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Writing Tips Made Easy MRR Ebook

Writing Tips Made Easy MRR Ebook
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Writing Tips Made Easy


If you run a blog or website you understand the need for writing regular content. While this may sound easy, it is not always easy to come up with ideas of what to write about. Even then you need to know how to write a compelling blog post that will attract attention.

When it comes to writing online there are a few differences which you must be aware of. Writing this type of content is different than writing a novel or non-fiction book.

Inside this ebook you will find a compilation of 25 writing tips which have been designed to help you become a better writer.

Just implement one writing tip per week to improve your style, writing techniques, creativity and the amount of content you create.

I am sure that you will enjoy using these tips and will have fun putting them into practice.

Start Writing on a Daily Basis

The more you write the better you will become at writing. So, it just makes sense that you want to get into the habit of writing every day. You don’t have to start writing pages upon pages each day. Your goal is to form the habit where you sit down at your computer and start typing words into a document or notepad.

You can write about anything. For example, you may want to write about your activities the day before. Start mapping out a business plan or outline blog posts. Write about anything that gets you into the habit of actually writing. You may even want to practice writing short posts which you could then use as content for your social sites.

It may be difficult at first to write every day. Just remember, as with any habit, if you commit to doing this daily you will be writing regularly in less than one month.

Start Reading on a Daily Basis

The more you read the better you writing ability will be. Plus, by reading you will be keeping up to date on current affairs and topics. This will provide you with useful insights and topics that you can write about on your own blog.

It also helps to read a good variety of content and material. Don’t just limit yourself to reading a magazine or book. Get into the habit of reading newspapers, short stories, blog articles and more. Take the time to read up on a new hobby or skill that you have always wanted to learn.

By exposing your mind to a variety of content your vocabulary will expand. You will find that the task of writing becomes easier. Plus, you will find that you have more topics on which you can write about.

Write in a Comfortable Place

If you are seriously trying to write a long article or even start a book you need to have a comfortable place to work in. This will vary depending upon your personality. Some writers enjoy writing in a quiet room at home, others prefer to write outdoors when possible. Yet other writers find they get inspired and can write more when sitting at a local coffee shop or restaurant.

No matter where you choose to write, find a place that works for you. If you have small children or a busy schedule you may prefer to get up earlier and use that time for writing.

By placing yourself in a comfortable setting you will find that your words flow easily. If your body is not in a comfortable place then neither is your mind.

Write for Your Audience

When it comes to writing online content for the internet your biggest concern is that you will want to cut out all the fluff and padding of your work. While it is still important to pay attention to your use of grammar, spelling and punctuation your main concern is to keep your writing concise.

It is still important to develop a style so that your audience can identify with you. You will want to aim your writing at a general level. This means not using overly long or difficult words and talking to your reader as though you were writing to a friend.

With the emergence of the internet writing styles are definitely more relaxed than ever before. It is still important to maintain a professional quality of your work so that you can brand yourself as an expert in your niche.

Use Complete Sentences

While writing for the internet requires you to be friendlier, you still need to write correct sentences. Your sentence structure should be complete and concise. An example of an incomplete sentence is when you suddenly place the word ‘when’ at the beginning. The use of this word makes a statement incomplete such as in the following example:

When I complete this project.

Instead you should write:

I completed this project.

If you use an online spelling and grammar checker an incomplete sentence will be referred to as a fragmented sentence.

Because online writing rules are viewed as more relaxed it is okay to break the rules now and again. You will notice that a lot of online content will have sentences that start with the words ‘and because’. This was definitely something that any good English teacher would tell you is not correct. But now it is viewed as acceptable.
Research Your Topic

Before you sit down and write you want to take the time to research your topic. This is extremely important with web based content. Always keep in mind that internet users are looking for current information and facts.

By researching first, you will have timely facts and information that you automatically include in your blog posts and articles. By taking the time to research, your content is more likely to be shown as relevant content in the search engines. What this means is that your posts, pages and articles are more likely to show up in the top results in any search engine.

Once you have compiled your research you will be able to easily create a good outline for your topic. You may even find that the direction you first had in mind has changed. Researching can help you discover new and unique angles that you had not thought of.