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The Plr Handbook PLR Ebook

The Plr Handbook PLR Ebook
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Tip #10: Create a Membership Site

Another great way to make money from PLR content is to become a direct reseller. In general, you can do this by doing one-off sales of PLR content through sales letters and on forums; or you can create a membership site. In this section, I will discuss the membership site approach in three steps.

Step #1: Create Your Site

Since we’ve already discussed it, I won’t go into detail about getting hosting and registering a domain name; however, there’s two very important parts about creating a membership site that you might not have experience with: 1) creating a high-quality sales page; and 2) managing your members.

The first one—creating a high-quality sales page—is something that I recommend that you hire a freelancer to do. Unless you have persuasive writing experience; and are intimately familiar with sales language, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up with a very bad salesletter that does not convert.

With that said, it is important to specifically look for a freelancer who has created sales letters previously and has them on display in his or her portfolio. This will allow you to independently verify that the freelancer is capable of writing a persuasive salesletter. Additionally, it will be useful if you can find feedback from salesletter projects that he or she has completed.

Another important part of getting the job done correctly is to clearly describe to the freelancer what should be included in the salesletter. For instance, if your membership site will have six important features, it is really important that the freelancer knows what these are, so that she can refer to them in the salescopy. Additionally, if you have already created the membership site, you should give the freelancer access, so she can do a better job of describing its features in the salescopy.

The other tricky part about a membership site—actually managing it—may prove to be considerably trickier than getting a good salesletter. With a membership site, you will have to continuously manage sign-ups, cancellations, product downloads, product uploads, and membership area content and forums (if you offer this feature).

This can prove to be a lot of work if you don’t do it correctly. For this reason, I suggest that you purchase membership site software, such as amember.com, which will allow you to centrally manage memberships, payments, uploads, etc. all from one convenient control panel.

Step #2: Add Content

Once you’ve completed the general theme for your site, your next task will be to assemble an impressive amount of content. You can do this by buying from every firesale that offers resell rights and master resell rights. You can also do this by signing up for a number of membership sites that offer resell and master resell rights.

As a procedural matter, it is a good idea to separate the PLR content you offer across two dimensions: 1) the rights permitted by the license; and 2) the topic of the content. This will make it easy for site visitors to find the content that they need and that they can legally use for their purposes.

Step #3: Promote the Site

Once you have a good salesletter and a strong membership area, your next step should be to promote the site. Good places to do this include Internet marketing forums and web design forums. Additionally, you will want to do this through other methods, such as by using PPC advertising services, such as Google Adwords; and by submitting articles to directories that reference your membership site in the resource box.

Tip #11: Give Away PLR Audio Content

Not surprisingly, PLR audio content is relatively rare. The reason for this is that it is generally more expensive to produce than articles, reports, or ebooks; and it is also expensive to “re-brand” it, so that truly appears to be your own.

Nevertheless, if you are able to get access to PLR audio content, it will make a great addition to your PLR membership site or to a niche authority site (if you created one following the instructions I provided). The reason for this is that audio content has higher perceived value than written content; and, thus, both membership site subscribers and authority site visitors will value it relatively higher.

Tip #12: Give Away PLR Video Content

Like audio content, video content has very high perceived value. For this reason, giving video content to membership site subscribers; and providing streaming video content for authority site visitors is an excellent way to gain additional customers and secure existing ones.

Tip #13: Offer to Create Niche Sites for Membership Site Subscribers

While many sites offer massive amounts of PLR content, few of them are willing to assemble that content into a workable, professional-looking niche site for subscribers. If you want to give yourself a large advantage over your competitors, you should consider doing it.

For starters, you should begin by working through your membership site subscribers (if you created one as described). Make an offer to provide members with a complete site for a given fee. This complete site might include re-written niche articles; a clean, professional-looking template; unique graphics that are not used elsewhere; and some minor SEO work.

Of course, before you offer this package to your subscribers, you will want to begin by getting quotes from freelance providers. Find out exactly how much it will cost you to get all of this work done, so you can determine how much you will need to charge your subscribers in order to make a profit, as well as how quickly you will be able to deliver the sites.

Tip #14: Create Niche Minisites

Another way in which you can use PLR content is to create a number of niche minisites. This is a good strategy with PLR content because most packages you purchase will offer articles on a variety of different topics, rather than just one.

Rather than just pulling the content that you need from the PLR packs, you can create many small sites that use all of the content. In contrast to the authority site, where you will want to invest a significant amount of time and resources on each site, you should invest a minimal amount of effort and money into each minisite.