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Traffic And Authority With Plr Giveaway Rights Ebook

Traffic And Authority With Plr Giveaway Rights Ebook
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Genesis has always been known simply as “the beginning” and considering the solid information you’re about to receive and how it will change your business for the better, I found it fitting to use that term in place of any proper introduction heading.

In this free report, you’re going to discover the exact steps to take to drive targeted traffic to your offers while building your list and authority in whatever niche you decide to settle down in. It doesn’t matter the niche, because this content is so simple it can be used in any niche. The only thing that you might have a problem with is finding PLR (or private label rights) material for it. If that happens though, you’ll just have to create your own content, but on the plus side, you’ve also identified a new niche market and profit stream for you to implement within your business. Right?

This information is pretty basic stuff. It’s all about how to create traffic and authority in your business by leveraging private label rights material or at the very least, content you already have created in your business.

It isn’t new. It isn’t bright, or shiny. It’s probably the most repetitive thing you could do in your business. But by doing it could mean the difference in a couple of hundred hits a month and a couple of thousand hits to your landing page, blog, or offer.

I would even say regardless of what your current source of traffic is right now, I would still implement this process as soon as possible because…

It’s evergreen traffic
It won’t get removed if you lose an account (FB Ads anyone?)
It doesn’t rely on a bunch of backlinks or SEO
It can be easily outsourced to someone cheap.
It gives your VA or employee something to do during their down time. ;)

There’s problem a thousand more reasons I could come up with to implement this strategy, but that would lengthen the book and well, I want to make this as short and sweet as possible so you can read it in a few minutes and start implementing within hours.

I’m just cool like that I guess. ;)

So that’s enough of my ramblings, on to the next part.

During this part, I’ll be covering the various licenses you’ll often encounter when dealing with private label rights materials. I’ll also give kind of an overview of the method you’ll be using and go more in depth towards the end of this book.

PLR – Short for Private Label Rights. PLR allows you to do “whatever you want” with the product. Typically, each product will come with it's own license so be sure to read the licenses for each of your new PLR products.

MRR – Short for Master Resell Rights. MRR gives you the ability to sell a product without any edits at all. Most vendors that sell a product with MRR are usually doing so for the “branding” that comes with it, with this in mind, MRR are usually not able to edited or anything else, they're sold “as-is”. Having MRR allows you to sell other users both MRR and RR – depending on the license.

RR – Short for Resell Rights. Resell rights is the child sized version of MRR. RR basically allows YOU to sell the product, but you're unable to pass on resell rights to your customers. This is spelled one of two ways, “Resell Rights” or “Resale Rights”, both meaning the same.

Giveaway Rights – Giveaway rights are usually for branding purposes as well, just like MRR and RR. Giveaway rights are usually listed inside of the Ebook, the usual licenses state that they can give it away to build a list, as a free download or even syndicated it across their channels. Typically, the users of Giveaway Rights use it for list building, to send it to their list and bonuses for product sales.


What you’ll be doing is actually quite simple to follow along with. You’ll be creating fresh and new content out of existing ones you have and syndicating to countless places on the net to provide a spider web of traffic and backlinks to your website. Doing this does a few things such as…