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Writing Webcopy That Sells Give Away Rights Ebook

Writing Webcopy That Sells Give Away Rights Ebook
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Now you know how to use headlines, formatting, and structure in your web copy to make the best possible marketing pages for your website. The next step involves content and your sales pitch. The way that your documentation looks is very important, but your products will never sell if you do not have an appropriate sales pitch. A successful sales web page will include the benefits and features of your products, but that is not enough. You absolutely must have some keywords and phrases in your web page that will encourage your customers to make a purchase.

There are many different ways that you can develop these catch phrases. However, I am going to suggest the easiest way to build a successful sales pitch. Visit other websites that sell similar products and services and “swipe” their advertising headlines and catch phrases. Put them into a file called your “swipe file” so that you will have an arsenal to pick from when creating your pages. Nevertheless, remember, you cannot actually “COPY” the phrases from their page to yours. Adapt the phrases to fit your page and change them just a little so that they are not really copied information. Your “swipe file” is very important in saving time and creating successful marketing pages. If you are certain that the phrases are working for your competitors, use them frequently.

A swipe file is an absolute necessity if you are just starting your online marketing website. Finding successful headlines and catch phrases will save you time and money because you will not have to test marketing pages that fail. Starting out with a winning page will give you immediate sales and ease of design.

The key phrases that you use in your headlines are designed to get your reader interested and make them read further through your document. Once you swipe the ones that make YOU read further down sales pages, implement them and you should have the same success. Do not feel bad that you are taking information from another website. Most of the phrases and sentences are basic psychological triggers that have been used for years. Swipe files save you from having to remember them all and recreate them yourself. It is perfectly legal because common phrases cannot be protected by copyright laws.

Your sales pitch is even more than just swiped headlines and key phrases. You must give your readers a way to form a personal connection with you. I have found many different ways to do this, but the most successful method that I have found involves telling your reader a personal story.

While it is much easier to tell a story that really happened to you, you can repeat a story that came from a friend or a story that is totally made up. No matter what type of story you decide to tell, make sure that it shows extreme emotion. The story should be an extremely traumatic story or a story that shows extreme pleasure. If you let your readers see that you are not perfect, they will be more likely to trust you and relate to you.