicles or playthings to different organizations. Work out what you want to donate and discover a charity that takes that item.

Choose a cause that's significant to you. A simple way to choose a charity is to donate to a cause that has directly impacted you in some way. For instance, if you have lost a family member to breast cancer, you might wish to donate to

the Susan G. Komen Foundation or the American Cancer Society.

Utilize the Charity Navigator site. This resource measures individual charities and may help you give to a charity that's known to utilize its money with wisdom. It likewise separates charities by category for simpler navigation.

Think about a church donation. A lot of churches will take in donations from its parishioners and put the revenue towards a lot of charities.

Determine how what part of donations really goes towards the cause and how much is expended on administration. The Charities Review Council advocates that charities expend no more than thirty percent of their monies on administration, while some other watchdog groups put that estimate as high as fifty percent.

Donate to a region in crisis. If a natural disaster has happened in a country, send a monetary contribution through the Red Cross.

Chapter 5: Have Some Fun


Do something fun and amusing to get people's attention.


Not to come off like a broken record by giving this following example, but it still rings true: if you do something amusing people will pay attention. There is a concept: that run tests on whether or not a simple item will blend, video it, and shows it to the globe. Will It Blend?

It is a viral marketing campaign comprising of a series of infomercials presenting the Blendtec line of blenders, particularly the Total Blender. In the show, Tom Dickson, the Blendtec founder, tries to blend various items in order to flaunt the power of his blender. Dickson began this marketing campaign after doing a blending effort with a box of matches.

Popular fan petitions for the show include blending either a different blender or a crowbar. It's highly unlikely that either would blend and this likely means that neither would even be tried, because of the nature and purpose of the show—promoting Blendtec products. A demonstration video sporting the anticipated crowbar was cut off by a cell phone, to which Dickson replies by stuffing the entire crew's cells into the blender and blending them instead. The show has tried to blend increasingly unlikely items, like a six foot garden rake and a sealed can of soda pop.

The phrase Will it blend has become a net meme on sites like Digg. Dickson has said that the campaign has been a good success for Blendtec. The campaign took off almost at once. They have definitely felt an affect in sales. Will it Blend has had an astonishing impact to the commercial and retail products.

Blendtec now sells Will It Blend? Products, including a spoof shirt with the slogan "Tom Dickson is my Homeboy".

Dickson has made a lot of national television appearances, including

NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on which he blended a rake handle in bare seconds. Dickson likewise made his appearance in the History Channel serial publication Modern Marvels. In the episode World's Strongest III the show ends with a special Will it Blend to prove if he may blend the channel's longest running series in the form of a portable MP3 player.

As far as honors, Will it Blend has been put forward for the 2007

YouTube award for Best Series, winner of .Net Magazine's 2007 Viral Video campaign of the year and winner of the Bronze level Clio Award for Viral Video in 2008.

Also amusing: will it float, and will it bounce.

Be politically correct. This one is non-negotiable, while it might go against the grain of a committed "humorist." Somebody writing stand-up comedy will tend to be "nervy." You don't want that in promotion. Standing back from any demographic slips or unintended estrangement of a group of individuals is a huge part of making a humorous ad blitz, and occasionally takes work as marketers comb through their concepts for any possibly dangerous material.

Avoid gloomy or harsh humor. Again, this sort of humor is the stock trade of some novelists and comedy authors, but it doesn't belong in promotion. It turns individuals off when you want them to be charged up. For a good utilization of humor, visualize the opposite of dark, a sort of peppy, shiny humor that will draw individuals into your work.

Attempt light situation comedy. Many marketers and gadget companies particularly, have been making wide use of this, with all of the funny family spots involving cells, for instance. This sort of genuinely amusing family comedy is a huge draw to buyers, who then associate the product with functional, felicitous families, even if the roles in the ad aren't exactly "happy" with their cell bills.