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Wp Rss Pro MRR Software

Wp Rss Pro MRR Software
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"Here's An Easy Way To Add Search Engine Friendly, Regularly Updated Content To Your WordPress Blogs"

Dear Friend,

Are you currently adding "self-updating content" to your blog posts?

If not, then you are missing out on some really amazing benefits.

To include "self updating content" in your blogs, you take an "RSS feed" published by another website and add it to your own blog posts (usually at the end of the post).

By doing this, you can get more visitors, boost your income and get a higher ranking in the search engines.

In a moment, I'll explain exactly how RSS feeds achieve this - and how you can easily add them to your blogs.

But first, I want to explain exactly what an RSS feed is, just in case you're not sure...

What is an RSS feed?

RSS feeds are special web pages that contain a summary of the latest information on a particular topic. They can be used for anything that has regular updates.

Examples include latest eBay auctions, current Amazon bestsellers, latest Twitter tweets, latest news stories/sports results/stock market prices and lots more.

Loads of websites publish RSS feeds.

You can take an RSS feed and insert it directly inside your own blog posts, turning the news stories or other content into ordinary content.

Since the RSS feed content is regularly updated, this means that your blog updates continually and automatically.

Why would I want continually updated content?

Because it gives your visitors a reason to return to your blog regularly, since you are always offering fresh content.

More importantly, it's good for your search engine ranking, as the search engines love regularly updated content.

The great beauty of using RSS feeds is that all the continual updates of your content are done automatically, without you so much as lifting a finger!

Now that I've explained what an RSS feed is - and what the benefits are - let's take a look at what sort of content they can add to your blog...