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Utilize And Profit From Private Label Rights Material Resale Rights Ebook

Utilize And Profit From Private Label Rights Material Resale Rights Ebook
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Smart business owners should always be on the lookout for tools and strategies that will help them run their organizations more easily, quickly, and profitably. One of the toughest parts of an online business is the need to keep generating useful, high-quality content for your newsletters, ezines, videos, audios, and blogs. Thank goodness, there's a tool to make this constant content generation easier –PLR, or Private Label Rights. As you'll discover in the following pages, when you purchase PLR content, you get the legal right to use it in your business in a variety of formats. When used well, PLR is an information marketer's dream come true... but when done poorly, it can cost you more time and money than it's worth.

My goal in this short report is to answer the most common questions about PLR, including how you can use it for your business, what the different rights mean, and how to avoid some of the all-too-common mistakes many entrepreneurs stumble on. Trust me when I say, PLR is a shortcut no forwardthinking internet business owner can afford to skip.

Let's get to it!

What Is PLR: The Basics

To the uninitiated, “PLR” sounds like an airline or a record label. But instead of just being another common internet abbreviation, it's one of the most valuable shortcuts an entrepreneur will find to creating fantastic content for their audience.

What is it exactly? In it's simplest version, you can purchase articles or reports that have been written in advance. The PLR site owner sells these articles or reports (or videos, ebooks, etc.) with special rights that allow you to edit them and use them as if you'd written them yourself (although there may be certain restrictions).

So, the PLR, or Private Label Rights, is the means by which a business owner, like you, can purchase rights to pre-created content, and then use that content in a variety of ways as your own.

• Unlike ghostwritten articles, you'll pay much less for PLR (approximately one dollar per article), because others are purchasing the same articles to use, too. (I'll show you how to stand apart form all those other users in a bit.)

• Unlike free reprint articles, you can edit the PLR content you purchase and you do not have to link to an author.

PLR content is available in scores of topic areas, from health and fitness, to internet marketing, to parenting, to pet training, and everything in between. Good PLR is written by professional, native-language speakers. You, as a business owner, can purchase single pieces of content or packs of articles at a relatively low price, and then use them for your website, blog, newsletter, podcast, etc.

One of the first questions many people ask is, “Is this legal?”If the content is created and sold with the express intent of offering it as PLR, then you are legally permitted to adapt, use, and disseminate the information, according to the specific rights you've been granted.

The next question people typically ask is, “Why would anyone sell PLR? How can they possibly make any money?”The answer is in volume. They may charge only a dollar or so per article, but by selling multiples of the same article to many different business owners, they make their money in numbers.

Now you're probably wondering what happens if a bunch of people purchase the same articles and publish it via their websites or newsletters –won't their customers notice, or get mad that they're using someone else's material? Well, here's the real secret about PLR. You need to see it as a starting point for your content. Sure, you could cut and paste it into your blog or ezine as-is, but savvy business owners know that they need to put their own spin on PLR to make it really work. We'll cover more about how to do that in the following sections, but for now, what you need to know:

• PLR is legal
• PLR is easy
• PLR is effective
• PLR needs to be “massaged” into a format that fits your brand and voice

PLR is a great tool for any business owner, regardless of niche or market. Read on and I'll show you how to make it work for you.

Who Should Consider Using PLR?

PLR may seem like it's only for certain big business owners in particular niches, like internet marketing or finance. While there is a plenitude of PLR content available in those markets, you can find PLR to fit virtually any business. Ifyou have a business where you regularly provide blog posts or articles to your prospects and customers –or SHOULD be doing so but haven't yet started –PLR is for you.