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Affiliate Power Tool Profits Resale Rights Ebook With Video

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Special Thanks to Dave Bonandrini for this section.

Besides saving money, why would I want to rebuild a battery pack?

Reason number one is that usually only one or two cells in the whole pack are bad. So when you throw them out (please recycle your batteries!) you are throwing out twelve or more batteries that are still good!

Reason number two is that you can put higher capacity batteries in the packs and create packs with up to four times the runtime of the originals.

When you only get a few minutes of runtime out of your pack, you get that sinking feeling that you are out another $90 bucks. But you can do some checking long before it gets this bad with a Volt Meter.

When you first take a pack off the charger it should read higher than the voltage printed on the pack. NiCd batteries loose about 25% of their charge in a month of sitting on a shelf. This is called "self discharge". So, you really need to check your pack with a fresh charge.

A good condition battery that is 18V might read 21V fresh from the charger. A 14.4V might give you 16V. As long as it is higher than the rating, you are in good shape.

Your battery that only gives a few minutes of runtime might read only 10V when it is rated for 14.4V, this is a problem.


There are some screws along the pack that allow it to be opened. Sometimes they are Star or Security head screw. If you can't find a way to get a grip on them, get a Security bit set at Harbor Freight. Rub your fingers over the label to see if some of the screws are hidden underneath it.

On some cheaper import packs, they are glued together and have to be carefully cut apart. Don't even think of trying this without a vise to securely hold the pack. Run a brand new razor blade along the seam until you can rock the pack apart. This will take some time. But it will give you time to think about buying American tools too.

Inside you will find a number of "Sub C" battery cells. Each cell reads about 1.2V. So an 18V pack will have 15 cells in it. The cells are taped or shrink-wrapped together, to keep vibration from loosening the contacts. You will need to cut off this tape. You will rewrap it when you are done with the repair.


Again, we are going to use the Volt Meter. Place one lead at the bottom and top of each cell. Cells that read 1.3V (remember this is with a fresh charge) are good. You do not have to separate any of the cells to test them. Cells that read 1.1V are going and any cell under IV is bad. Some cells may be totally dead and not read anything. With a Sharpie, mark good cells with a "G" and put an "X" on bad cells.

You may think why bother replacing cells that are almost good, like the 1.1V ones. If you taking the time to do a quality repair, why would you want to repeat the same process in a few months when the cell finally goes? Do the job once, and do it right. But for any other reason you may RVD to them.


When you identify the bad cell/s (with low voltage) you have to apply RVD to them, make sure you have identify the negative and positive end of each cell, because cells are rotated so the positive and negative must be identify correctly. Make sure you have taken all safety measures i.e. put your safety goggles and gloves on. Now use a 12 volt car battery to subject bad cell/s to RVD. Hold the negative wire to the negative side of the cell and then hold the positive wire to the positive side of the cell for 3 seconds. Not more then 3 seconds. Repeat the procedure for all bad cells.


As you have probably noticed, the cells are spot welded together. I have never seen a pack where actual solder was used. Take a small, sharp wood chisel and push between the tab and the top of the battery. You may have to lift a little. Take your time on the first one; the rest will go like butter once you have the feel for it. Leave the tabs behind on the good batteries.


Using electrical tape, wrap the cells tightly so they will stay in place while you solder. This will be the cells "final resting place", so get the formation right, they have to fit back in the plastic housing. Remember these cells get warm in use, so use real UL listed tape, not masking tape or crap you got at the dollar store. Make sure you get the polarity right. All of the cells go together head to tail, positive to negative. Use solder with a low wattage iron. Heat the tab AND the battery top so you get a good joint.

When you are done, check the contacts at the top of the pack to make sure you get the correct voltage. If you get some odd reading, you have soldered one of the batteries in backwards! Fix this right away. If your spouse or kids put the pack in the charger, it could explode or cause a fire.


Now all you have to do is reassemble the pack. Make sure all the cells are wrapped together tight with electrical tape. They should not move or shift around. Screw everything back in place and test the contacts one more time for proper voltage.

If you had a pack that had to be cut apart to open it, use PVC cement to glue it back together.

Place the pack in the charger and charge it up. It may well be a good idea to keep an eye on it the first time; you can never be too safe.

