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Total Self Control Resale Rights Ebook

Total Self Control Resale Rights Ebook
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Do you feel like you're losing control of yourself? Are you ready to take charge of your own life? By being in charge of your own life you will feel more powerful. Many times people find that they are allowing other people to take charge of their lives.

Sometimes it is easy to fall into this trap. If you find that you are letting other people control you just to keep the peace, then read on for some helpful information to get you back on track for total self control.

Check out some of the situations below and see if you find your self in similar situations.

1. When people say mean things to you or speak harshly to you. And then you just walkway and never stand up for yourself. You hold all the pain inside, but you never let the other person know they have hurt you.

2. You never give your opinion on anything. You are worried that if you speak your mind and tell others were opinion, they may think you are foolish or laugh at you. If somebody wants to do something that you don't want to do, you just go along with them whether you enjoy it or not.

3. You always need people to give you consent or make you feel that it is okay before you take any action. You are an approval seeker. You are afraid to stand up and make a decision.

4. You live your life just going along with everybody else. You have no structure for your own life. You are willing to go along with anybody else’s plan but have not got one of your own.

5. You have many goals and dreams; however you do not dare to act on them. You find yourself saying I can't do that. Because of this you live in fear of ever trying anything new.

6. You have many talents but you are afraid to show your full potential. You find yourself going aimlessly through life and settling for less than you could be.

If any of the above statements sound true about you, then it is time for you to take control of your self and your life. You deserve better than to allow people to speak harshly to you. You deserve to stand up for yourself.

Your opinion is important and you deserve to have it heard. You do not need other people's approval or consent in order to make a decision. Once you start making decisions on your own, you will start to feel better about yourself.

You deserve to have structure in your life and a plan of action to make your life more successful and enjoyable. You deserve to achieve your goals and dreams. Never tell yourself that you can't do something. That is simply not true. If you can see something in your mind, then you have it within you to achieve it.

Never be afraid to show people your full potential. Don't allow other people to control you and make you fearful of ever trying anything new. The more you get out and try new things and achieve the things that you have been avoiding, the better you will feel about yourself. You have the ability within you to do many great things. It's time to take control of yourself and become that person you know what is within you.

Understand and Get Control of Your Feelings

In order to get control of your feelings first you need to understand what makes you feel the way you do. You want to be able to understand why you handle any given situation the way you do. By knowing why you handle things the way you do you can have better control of yourself.

Try this simple exercise to help you understand your feelings.

Sit upright in a comfortable chair and pay close attention to how different parts of your body feel. Pay attention to how you breathe. Do you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth? Is your breathing deep or shallow? Are there areas of your body feel tension? Just sit for a few minutes and become familiar with how your body reacts to sitting still in a chair.

Now pay close attention to any feelings, images or memories that come to your mind. What are these feelings telling you about yourself? Are you having positive or negative feelings? The more you get to understand your feelings, the more in touch with your emotions you become.

Take a few moments to acknowledge with feelings. If you are having bad feelings tell yourself it is okay to feel that at this time. Do not try to analyze your feelings right now. Just simply let your feelings come through.

If you're feeling comfortable and at peace, just allow yourself to feel good. If you are feeling the fear or anger, then allow yourself to discover what is causing this.

If you're feeling pain, allow yourself to feel it and take note of what is causing the pain. Just let all your feelings come out and acknowledge them. By learning to understand your feelings, you can gain more self-control.

No matter what kind of feelings you are having, recognize that there is a reason for the way you are feeling. Gently ask yourself why you are feeling this way. Is there something happening that is making you feel this way? Was there a noise or scent that reminded you of something that made you feel that way?
Do not try to understand your feelings at this point. Try going deeper into your subconscious mind and see if you can reveal the reason for your feelings. The more you learn to recognize your feelings, the easier it is to figure out how to change them if needed.