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Web Hosting Fundamentals Personal Use Ebook With Audio

Web Hosting Fundamentals Personal Use Ebook With Audio
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Read this Before Signing Up for Web Hosting

When signing up for a new web hosting account there are a few things you should be aware of. These include those small details that aren't included on any sales pages.

When first signing up you may be tempted by the low prices that are offered over the long term. This may include signing up for a one year deal or more. While this option may sound great, what happens if you have problems in the first few months? Does the company offer a refund? Many do not so this is something to be cautious with. Your best bet may be to try out the company first and then sign up for a longer term offer when you are completely satisfied.

Unlimited bandwidth does not really mean unlimited. Most hosting packages are run on shared servers. This means that your site has to share resources with a ton of other sites. If one site uses too many resources it can cause all of the sites to go down.

One reason for this is sites that use too much CPU usage. If your site goes over a certain limit, the hosting company will suspend all of your sites. Some companies do this without any warning. One morning you will discover that all of your sites are offline.

It is important to know what your limits are and to pay attention to what scripts and software you are using on your site. Basically this means not uploading and activating all those latest and greatest programs and software. Especially when you never get around to actually using them. Just leaving those running can eat into your CPU limits.

If you purchased your web hosting during a special offer, check what your prices will be when the offer has expired. Sometimes a low upfront offer may lead to a much higher price after your trial period has expired. This is similar to buying a new domain name. You can often pick a new domain up for a couple of dollars, however when it comes time to renew it the cost has jumped to $15 or more.

Another word of caution is to look at what type of scripts are included in your package. Some companies will charge you extra if you decide you want a certain application installed.

Before signing on that dotted line, ensure that you understand what you are getting for your money. Ask questions on any area that you are not clear on.

Web Hosting General Features

Selecting a web host is not always as easy as it seems to be at first glance. When you start looking through the various websites you will see all kinds of features being offered. While some may be self-explanatory others may not be. This article will provide you with a quick overview of some of the most common features that web hosting companies offer today.

The two main features you will see are Disk Space and Bandwidth. Bandwidth simply refers to the amount of data that is transferred from your website to the server over the course of the month.

Disk Space refers to the amount of space the hosting company provides for your site.

Databases are essential as a way to access and retrieve data, the most common one is the MySQL Database. Look for unlimited when it comes to this feature.

Domains - this feature refers to the number of domains you are allowed to host. This can range from just one to unlimited. Choosing a larger plan allows for future growth but will ultimately increase your monthly payment. If you are just starting out selecting a plan with one domain may be sufficient.

Another feature will be the Control Panel, this is often referred to as C Panel and will work a little differently depending upon your web host. Your C Panel allows you to control all aspects of your site. From installing your domain, creating sub-domains, managing email address and installing software and plugins.

Some hosting companies offer a Website builder which will help you get your site up and running. This may or may not be something that you need. If you are planning on running your site on the Word Press platform, it is an un-necessary feature.

1 Click Installs allows you to add platforms, such as Word Press, to your site in literally just one click. This helps to reduce any need for programming on your sites.

Another popular feature is that of the Shopping Cart one, especially if you don't want to use a third party script. Ecommerce sites require some type of shopping cart so check that the hosting company can support your chosen one.

As you research the topic of web hosting in more depth you will start to see a common thread in some of these features. Think about what your future plans are for your website and then select a plan accordingly. It is much better to upgrade your plan within your hosting company than to have to go through the hassle of moving to a new company down the road.

Tips for Choosing a Web Host

At one time you may have not put much thought who you chose as your web hosting company. In recent months this has all changed. As you may have seen companies such as Hostgator have been experiencing tons of outages and down time. This has seriously impacted their performance and reliability issues. It also leaves the question about just who you should use when it comes to choosing a web host.

There are several things that you will want to consider before making your final decision. Items that are important include:

The type of website you are planning on hosting: business, personal, ecommerce

How many websites you want to host

Any special scripts or software that you need to use

Price point

Location of servers - this can have an impact on customer downloads

How many uploads and downloads you expect to do per month

Amount of traffic to your site

The most important factors include knowing how many websites you will be hosting, your business type and any special requirements for scripts. For example if you are planning on just hosting a personal blog you will need less bandwidth than someone who wants to run an ecommerce site.