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Your First Thousand MRR Ebook With Video

Your First Thousand MRR Ebook With Video
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Hello there and congratulations on purchasing this eBook! Congratulations are most certainly in order as you have just made a decision that could help you begin earning a huge supplementary and passive income to make life that little bit easier.

In fact, if everything goes to plan, you may even be able to replace your current income entirely with this new business venture and begin enjoying truly passive revenue while at the same time achieving complete financial freedom.

Sounds too good to be true? Well maybe it does but nevertheless it's something that happens for countless internet marketers on a regular basis. Thousands of people have managed to make huge amounts of money using this strategy – this is a tried and tested method that's entirely easy to replicate and almost fool-proof.

And what is this strategy exactly? It's the creation and sale of digital products of course (the title probably gave it away). And throughout the course of this book we're going to go over all the details and steps to help you set up just such a business. Selling digital products is easy when you know how, it's something that everyone can do and it's proven to work.

Once you give it a go and get a taste for truly passive income, no doubt you're going to be hooked. And that's when everything can start to change. So make yourself a cup of coffee, sit down somewhere comfortable and get ready for your life to start changing…

What You’ll Get Out of This Guide

Throughout the course of this book, we're going to go through every stage involved in the creation and sale of digital products. In particular we're going to focus heavily on how you actually go about launching your product and generating huge sales for it once you have the idea using tools like JVZoo. As you'll see, creating digital products is actually very easy – it's just turning them into massive hits that's a little more challenging.

By the end of this book, you should:

Have an idea for the type of digital product you want to create and what the strengths and weaknesses of each option are
Understand what makes digital products sell and how you need to design your creation in such a way that people will be eager to buy it
Know how to quickly and cost effectively create the type of digital product you want
Be able to create checkout pages, landing pages and sales funnels
Be skilled in writing highly persuasive copy that drives massive sales
Know how to alter things like price, cover image and more in order to optimize your sales
Understand how to drive more traffic to your landing page using SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing and social media
Understand affiliate schemes and tools like JVZoo, ClickBank and WSO Pro
Know how to build an army of affiliate marketers who can drastically increase your sales and profits

Who is This Guide For?

This guide is for anyone who wants to create their own digital product and start making money while they sleep. In many cases, the people reading this will be prospective digital marketers who want to make the most money possible while not investing huge amounts of time, or capital up-front.

But really anyone can benefit from this strategy. If you're currently working a 9-5 job, then this is something you can easily do in a few evenings a week in order to generate a huge supplementary income on top of what you're already earning.

Alternatively, this book will also be suitable for business owners currently selling physical products. Why not add a digital product to your repertoire which can help you to add another revenue stream that can be re-invested into inventory?

Why Launch a Digital Product?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to go about creating and launching digital products, let's first take a look at why you should be doing this in the first place. What's so great about a digital product anyway?

The obvious answer is that a digital product is something you can sell with zero overheads. It will take a little time and perhaps some up-front investment in order to actually create your product but from there you'll then be able to generate income without having to reinvest anything. Unlike selling physical products, there's no need to invest in inventory and stock or in manufacturing and material costs.

You don't even pay for delivery! Apart from a couple of fees (such as PayPal fees), the money you generate from digital products is almost 100% profit. And what this also means is that when you don't sell anything, it doesn't cost you anything.

There's zero risk here. In the best case scenario you will earn huge amounts of money while you sleep and potentially be able to quit your day job and buy that yacht. In the worst case scenario, you'll occasionally get the odd $50 that you can spend on a nice meal without feeling guilty.

Furthermore, because there's no risk and no cost involved in building digital products, there's no reason that you can't build 50 of them. This then completely removes the 'luck' aspect and means that as long as you have the time to invest, you can pretty much guarantee that you're going to succeed. Is your ebook or app only selling a copy every week? Fine – then make seven and you now have at least one sale each week. Chances are though that with seven ebooks, one of them will be a big hit…