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Traffic Conversion Secrets Personal Use Ebook

Traffic Conversion Secrets Personal Use Ebook
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To implement this strategy online, you will not only be targeting sales, but any call to action that can increase the value of your website or blog. In these terms, a call to action may be to buy something, but it can also be to add a comment to your blog, to discuss something in a public forum, to join your email list, or any other action that makes the buyer interact with the site. If you have a lot of activity on your site, this can help you define what is motivating the visits to your site and how to manifest your visitors' unconscious desires, as we talked about earlier.

You will want to use the gathering phase to cull information on your visitor's subconscious desires. Maybe you experience more sales from people who are visiting your site from the Southern United States in the summer than you do from other regions of the country. That tells you that there is something specific to that region that is motivating sales. The fact is that Southern states have a harder time controlling fleas in the summer months and even though you may not live there, your website is worldwide and people have found it and are buying.

Well, one of the ways you can influence a subconscious trigger is just to advertise how many Southerners actually buy from your site, but that's not very subtle. It may trigger feelings of belonging and also status too, but it can also make them wonder why they're being targeted. The key to using a subconscious trigger is to keep it somewhat subconscious. You may get it, but it shouldn't be too obvious to the people who are buying your products or they will resist it.

So, maybe you find out people in the South who have lots of dogs or cats living in the country and like country music or NASCAR. Voila! You set up your pet site with a referral from a country music star or a Nascar driver. You don't mention the word “south” at all, even though that's your demographic. You don't say that Southerners have too many fleas in the summer; you just have your celebrity showing how effective it is to treat their pets with your product and what they like about it (the benefits).

The subconscious trigger of identity is very powerful. They will identify your product with where they live, in the South, and probably think of you more in association with the celebrity. Every time they hear a song or watch NASCAR, subconsciously they will remember that ad and if they happen to be doing it in the summer, you've probably already made a sale.

So, the thing is to be subtle but focused on your product and target audience when you are going to close the deal. That doesn't mean that you can't use this strategy for other things to get your visitors involved in your site and help you determine their needs. As mentioned earlier, a valid action on your site might be someone putting a comment on your blog or adding a post to a discussion group on your site. If your site is a group site with membership levels and more, you can easily use the subconscious desire to belong to stimulate growth in your website and more activity. You can even sell memberships on your site if you target the subconscious desire to belong to a status group very carefully.