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Youtube Saturation PLR Ebook

Youtube Saturation PLR Ebook
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Ebook Sample Content Preview:

In order for your videos to convert, you need to target buyer’s not just viewers. To do that, you will want to take advantage of Google Adwords's demographic targeting options in order to reach out to your audience.

This includes: Advertising based on keywords, age groups, gender, location, or language.

Ad-targeting is extremely important because without it, you are basically advertising "blindly" with no way of knowing whether the right audience is even seeing your ads. Failing to target your advertisements will also cost you - big time, as your ads will be seen (and even clicked on) by people who have no real interest in what you have to offer.

So, take the time to tailor your ads to your audience, nailing down specific demographics so you can easily reach out to your customer base.

YouTube advertising through Google Video Ads is very easy to set up because you are able to choose from a set of comprehensive options that will help you better target your customer base.

This includes:

Keyword based advertising

Interest categories

Topics & Placements

Demographics (all kinds - age, location, language)

Social interests

In addition, with TrueView ads, you only pay when a viewer chooses to watch your ad, similar to pay-per-click advertising, so you are only paying when a prospect has seen your ad!

Maximizing Exposure

With Google video ads, you are able to promote your business within YouTube, the #1 online video community, as well as the Google Display Network, which includes millions of individual websites (reaching over 89% of the online population!).

Imagine your ad appearing on millions of websites all across the Internet!

Not only will you be able to infiltrate any niche market you wish, but also you'll be able to create a unique brand that is instantly recognized by potential customers.

Spread your marketing message instantly, exposure your business to new customers and promote your video marketing campaigns on a large scale.

With Google’s, "TrueView" advertising portal you are also able to maximize exposure through connected channels, including:

TrueView in-stream

TrueView in-search

TrueView in-display

TrueView in-slate

Let's take a quick look at what each of these channels has to offer:

TrueView in-stream

Ads play as a pre-, mid- or post-roll on YouTube partner videos of all lengths.

After an ad plays for 5 seconds, viewers get the choice to skip it or watch the rest.

Pay only when viewers watch 30 seconds of the ad or to completion if the ad is less than 30 seconds.

TrueView in-search ads

Based on user search terms, ads rise to the top of Promoted Video search results and suggestions.

Viewers see certain ads promoted (placed above others or suggested) and click to watch if interested.

Pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad.

All of the videos shown in the right-hand column are TrueView ads as well as the group of ads that appear at the very top of the search results window!

TrueView in-slate ads

Ads play before long-form YouTube partner videos over 10 minutes.

Before a video plays, viewers choose to either watch an ad from 1 of 3 different advertisers, or to watch regular commercial breaks during the video.

Pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad.

Ads are promoted against related content across the Google Display Network.

Viewers click to play the ad if they are interested.

Pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad. ? Display ad formats will vary by publisher. On YouTube, the ad appears as a highlighted suggested video.

Final Words

In order for your video campaigns to be successful, you need to encourage your audience to take action. You do this with a "Call-to-Action" overlay on your video.

This can be a simple "Click Here Now!" or you can use this call to action overlay as a way of sharing additional information about your business, or to make your viewers an offer that they can't refuse (Free products, discounts, coupons, etc).

Calls-to-Action appear as overlays on your TrueView “in-search” and “indisplay” videos that are featured throughout YouTube, and can be easily edited from within your advertising center.

Maximizing profits also means knowing your audience, and so it's important that you keep a pulse on how well your video is performing as well as WHO is viewing your ads (especially helpful if you are still in the process of surveying and researching your market base).