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Twitter Tornado MRR Ebook

Twitter Tornado MRR Ebook
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Twitter As Your Marketing Tool

If you were to apply internet marketing strategies that existed 10 years ago, you would be surprised that most of them are no longer viable or have become ineffective.

Thus, it is highly important that we stay on top of the trends of what works and what doesn’t. One of the hottest trending strategies we see nowadays is Social media and one in particular tool – Twitter.

Richard Koch in his great book – The Star Principle says that successful businesses must always be the market leader and must always ride on growing trends.

If you fail to tap into these hot trends, you’ll be leaving tons of money on the table. And that’s why, the purpose of this report is to help you tap into this amazing phenomenon and grow your business around it.

Twitter Tornado

Build Your Business Around Twitter And Make Massive Money Online

Chapter 1: Introduction To Twitter And Social Media

Twitter is the largest micro-blogging platform that allows people so send short messages or “tweets” to their followers in real time. With Twitter, the spread of information has become much faster and businesses stand a lot to gain from tapping into this phenomenon.

Twitter is a type of Social Media Marketing tool, which businesses can tap into immediately. Gone are the days of cold hard advertising. Statistics show that products that are referred to others by friends sell much easier.

Twitter eases social sharing via tweets and huge hype can be built around launches via trending topics using the “#” tag.

Besides that, Twitter has an increasingly growing user base and has currently millions of users. This can potentially be a huge source of traffic.

The social media phenomenon is one of those exploding trends which needs to be tapped into by businesses, big or small to tap into a larger pool of customers. Even people in the golden era have started to use social media as their main form of interaction with their peers.

Chapter 2: Basics Of Twitter Marketing

Like any business, you must have a clear game plan or marketing plan or you may find yourself spending plenty of precious time using Twitter but seeing few results. Remember you are using Twitter for marketing and not a casual tool.

Think of specific keywords in selecting your Twitter username. Keep it easy to remember and spell. For personal branding, your own name works wonders. Also, don’t forget to think keywords in your short bio. People will often find others on Twitter by searching keywords in Twitter Search. Choose a good picture of you for the image because most people remember faces well.

When your account is set up be sure to start tweeting (status updating) right away. Don't be picky. Just start sharing. It's important that you have some updates on your Twitter page before others see it. Remember, content is king. Tweet links to your videos, squidoo lenses, articles, blogposts, audios, or anything else interesting to your target niche market.

Once you have a huge following be sure to post content regularly. Since you can post to Twitter via cell phone, instant messaging, Facebook, Squidoo, MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, and Wordpress new tweets can happen even when you are doing something else.

Chapter 3: Building Your Twitter Page

The first thing you must do as get an account at Twitter.com and setup your profile page ASAP. Use a custom twitter background instead of those templates (a big no-no). On your profile page, put up a quirky yet description about yourself or your business that gets people curious about you.

For your custom twitter background, you can use a glamour shot and design graphics which display your business logo, website/blog url, Facebook fan page url and email so that people can contact you easily.

Try not to put your images too far to the side of the page as certain browsers with different resolutions will cause the details to be hidden.
Don’t put it too centre either because the tweet box will block it!

Also, use a clean, simple design so that people who visit your twitter page can have an enjoyable experience.

Once you’ve got your Twitter page up and running, it is time to start getting followers!

Chapter 4: How To Get More Twitter Followers

In the beginning of your Twitter campaign you can click "find people" and via Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL you can find friends who already use Twitter.

Find and follow the leaders in your niche by scouring the many Twitter user directories. Be prepared to spend time observing these leaders and the various social orders within the user base.

These observations will help you to find the leaders in your niche.. Pay particular attention to these trendsetters/influencers. Befriend as many of your competitors as possible, but do not forego the small guy as they tend to be quicker to repost your messages. These relationships should be nurtured over time and a few may well lead to some kind of joint ventures in the future.

Another simpler way of getting followers fast is simply promoting your Twitter on your blog, Facebook fan page or email lists of people who are already following you. Tell them that they can get the latest updates and news (as well as special offers) by following your Twitter.

In short, join the conversation and get involved in your community! That is the fastest way to build a huge following.