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The Stress Buster Guide MRR Ebook

The Stress Buster Guide MRR Ebook
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Remind Yourself

When individuals are stressed and confused, the tendency is for them to lose focus on things and events that they are attending to. There are actually many ways on how to rectify this issue and using reminders is one of them. There are instances that individuals tend to look for great solutions without knowing that by just simply using reminders, they are getting closer to a happy and stress free way of living. The following are simple yet powerful reminders that individuals should think about especially if life is throwing little doses of difficulty and stress:

Happiness is not constant-You have to remind yourself that you will certainly have to overcome bad and stressful days because not every day is a happy day. You are not guaranteed lifetime happiness because this is believed to be only series of great moments that adds sweetness and beauty to life. However, it is your choose if you wanted to stay happy or stressed. You still have to keep in mind that there are still inevitable instances in life that can happen beyond your control and these can interfere with your happiness.

Failures are considered as temporary scenarios-Failure to achieve or accomplish something is not a reason to be stressed out and devastated. You have to be reminded that failures are only temporary and these are meant to teach you with necessary lessons in life. Remember that the best lessons in life are learned from worst mistakes and from darkest hours of life. It is true that individuals fail at times but the quicker you accept your failure, the better person you become. Individuals are never hundred percent sure about the things waiting in line and this makes committing failures and mistakes naturally occurring things.

Though you cannot notice it now, you are actually making progress-You may not be in the position or place that you wanted to be yet but if you practice patience, determination and personal effort, you may likely reach there. Never allow stress and negative emotions stop you from doing what you have always wanted. You got lots of reasons to dream and believe that you can fulfill all those dreams.

Always be reminded that trusting yourself can make you feel more confident not because you have always make the right decisions and choices but because you have successful survived all setbacks and challenges. It would not harm to cry in the event of failure but make sure that after you have released your stress and let go of you negative emotions, you will be more optimistic and determined.

The level of stress is not a real and exact measure-Being afraid does not always mean that you are in danger and being alone does not also mean that nobody cares and loves you. Always look beyond all your doubts and search for the truth. The best way to overcome stress is to get rid of negative thoughts and actions and develop positive ones for these are more powerful. Go for a stress free life and always remember that you have to let go of how you unpleasantly feel, look forward to what you truly deserve and keep moving forward. Never ever let stress and fears rule and define you.

Your life now is not what has been in the past-No matter how stressful and chaotic your life has been in the past the future remains fresh, clean and open and wide slate. You are not your previous habits, past failures and not the old person that others have treated before. You are what you are at the moment and you are special.

Failure to get what you want is a blessing-Some individuals feel stressed and frustrated if they fail to get what they want. This should not be the case because this may sometimes be an amazing stroke of better opportunities. This scenario encourages individuals to re-evaluate things and go with the best choices.

Networking The Right Way

When you are stressed, it would be best to reach out with people because this is an excellent means of getting support from network of friends, families and colleagues. Make sure to network whenever you are into stressful situations because this helps ease your troubles and allow you to view things differently. Experts revealed that connecting with people give you the support you need. The activities you do with families, friends and loved ones can help you relax. Even a simple laugh with them can be a fantastic stress reliever.


Making network is synonymous to making connections and this is essential in terms of relieving stress and establishing better relationships. Getting an ideal social support system from family, peers and friends provides the feeling of comfort and security, knowing that you are not alone in your stressful struggle. The following are the benefits you will get when you make sure to network and create connections:

Feeling of Ideal Security

Social network provides individuals with access to guidance, pieces of advice and assistance that they need. It is quite a relief to know that you have someone to count on in times of needs.

Increased Self-Confidence- Having many people around you is an implication that you are such a nice person to spend time with. Having enough support from individuals who matters a lot to you make you feel more confident of overcoming stress and all other problems.

Sense of Belong-Reaching out and spending time with others ease stress and loneliness. Whether it is with your siblings, buddies and friends, knowing that you are not alone can help you cope with stress.

To eliminate stress, make sure to network and create ideal connections in order to reap more benefits such as feeling less isolated, judged and lonely, gaining sense of control and empowerment, improving coping skills and adjustment, talking honestly and openly about feelings and lastly reducing anxiety and stress.

Networking is getting to know other people more. It might be unknown to you but you a already doing networking every single day. You are networking when you start conversation with others or introduce yourself to groups, meet a friend, catch up with former workmate and more. Your attention is being diverted to positive things leaving no room for stress.