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Top 10 Resources For Building A Bigger Audience MRR Ebook With Audio

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1. The Warrior Forum


This may be the resource of all resources related to internet marketing. You’ll find a large community of internet marketers who logon daily to share and discuss on the topics of internet marketing.

You can ask all your traffic questions on the forum and expect a lot of members answering!



Post content between different social media accounts and set up all kinds of smart interactions between social accounts, apps etc.

3. LikeAlyzer


More advanced monitoring your social media campaign’s performance. See which posts are being liked, by who and when!

4. Market Samurai


Market Samurai is the premier tool for finding keywords you can target so you know what to optimize your content for.

They offer a free trial so be sure to give it a try.

5. How To Gather 100,000 Emails


This is a post from FourHourWorkweek that details how to acquire lots of new subscribers for a mailing list.

Bing Ads Unleashed MRR Ebook With Audio

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The right PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy can do wonderful things for your business and send a huge amount of targeted traffic to your website. This is a method you can use to bring in new customers that are effectively qualified leads. That means that they have already demonstrated an interest in your product and are actively looking to buy it at the time they arrive on your site.

In other words, if you use a PPC campaign and place your ads on Google searches for ‘Buy hats online’, then you’re going to get visitors who want to buy your hats! Unlike search optimization, there’s no waiting here and no element of luck. As soon as you start paying, your audience will start clicking on your ads when they perform that search and you will start making sales. And you’ll pay precisely the amount that you are willing to pay, practically guaranteeing strong ROI for your campaign.

But this doesn’t always work. If it was that easy, then everyone would be earning a fortune through AdWords. The problem is that there’s just too much competition, which means you need to be much smarter about your approach.

And guess what one of the best strategies you can possibly use is? Placing ads with Bing instead of Google!

Surprised? Read on and I’ll explain why this is the perfect strategy!

First, let’s look at how to build a flawless PPC campaign. This is some powerful, free information you’re getting right here that you can start using today to drive more visitors to your site. So listen up!

Because the key to an effective PPC campaign is to be precise and to know your numbers. If you do both those things right, then there’s no way that you can fail to get results.

So how do you go about this?

For starters, let’s very quickly recap on PPC. PPC means Pay Per Click, which of course means you are paying for clicks. That means you don’t pay if someone doesn’t look at or interact with your ad. This is good news because a click means a visitor and that means you now know precisely how much your visitors are costing you.

The next step then is to work out how much your visitors are worth to you. You can do this by doing some quick math: calculate how many visitors you have a day and how many products you sell a day. Then calculate how much profit you make on each of those products.

So if you have an ebook worth $50 and you sell one of those every two days, then 1,000 visitors a day means you make $100 for every 2,000 hits. Thus each visitor is worth 0.025cents to you right now. You can increase this by increasing the cost of your book or by improving your conversion rate. The higher you can make this number, the better your campaign will be.

Because once you have this number, you have an amount you can pay for guaranteed profits. If you make 10 cents per visitor, then you can pay up to 9 cents per click and come away with almost guaranteed money in the bank at the end of a campaign.

Now you can set up your campaign with that in mind. If you set your CPC (cost per click) to 9 cents then this will be your maximum bid. A lot of the time you’ll pay less than that (you enter into automatic bidding wars for each ad space) but this will be the maximum amount you spend. From there, you can then set your budget to however much you put aside for advertising. But you should make this money back if you’ve set this up properly.

Then what you’re going to do is to create an ad title and text that filters your visitors. And you’re going to target the precise right keywords that have the minimum competition while providing a lot of potential customers for your products.

Calm Mind MRR Ebook With Audio

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What’s the secret to happiness?

Is it being rich? Is it having a loving family? Is it being healthy and living in an area of natural beauty?

Is it all of those things?

The answer is that it’s none of them. And that might surprise you, but even with all those things going for you, you might be miserable.

Meanwhile, someone living in the worst of conditions – with crippling hunger, illnesses, poverty and not a family member in sight – can actually be one of the happiest people in the world.

So what’s going on?

Well, it all actually comes down to the way that you perceive your situation and the way you think about the circumstances you’re in.

A billionaire can be depressed and especially if they don’t focus on what they’re grateful for. But if you learn to see the beauty in everything and if you can learn to calm your mind and shut out stress – then you can enjoy bliss wherever you are.

How do you accomplish this? Like anything, it comes from training. If you can learn to control your mind, whether through meditation, CBT or other methods, you’ll find that you can start to decide how you want to feel and how you want to react at any given time.

What’s more, having the ability to control your mindset like this can help you to achieve a lot of other things.

Overcoming stress for instance means that you can stop ‘treading water’ and you can stop ‘putting out fires’. Instead, you can get your head above water and start to decide the trajectory you want for your life and how you’re best going to use your time.

