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Workoutpedia MRR Ebook With Audio

Workoutpedia MRR Ebook With Audio
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Your Muscle Building Report: How to Build Massive Muscle, or a Lean Physique from the Comfort of Home

Want to start building massive muscle?

Want to burn fat and become lean and toned?

Then you may perhaps assume you need a gym membership.

But let me stop you right there: all a gym membership is going to do is cost you a lot of money and ruin your enjoyment of working out. A gym membership is not the answer, in fact it is only going to make the problem worse.


Well, let’s take a look at what the problem is to begin with…

Why aren’t you in the shape you want to be right now? We can assume you aren’t because you’re reading this report. Even if you’re in good shape, you probably want to be in even better shape!

So you want to be in good shape and chances are that you know the basics of how to make it happen. Getting into shape is fairly simple after all, it tends just to be a matter of being active, lifting weights and eating right. Even if you don’t know all of the science behind muscle gain, even if you don’t understand how weight loss occurs – everyone knows the basics and everyone can apply this logic if they are so inclined.

So why haven’t you?

The answer comes down to energy.

Everyone thinks the answer is down to time. You think you don’t have time to work out. Without knowing you though, I can pretty much guarantee that this isn’t true. How? Because if you’re anything like most people, then you will probably have watched at least one TV boxset this week. And if you’re like most people, then you probably spent at least some time just crashed out on the couch.

And no matter who you are, you could probably get up 20 minutes earlier. If you really wanted to that is.

So the problem isn’t time. Rather, the problem is energy. You lack the energy to get into great shape and that’s the reason you aren’t already more active.

Just because you have time, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have the energy and that’s why you often can’t accomplish things when you really want to.

There are plenty more examples of this too. How about starting that book? Or setting up a home business? How about cleaning in the kitchen..??

The problem is that most of us lead very busy lives. We either spend all day working in the office, or we spend all day tidying and running chores. Come the evening, we’re crashed out, done.

So you need to make sure that your training is as simple, as easy and as quick as it possibly can be.

And that’s why you need to train from home.

So we know now that energy is the problem. We’re too tired, stressed and we have too much to do to face working out.

And then we decide that we need to get into shape, and we write ourselves training programs that involve going to the gym five times a week. That gym is 2 miles away of course, meaning there’s a 15 minute drive on either side in traffic. Plus you need to walk from the car park, you need to get changed, you need to put your things in the locker and you need to have a shower afterward.

Now your 1 hour workout is actually taking you one our forty five.

And now you don’t just have to muster the energy to work out – you need to muster the energy to drive, to talk to the receptionist, to talk to the other people in the gym, to head out into the cold.

You’re already too tired to be active and now you’re adding not five but near enough 10 hours of extra activity into your routine.

Hmm, I wonder why this doesn’t work!

Now let’s take a different approach.

Let’s workout from home. Now you can train at the time that best suits you, you can train in the place that is nearest to you and you can train with equipment that you like. There’s no commute, there’s no going outside and there’s no talking to the staff.

Now your 10 hours is back down to five hours!

But that’s not even how you’re going to start. You’re not going to start with five hours a week but rather just 20 minutes each morning before you shower. That’s something that everyone should be able to manage and this small amount is just enough to give you ‘the bug’ and to help you build the energy you need to really start training hard as you progress.