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Turn Wealthy Prospects Into High Paying Customers MRR Ebook

Turn Wealthy Prospects Into High Paying Customers MRR Ebook
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Most high ticket opportunities offer an abundance of support for their resellers. In addition to not having to create the product yourself and keeping all the commission from the sale, it is important to find a company who has systems in place to help you succeed.

Taking a look at the direct sales business model you can find thousands of opportunities ranging from selling jewelry to selling the big ticket items like we’re discussing. Each one offers a different level of support. For example if you become a sales associate for a software company then they may give you a website, marketing materials, and even a getting started type of package or they can give you nothing and leave every single aspect of your business up to you.

Most high ticket opportunities give you an abundance of support. They want you to succeed! However within a specific opportunity you may find varying levels of support depending on who you’re working with. We’re going to use Passport to Wealth again as an example because it is exactly what we’re talking about here. If you purchase Passport to Wealth from one person they may say thank you and send you on your way, however another person may have a wealth of support available to support you. This is the person you want to buy from and do business with.

So in addition to looking for a big ticket opportunity, one that allows you to earn substantial income from selling high priced products that you do not have to create yourself and you keep 100% of the commission from every sale, you want to make sure you’re working with people who have a system established to support you.

Just because an opportunity offers support doesn’t mean you can jump right in and not do the work. You still need to brand yourself and grow your business. You still need to be an entrepreneur. However, we don’t want you to have to go out there and try 99 different tactics without success. We want you to be successful.

So the rest of this book is dedicated to showing you proven strategies and tactics to build a business selling high ticket opportunities to others. In short, it’s a blueprint on how to Convert Big Ticket Prospects To High-Paying Customers.