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Web 20 Resource Bible PLR Ebook

Web 20 Resource Bible PLR Ebook
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I can remember growing up as a kid in the San Joaquin Valley of California listening to Sam Schwann on KYNO-AM radio. He had the banter and played the “Top 40” of the day…things that we now fondly recall as “Oldies”.

In the late 1950’s we didn’t have computers so I guess the true indicator that I was a “geek” was when I was placed “in charge” of the media equipment (that meant a few Wollensak reel-to-reel recorders and RCA projectors) at Fort Miller Junior High School. By the time I reached college, I decided to major in Radio-TV and broadcast programming to the dorms and the apartments the rimmed the campus.

The closest that I ever got to being in the broadcast industry was training broadcasters and managing an AM-FM Broadcast Group almost 30 years ago. Little did I know then, virtually anyone would be able to broadcast to a worldwide audience with virtually no investment into “over-priced” equipment or regulations from the Federal Communications Commission that would require many hoops to be jumped through and major financial investment.

The potential benefits that you can receive from using podcasting as a weapon for mass domination, have been overshadowed to a degree by the tremendous ease and affordability of video and video sharing. Consequently, this may be one area of Web 2.0 that will allow you to enter and dominate very quickly and cultivate a following for yourself and your expertise.

You will find several available free host and production platforms in the pages that follow. Additionally, you will be able to capitalize on Google’s move to a “Universal” search format that will pull from all forms of media and present them as “organic” free results. Beyond the traditional search engines, you will find a collection of almost 100 potentially, potent Podcast Directories that will make it easier for both your potential audience and the search engine spiders to find you, your tags and keywords with great ease and reliability.