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Wealth PLR Ebook

Wealth PLR Ebook
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Wealth Means More Than Just Money

When you hear the word “wealth”, what do you think of? Someone with a yacht, designer clothing and a beach house? To many people the world “wealth” means money and the good things that go along with it. But if we take a look into the real meaning of wealth, we will find there is so much more to it.

Wealth Is…

The definition of wealth is “an abundance of valuable possessions or money”, “the state of being rich; material prosperity”, “plentiful supplies of a particular resource”, “a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing” and “well-being; prosperity”. Some of the definitions obviously refer to money and income, but there are many desirable things that have nothing to do with money. And from some of the definitions of the word, it appears that if you have these desirable things, you have wealth.

If this is the case, what are some of the things a person can possess that are considered desirable and make him (or her) wealthy? That depends on the person. Since money is not the only wealth, we can consider things like health, experiences, relationships and memories as desirable things that create wealth in one’s life.

Wealth is also dependent upon a person’s idea of what is desirable, so what may not be considered desirable to one person may be what another individual considers his greatest source of wealth. If you want to be happy in life, you need to search out and decide what you consider to be wealth, and make that come to abundance in your life.

Wealth can be finding the love of your life, having a large family, going on special yearly vacations to the places you enjoy the most, or taking the time to have a bubble bath at the end of each work day. What is desirable to you? What brings you pleasure and happiness? Make a list of your “favorite things” and then place them in order according to the amount of joy each of them bring you.

Truly desirable things will nurture you, relax you and leave you with a lingering sense of well-being. Wealth is how rich your life feels to you in the presence of these beautiful things that you do for yourself.