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The Public Domain Expert Code-Breaker Report Resale Rights Ebook

The Public Domain Expert Code-Breaker Report Resale Rights Ebook
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Remember that classic Bugs Bunny cartoon where he goes head-to-head with the air-plane gremlin? I love that cartoon...Bugs Bunny rocks! Did you know that cartoon and many others are in the Public Domain? It IS and you can download it right now, burn it to a DVD and sell it, along with Sherlock Holmes movies, and a huge number of other clas-sics. But classics are not the only types of video or audio files that await you in the Public.

Domain. Much of the video footage shot by our government and government agencies is also in the Public Domain, along with audio recordings of speeches, interviews, congres-sional hearings, etc. It’s all out there waiting for you.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Who would buy DVD’s or CD’s of Public Domain media?” You have a point. I mean, after all, I am sure by now you have been to a Dollar store and have seen DVD’s for a buck. Or maybe you saw cheap DVD’s in the check-out line at Walmart. So if Walmart is selling them for a buck, then they can’t be worth much right?

Trust me...you are asking the wrong question. The question to ask is this: “Why is Walmart even bothering in the first place?” There’s a good reason for it and the answer is simple...because they sell. Look around on Ebay or check out some of the Publisher Links listed earlier in the book. You will see some inventive uses for Public Domain audio and video media. Check out some of the vendors who sell the stuff on Ebay...like classic video collections. Track their sales. You will see what I am talking about.

My challenge to you again is to use your imagination. There are many terrific resources out there waiting to be discovered. Find them and create something people will want. Use them as bonuses, or to boost back-end sales. Create a site where people can view streaming versions of the shows. Pull together collections of thematic docu-mentaries, or use excerpts along with original video. The possibilities are endless.

Let me even challenge you with one more possibility: iPod® Video. There are a num-ber of sites included in this book where you can grab hundreds of movies and documen-taries. You can convert them to play on Video iPods® then sell them to that market (which is growing quickly, BTW). Again, the possiblities are endless.