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Website Traffic Explosion PLR Ebook

Website Traffic Explosion PLR Ebook
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Your List

Follow Up for your Content Placement

So you’ve generated your Freebies or Special Offer, and you have your first list. Don’t just leave it sitting in limbo – you should have that series of emails carefully timed and set up to go. Subscriber follow up and regular contact are crucial.

You should also have a Buyer’s List created for your autoresponder, so you can migrate your subscribers over immediately, once they become buyers. If you are diligent about this, you won’t make them feel de-valued and annoyed by seeing a sales push for the product they’ve already bought. The last thing you want to do is break that one-on-one, personal connection feeling by sending out the same emails they’ve already received and responded to with a purchase.

Don’t forget to work your list! A list that is just sitting there is a sad waste of valuable resources. Some of your list members may become affiliates, if you give them enough incentive and make it easy for them to sign up and promote you. A small number could prove to be invaluable JV partners, not too far down the line.

And yet more list members could end up as that jewel in the crown of internet marketing: Repeating or recurring customers.

Do your best to stay “friends” with them. Don’t bombard them with emails – but don’t let weeks go by without a friendly word, helpful tip – or another juicy and well-timed offer.

How do you strike the perfect balance? Before you ever start your campaign, factor in your list (even if you don’t have one yet!) Decide how you are going to present yourself. Will you email them with a daily tip, occasionally interspersed with your product offers or an affiliate product? Will you send an email once a week? Every two weeks? Every month?

Plan now to create a balanced set of emails for your autoresponder, and give as much though as you can to how you are going to stay connected and incite them to progress through your sales funnel without a glitch.

And although in that sense you are focusing on sales, make sure you get into the habit of thinking: “What can I do for my list?” (Not: “How can I wring more money out of them?”)

You want to be that friendly guy who pops up with a valuable tip – or a cool offer – right when they need it. And not before.

If you put all your focus into getting to know and pleasing your list, as well as staying in friendly but not overwhelming e-mail contact, the rewards of their long term loyalty will be word of mouth buzz resulting in heavy traffic.

Creating Buyers

How do you increase the number of conversions, and turn more subscribers, tire-kickers and freebie seekers into buyers?

The tire kickers will definitely need those “7-12 visits” that offline retail shoppers traditionally indulge in before they finally make a purchase. In spite of our cute analogy of a back-alley shop, you don’t have a physical store – and chances are, they won’t “pass by” your website again or remember where they found it, unless you give them some strong incentive and a reminder.

You need to create “windows” where you are highly visible – think of it as leaning over the sill, calling “hello” to them as they walk by in such an appealing way, they just have to stop and chat.

Your social media presence, blog posts, autoresponder emails, newsletter and forum presence provide the online equivalent of doing this.

The more places they see you, the better. Let’s consider the advantages of various “windows”.

Social Media: You Tweet a good balance of lightly personal and helpfully business Tweets on Twitter. You don’t Tweet twelve at once and “hog” peoples’ screens – but you DO stay in touch at least once or twice a day.

You create a Facebook page (MySpace, if your thing is Graphic Design – that’s where a lot of the designers hang out). You follow people. As with all your social media, you try to be friendly without being annoying, and helpful – with valuable tips and links.

Blog Posts: We’ve already discussed the importance of leaving helpful or relevant comments on blogs your readers would read.

One other tip: Tweet your fellow bloggers’ posts.

Article Marketing: We’ve already discussed this too – but the social component to it, rather than the content component, lies in making sure you interact through your article marketing. Use Web 2.0 sites and comment on other peoples’ articles. Vote for them, favorite them – stay active!

Autoresponder Emails: We’ve already touched on the purpose of autoresponder email series’, above: Your sole purpose with these emails is to stay connected and build the relationship you started – just as you would, if you were emailing someone fun you had met at a social event, class or party. You want to “stay in touch”.

It’s such an important subject, however, we’re going to go into it in a little more depth. The next page has a handy “checklist” you can use, to keep working your emailings to your advantage?

Think of them as simple protocols and standards…