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Yoga For Everyone MRR Ebook

Yoga For Everyone MRR Ebook
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Chapter 7: Emotional Healing Thru Yoga


The emotional well being of an individual is very important to maintaining good health and a good attitude in life. If a person's emotional health is not at its optimum positive level then all other part of the body start to break down over time. This negative process is so subtle that very few people if any see the connection at all.

Free Your Mind

All emotions are considered sacred, it's how these emotions are handled is where the problem lies. In the practice of yoga the individual learns how to calm the body and mind and teaches the mind how to reach a level of peace and contentment. When this is successfully understood and learnt then the emotional healing process can take place.

Armed with the emotional strength derived from learning yoga the individual learns the difference between responding to a situation or conflict as opposed to reacting to it.

Emotional healing helps the individual develop the thinking that reacting to negative situation, instinctively with emotions like anger, frustration, and grief can be controlled and turned into responding to the situation with a more positive attitude.

This then allows the yoga technique to promote emotional healing from within to avoid any outside negative energy from seeping in. in this way the individual gets to stay connected to the spirit and truth of the inner self.

Healing emotionally through the use of yoga ensure the individual no longer looks upon a situation with the view of being victimized, rather this ability now gives the individual the strength to reinforce the self identity with confidence.

On a cellular level even the body cell imprint the corresponding emotions in our thoughts and replicate them in the cell make up. Therefore connecting the healing pattern with the now optimum healing levels brings about both positive elements into the body and mind.

Chapter 8: How To Practice Yoga Breathing


Breathing is the basis of life, without it death is inevitable.

As it is one of the most important parts of life's results of being alive, there is a need to learn proper breathing techniques.

Yoga promotes this proper breathing as vital to bring oxygen to the blood and to the brain as do science. These breathing techniques bring about the highest form of purification and self discipline covering both the mind and body.

Breath Correctly

The primary intention of practicing yoga breathing is to prepare the individual to be prepared both in body and mind for the meditation phase. Generally most people don't know the importance of breathing properly. Most people breathe in very shallow breaths which does not carry enough oxygen to the entire body which in turn causes various negative medical conditions. Yoga breathing is the art of taking deep breaths to fill up almost the entire lung and then to exhale slowly, while all the time concentrating on the process.

Here are some simple steps to yoga breathing:

Choosing a quiet and dimly lit area or naturally lit area

Use a comfortable yoga mat

Sit on the mat crossed leg but pulled towards the chest

Keep the back straight and hold the arms in a relaxed and comfortable position on the thighs.

Touch thumbs and index fingers together with palms facing downwards.

Inhale deeply while focusing on the breath taken. Do this a few times until totally relaxed

Concentrate on trying to breath from the abdominal area and not just the chest. Focus on ensuring this

Once the level is reached alternate between cheat breathing and abdominal breathing

Touching the index and middle fingers to the thumb with the ring and pinky finger sticking out, press on one nostril and breathe deeply and exhale. Alternate this with the other nostril too.

Chapter 9: Yoga Poses And What They Are For


Each yoga pose represents a different aspect to be addressed in the healing and enhancement of the general health of the individual. By strengthening each body part including abdominal muscles and the area around and near the spinal cord better health is assured.

Each yoga pose teaches the body to bear its own weight in that area rather than rely on other muscles to share or take on the weight. It also helps to enhance the inner self power and self assurance.

The Poses

The mountain pose is one of the easiest and most commonly used set of poses. It is purported to be so easy that it can be learnt straight from books, thought this is not the recommended way to start yoga.

This pose works as a good remedy to self healing and relaxation.

The bird of paradise pose contributes to the strengthening of the leg muscles. It also improves the balance by ensuring the focus stays on the intended muscles and not dependant on any others. It also helps to improve balancing while loosening the groins and hamstrings.

The bridge pose takes a little getting used to but it works wonders for the spinal area. Besides the main aim of strengthening the spine, it opens the chest and improves spinal flexibility, and stimulates the thyroid.

The cobra pose is another pose that focuses on the spinal area. It increases the flexibility of the spine and it great for relieving back pains.

The dolphin pose is similar to the dog pose and is used to enhance the blood flow and is particularly useful for those with wrist problems commonly associated with pianist, computer users and writers.

The dragon fly pose or also known as the humming bird pose is quite difficult and requires a lot of practice but once achieved it contributes to strengthening the arms and the ability to arm balance.

There are many more poses and it's never ending if one wants to explore further. However in order to be effective it is recommended that only a few poses should be picked and used at any given time.