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Wedding Photography Tips Mrr Ebook

Wedding Photography Tips Mrr Ebook
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After doing all of the planning you can, you wake up the morning of the wedding photo gig that you have and something has gone wrong. It is something that you did not plan for, nor did you have a backup plan in place that could deal with it. What do you do? You could panic but that will not get the photos taken, nor will it make you look good in the eyes of your clients. Keep this in mind as you plan for your first or your 101st wedding photography gig. No matter what you do to plan, something will go wrong. Be Positive…You Say!

It may sound negative to say that something will go wrong on the wedding day shoot, but that is the way that things happen. It does not have to hinder you, though. In fact, it could be the right way for you to pull your true creative photographer out and get the best shots possible. With a bit of thinking outside the box, you may find yourself in the position to make the most of this situation.

A good example is the weather. You cannot control it but it has a way of going wrong on the wrong days. Image the middle of the summer and an unexpected storm shows up. How can you take this situation and make the most of it? Give your couple a large umbrella and let them walk through the puddles along the steps that they were to be taking their formal pictures. If it is windy, allow your photos to notice that fact. It will create some very interesting shots that everyone will appreciate.

What other situations could go wrong? Do not just focus on your own problems, but those of the entire wedding party. Imagine the panic when the best man cannot find the wedding ring. Get a photo of this. Imagine the flower girl running out the back of the church crying. Grab this shot, too.

It may not seem like the best shot now, but after the worry has passed, it is an ideal way to display the emotion of the day. Many wedding photographers lack the ability to capture real emotion, not just plastered smiles. These types of incidence, no matter how large or small, really do affect the quality of the shots you take and the finished project.