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Family Christmas Recipes Resale Rights Ebook

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Homemade peanut butter cups


1 cup creamy peanut butter, divided
4-1/2 teaspoons butter, softened
1/2 cup confectioners' sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips
4 milk chocolate candy bars (1.55 ounces each), coarsely chopped
Colored sprinkles, optional


In a small bowl, combine 1/2 cup peanut butter, butter, confectioners' sugar and salt until smooth; set aside.

In a microwave, melt the chocolate chips, candy bars and remaining peanut butter; stir until smooth.

Drop teaspoonfuls of chocolate mixture into paper-lined miniature muffin cups. Top each with a scant teaspoonful of peanut butter mixture; top with another teaspoonful of chocolate mixture. Decorate with sprinkles if desired. Refrigerate until set. Store in an airtight container. Yield: 3 dozen.

These treats are so super simple and delicious, it would almost be Scroogey not to make them for your family this Christmas. You don't want to be a Grinch, do you?

Family Christmas Tradition Resale Rights Ebook

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After all of the gifts have been opened on Christmas morning, what do you do? Of course there's the obligatory binge eating that everyone takes part in, but then what? Most likely, the family then disperses throughout the home, and goes off to do their own thing. Well put down those toys kids, and someone wake up day from his turkey-induced coma, because you're not finished!

The first thing you will need to do is have each person buy a small gift- in my family, this generally means something from a dollar store- and wrap it before hand. On the name tag section, simply write BINGO.

You will then place all of these gifts on the table,pass out the bingo cards, and get to playing.

Whoever wins each round of bingo will get to choose a gift. If you're the first winner, you pick any one you want. All of the winners after that can either pick from the pile of unopened gifts in the center, or they can “steal” a gift that has already been unwrapped. If your gift gets “stolen” you may pick another, but it has to be from the pile of unopened gifts.

In my family this continues for hours on end (I have a really large family) until all of the gifts have made their way to their owners. Although we do this every year, and have for as long as I can remember, it continues to be fun year after year.

Of course, if you don't really care for bingo, you can play any game you want. I do however, recommend that it be a short game because if not, you're likely to find yourself growing tired of playing and will probably just give the gifts away, and where's the fun in that?

In my opinion, anything that gets the whole family together and keeps them occupied and having fun is a priceless tradition. I hope your family enjoys this one as much as mine has and continues to every year. Have fun!

Family Hanukkah Recipes Resale Rights Ebook

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Roast Chicken with Wild Rice Dressing


Roast Chicken:
One 5- to 6-pound chicken, giblets removed
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon dried marjoram
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 medium yellow onion, halved
2 tablespoons orange marmalade or apricot preserves
2 teaspoons cider vinegar

Wild Rice Dressing:
3/4 cup wild rice
2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more for greasing the baking dish
1 medium yellow onion, chopped
2 stalks celery, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 cup mixed dried fruit, such as pitted prunes and apricots, chopped
1/2 teaspoon dried marjoram
1/2 baguette (4 ounces), preferably day-old or lightly toasted, cut into
1/2-inch cubes
1 2/3 cups low-sodium chicken broth
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley


For the roast chicken: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Pat the chicken dry and place breast-side up in a large roasting pan fitted with a wire rack. Mix together the olive oil, marjoram, smoked paprika, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Gently loosen the skin over the breast of the chicken and rub a little of the mixute under the skin. Rub the remainder of the mixture all over the outside and inside of the chicken.

Put the halved onion inside the chicken cavity and tie the legs together with butcher's twine. Tuck the wings underneath the chicken.

Roast until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh not touching bone registers 165 degrees F, or until the juices run clear when the tip of a knife is inserted into the thickest part of the thigh, 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours, basting the chicken with pan juices a few times during the last hour of roasting.

Mix the marmalade and vinegar together and brush over the chicken. Roast for an additional 5 minutes to set the glaze. Let the chicken rest for 30 minutes.

For the wild rice dressing: While the chicken roasts, make the dressing. Cook the rice according to package directions, drain off any excess water, if necessary, and transfer to a large bowl. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat and add the onions, celery and garlic. Cook, stirring, until the vegetables are tender, about 7 minutes. Add the dried fruit, marjoram, 1/2 teaspoon salt and some pepper. Cook until the fruit softens, 3 to 4 minutes. Remove from the heat and add to the bowl with the wild rice. Add the bread cubes and toss to combine. Add the chicken broth, parsley and 3/4 teaspoon salt and some pepper to taste. Stir until combined.

