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You Can Quit Smoking Mrr Ebook

You Can Quit Smoking Mrr Ebook
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You will want to share your decision with everyone who is close to you: husband, wife, children, parents, and friends. You want to do this to elicit their support, and you don't want them to keep offering you cigarettes that will tempt you to fall off the wagon. This is like any other addiction; you stand a better chance if you don't come in contact with the object of your addiction.

When you are in the office, don't go out and stand with your smoking buddies. It's the same thing if you want to be more positive in that you don't go hang out with folks who are always negative. It rubs off, and standing in a smoky space is just cheating and pulling you back down.

Find a quit smoking partner. It is always easier to do things in pairs. You will both be experiencing the same types of issues. This will give you someone to talk to and when the going gets rough, you will have someone who will be there to get you going again. Make sure it's a reciprocal relationship. You will wind up with a really good friend, and stand a better chance of staying on track.

If you don't want to go cold turkey, pick out something that will aid you on your trek. This can include the patch, gum, hypnosis and the like.

Throw out any old packs of cigarettes you are holding on to "just in case", and hide your lighter and matches. Even if you use them to light the stove, you want to eliminate visual cues that will cause you to go looking for cigarettes in the middle of the night.

At parties, social gatherings and the like, you will want to avoid the smokers. If you're on the telephone, in a crowded area or just standing next to a smoker, you will want to move geographically away from that person. They are walking, standing and smiling temptation, so you'll want to avoid it where possible.

If your willpower sags, and the craving gets really obnoxious and persistent, take a walk, mop the floor or do anything else that's physical. If you're an exercising type person, this statement won't be too hard - your brain releases the feel good.

Carry gum, lollypops or hard candy with you, and when you feel the urge to smoke, replace it with one of these. If you're into healthy food instead of sugar, eat carrots or celery which is crunchy, good tasting and feels a little like a cigarette.