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Udemy Profits PLR Ebook

Udemy Profits PLR Ebook
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In order to make money with your Udemy based course, you need students! Here are a few quick and easy ways to drive quality traffic to your course:

Choose a catchy title

It all being with your course title. You want it to be short, descriptive and memorable. Make sure that people understand exactly what your course is about and what they can expect to learn from it.

For example, if you are developing a course that teaches the basics of PHP, your course title may be:

Learning PHP for Beginners or Beginners Guide To Mastering PHP

You also want your course to provide detailed information on what is covered (and what is not). Ask yourself who your target audience is, what level of learning and what they would expect to learn after completing your course and include all of that information in your description.

Also consider:

What makes your course different from others available on Udemy? Why should someone choose your course over another?

Choosing a headline for your course is also extremely important, as it needs to stand out and capture attention from those browsing through lesson plans and available courses.

Avoid the over-use of exclamation marks using it only when necessary and instead, focus on injecting your course title with motivating, action-driven keywords.

Fast – Powerful – Master – All Inclusive – Improve – Learn – Easy - Simple

Here are a few examples of powerful headlines:

Go from Beginner to Pro In Just 7 Days And Master The Art of Web Development!

The A to Z guide to building custom websites on the Wordpress Platform!

Your course also needs a summary. Make sure that you keep it short and to the point, emphasizing key points and important highlights only available in your training.

Next, choose an attractive and professional image to represent your course. You could hire a graphic artist to develop a custom image (product box, course materials, etc) or use your logo for branding purposes.

The next step is to choose keywords. Keywords will help lead potential students to your course so it’s important that you inject tags into your course description, summary and headline.

Don’t OVER-USE keywords! It’s important not to over-stuff keywords into your course description and sales page, but that you use them only to optimize your course page so that potential students can find you.

Another important step is to choose the right category for your course. You want to make sure that it’s visible to students searching though specific topics on the Udemy website so classify your course appropriately.

And finally, set a price! Before you can determine the best price structure for your course, you should spend some time researching other courses in your market to determine average price point.

You want to price your course reasonably and within industry standard but that it’s also based on the actual course materials included as well as the overall scope and quality. Don’t underprice your course!

Promoting Your Udemy Course

Now that your Udemy course is ready to launch, the final step is to begin to promote it!

Here are a few ways to get started:

Social Media

Even if you don’t have a large following you can still promote your Udemy course to your social networks, including your Facebook followers, Twitter followers, G+ contacts, Pinterest followers and Linkedin contacts.

Be honest about what you are offering and provide a special discount code available only for a limited time.

Tip: Create a Pinterest page about your course and a Facebook page in order to gain instant ranking in the search engines! The more social signals, the better!


If you are active within community forums, add a link to your Udemy course in your forum signature or post about it in a new thread. Consider purchasing forum advertising such as a banner or ad box to announce the launch of your new course. Provide forum members with a special discount code or additional course materials/downloads, available only to them!

Authority Blogs

Seek out authority blogs and active websites in your market and post a link to your course in the comments section.

Video Channels

Scout out relevant videos on sites like YouTube.com and link to your Udemy course in the comments section or create a Video response!

Paid Advertising

You could purchase solo ads in relevant newsletters, banner ads, forum ads, or set up a PPC marketing campaign with Google Adwords or Facebook!