Lightly grease a 2-quart baking dish with olive oil. Transfer the dressing mixture to the dish and level the top. When the chicken comes out of the oven, put the dressing in the oven, uncovered, and bake for 30 minutes. The dressing should be golden brown and heated through.

Serve the chicken with the dressing on the side.

Living Life MRR Ebook

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43. Simple Gestures Can Amount To a Great Outcome

As simple as it may seem, some things do more could than you could ever think of. Taking a deep breathe when facing a problem cannot only ease your mind but also keeps your body from escalating to stress.

44. Practice the Habit of a Healthy Response

Dealing with different types of people means you will be handling all sorts of opinions and reactions. Some of those reactions may seem unlikely and offensive in a sense that can stir up your anger. Anger gradually becomes rage if you constantly feed it. Do not let a single spark of anger light up a flame of rage. Keep calm at all times.

45. Learn the Possible Obstacles That You Might Encounter

Whenever you aim for something, it is inevitable that you will also be faced with obstacles. It would be a lot better if you get to know all of these ahead of time so that you can prepare for it as you embark on your journey towards achieving your goal. These obstacles may not necessarily come up to stop you from getting what you want. Sometimes, these exist to help you realize if you are really determined in achieving your goals and objectives.

46. Be Responsible For Your Future

Never ever place your future in someone else’s hands. You should take responsibility in shaping yourself when it comes to what you want to become in the years to come. This is not the responsibility of your parents. It is yours. Accept it with all your heart and make the necessary actions to take control of your life and live the life that you have always dreamed of.

47. Everything Is Beautiful

You are surrounded with beautiful things which you often times neglect when you are really in a bad mood. For example, you come home from a very tiring work day and you feel so stressed. If your child come rushing at you with so many questions, you tend to become irritated. As you can see, this is a great illustration of missing out on the beauty and innocence of a child. Lift up your spirits by learning how to appreciate the things and the people around you.

48. Make Your Own Decisions

It was mentioned earlier that you should be responsible for your life. This also means that you should be able to make sound decisions even if you feel like you are left with no choice at all. As long as you made the right call, something good will always stem out from it. You just have to believe in yourself and in the decisions that you are going to make.

Most people ask for a lot of things because they are not content with what they have even if they already have too much. Make sure to avoid this kind of mentality. Learn how to be contented in such a way that you will still strive to have a better life. Being contented means learning to appreciate what you currently have.

50. Be Genuinely Happy

You can truly have a positive outlook in life if you are genuinely happy with yourself, your family and with all the things that you have in life. Problems will come. Deal with it. There are a lot of things to be happy about. Learn to appreciate. Happiness cannot be found in any kind of material things. Happiness lies in your heart knowing that you love yourself and that you are loved by many. What are you waiting for? Make positive changes in your life! Do not wait for tomorrow. You can do it now.

Winning The Wholesale Dropshipping Game MRR Ebook

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Drop shipping (or drop-shipping, dropshipping, etc.) is a great way to get started if you have little or no capital for your own inventory. Even when you can warehouse some goods yourself it’s still a great way to expand your product line—the “endless aisle” as it’s sometimes referred to.

For one, you never have to see or handle the products. Just take orders, submit the orders to be shipped to your customers, and keep the difference between your cost and selling price. There are a few things you’ll need to be aware of though:

You never see or handle the products — this could turn out to be a nightmare instead of a blessing if you’re not careful. So before you start selling, get to know the company and the products they’re supplying you with.

Be certain that they can be trusted to fill orders properly, with top-notch goods, package the goods properly, and ship in a timely fashion every time.

Have some family members, friends, or neighbors accept test orders for you. Then you can see for yourself what your future customers will experience when their orders arrive.

Make sure that you’re always in-the-know about stock levels. Especially if you sell on eBay you need to be absolutely certain that the products you have listed, you have available to fill the order.

Limit your suppliers to one or two. Unless you have a sophisticated software system in place to keep track of stock levels in real time, it will run you ragged trying to keep up. Besides, various suppliers have their own return policies and it could become a mess trying to keep up with this as well.

Web Design Profits MRR Ebook

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The field of web design is always changing. As technology improves so we can load our web pages even faster, as users become even savvier, and as features become even more robust, the scope of web design continues to change. Gone are the days of looping MIDI files, and people sitting on your site for more than a few seconds to wait for it to load.

Follow the industry blogs online. Subscribe to industry related magazines. Strive to constantly stay informed of what's going on in your industry. If there's something you don't understand, commit to taking the time to learn more about it. At the very least, you need to know how these changes impact your business and its practices. If something in particular will affect your clients, make sure you understand it well enough to inform them of it.

Think outside your normal software box. If you've gotten used to using a particular version of a program, check and see if there is a new version available. It may mean taking some time to learn how to use the new one, but most of the time, the additional features offer flexibility and time savings compared to the previous versions.

Don't limit yourself to one software provider. Adobe® is the industry "standard" for most web design projects, but they are not the only one in the game. Though Adobe may work for one project, it may not be the best suited for another. Staying up to date with software options and learning them will allow you to be able to choose what works best for you and your client on a project-by-project basis.

Watch what others are doing and learn from them

Just like you should be following the top industry blogs, look for the top web designers in the industries. Whether freelance or agency, watch what the most successful people are doing, and emulate them. You don't have to copy them (in fact, don't because that opens up a world of copyright infringement legal trouble among other things) but you can watch what they're doing and adapt it to your business to improve yours.

Thinking Big And Getting Rich MRR Ebook

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So you want to be rich, but how well are you doing at achieving your goal? You may be surprised to learn that your own emotions are what are either holding you back or creating the riches you desire. Let’s explain further.

According to hundreds of others who have created success and become rich, you must make your sure that your desires are clearly stated. You should also make sure to write down your desires. In addition to determining your desires, you need to have the persistence to carry out the instructions to achieve your desires.

Remember, your subconscious mind is always functioning even when you make no effort to influence it. If you want to benefit your subconscious mind, you need to make sure you are feeding it positive emotions and not negative ones. If thoughts of fear or poverty enter your subconscious that’s the life you going to live. You are the master of your impulses and you must learn to feed them the desired food to ensure you get the desired results.

Your subconscious is never idle. If you don’t take the time to send your desires to your subconscious, it will feed on the negative thoughts that go through your mind. Both negative and positive impulses will reach your mind and create your destiny.

By using your controlled imagination you can create plans and focus on purpose that will lead you to success. Everything that we do starts with an impulse. Humankind creates nothing that does not begin with a thought. When you add in the imagination, you can train your subconscious to create the success you desire.

Be careful because the mind is easily influenced by impulses or any thought that is mixed with emotion or feeling. In fact, there is a great deal of research that would indicate the only thoughts that become actions are those that have emotion associated with them.

You are writing the script and the audience is your subconscious. The response of your audience will depend on the emotional message you deliver and how you influence your subconscious audience. You need to speak the language it can understand.

The Tweet Success Guide MRR Ebook

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Perhaps the first area that professionalism should ideally cover is the area of etiquette. The universally accepted common elements would include having the semblance of being polite, being able to address each situation with a level of sincerity, working towards creating satisfies customers and many more.

Taking the time and effort to consider the subscriber list or group as a whole and addressing them as if each one was an individual concern and special would allow the positive basis of the relationship to be built.

Making a positive impact is also another way of portraying professionalism. When the other party is assured that the concerns will be addressed and then ensuring the follow up procedures are followed will create the level of professionalism that few can refute.

Using email addresses that are appropriate and professional sounding is also necessary if one want to be taken seriously in the business arena. Simple but often overlooked is the need to ensure all content is accurately written and factual.

Using a suitable descriptive subject line is also a way to showing professionalism and avoids being identified or classified as spammers who also have casual addressing choices. Being specific, clear, reasonable and to the point is also showing professionalism as most people do not have the time or inclination to entertain unsolicited interruptions.

The items included in the signature should be of a professional design and content. Unnecessary information should not be included as it would not be deemed necessary.

Ensure all communications is done professionally and with only information sought exchanged. Keep all exchanges short, accurate and to the point.