And better yet, if you can learn to control your mind, you can even start to tap into ‘flow states’. That means that you’re so completely focussed on the activity you’re engaged in, that you actually manage to tune out everything else and time almost seems to slow down.

Flow states are the mental state that most athletes are thought to be in when they break world records or score winning goals. And when you put this state under the microscope and use a brain scanner, we can see that it’s actually a state very similar to meditation!

How to Control Your Brain, Your Thoughts and Your Emotions

Meditation is the first step to becoming more in control of your mind, your emotions and the way you choose to feel, think and act. Once you learn to use meditation, you’ll create a ‘safe’ place that you can escape to any time you choose. This will allow you to become completely relaxed and to ‘detach’ yourself from the petty concerns that you might have and all those not so petty ones.

Because at the end of the day, constantly thinking about your debt or about your relationship problems isn’t going to help. It’s certainly not going to help on the bus on the way into work in the mornings. So if you can learn to tap into a calm and relaxed state, you can give your mind and body the rest and recuperation they need in order to attack the day ahead with the most energy and the most vigor.

Studies show us that meditation can help us to enter a ‘thetastate’ in our brain, where many of our brainwaves will start to slow down, showing reduced activity. This is very good for us and can help to lower blood pressure, improve mood and generally help us to become calmer, happier and more focussed. Instead of worrying and stressing, we are simply ‘existing’.

At the same time though, meditation is also useful for other reasons. That’s because it’s training. What you’re effectively doing is training your brain to learn how to focus and you’re training yourself to learn how to direct your attention the way you want to. Now you’re teaching yourself to avoid the temptation to think about certain things and to decide where and what you want to send your focus.

This actually creates more neural connections in the brain and it leads you to become smarter, improving your memory, your IQ and your attention.

But at the same time, this also teaches us that we are not slaves to our emotions or to our thought processes. Rather, we can control them at will in order to ensure that we’re always in the most productive and useful mental state for the given scenario.

And that’s when we’re going to introduce our second skill and our second technique: CBT.

CBT is ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ and is basically a psychotherapeutic technique. That means that it’s a tool set used by psychologists to help us overcome various different types of mental health problems, anxieties etc.

Top 10 Resources For An Organized Mind MRR Ebook With Audio

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Mindset Websites

1. The Rich Daily


The Rich Daily is an amazing website all about mindset, happiness and business. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can improve yourself and your mindset then this is the place to go.

2. Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha is one of the most famous websites about mentality and spirituality. It’s a go-to resource for those who have an interest in self-improvement and becoming a better version of yourself.

3. Forbes


Forbes has long been the go-to website for business news and now it has expanded into the mindset that is needed for entrepreneurship. This is a great place to go if you want to keep up-to date with the latest businesses, watch interviews with the most successful entrepreneurs and to learn from them.

4. Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur is exactly what it says on the tin, a great website that is focused entirely on entrepreneurship. Check out some amazing tips from super successful individuals and their staff!

5. BigThink


BigThink is an awesome Youtube Channel that makes high quality videos about the business mindset, thinking big and entrepreneurship. With a wide-range of material, you’re bound to find something that you enjoy.

Top 10 Internet Business Resources MRR Ebook With Audio

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1. The Warrior Forum


This may be the resource of all resources related to internet marketing. You’ll find a large community of internet marketers who logon daily to share and discuss on the topics of internet marketing.

This forum will accelerate your success online.

2. Top 100 SEO & Internet Marketing Blogs


Branded3.com have compiled a great list of the top 100 SEO and internet marketing blogs. If you need some direction as to which blogs to read and trust, these sites would be your top.

3. Screencast-o-matic


Use this tool to start recording your screen. This is a great way to create your own information product. You can create a series of training videos for your viewers on any subject you’d like.

4. Member Mouse


Member Mouse allows you to create a membership portal for your products/services. It protects your content and works very seamlessly with Wordpress.



With IFTTT you can automate a lot of tedious tasks that you do online.

Plr Profits MRR Ebook

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One of the best things about selling online is that it can often mean you get to „skip? a lot of the grunt work that is normally involved in designing and selling a product. That means that you can avoid having to create a product from scratch, having to spend thousands on marketing campaigns, or having to manufacture physical goods. It has never been easier for anyone to decide they want to start making money and then begin making sales from the comfort of their own home.

While there are many business models that allow for this kind of „fast tracked? success, few can rival the impressive speed and efficiency of selling private label rights products and as we?ll see, this is a business model that can start earning you money in days (or less!). Not only that, but this is a business model that requires no technical skills and that anyone can use. There is no need for programming, video editing or even advanced search engine optimization.

Sound too good to be true? Well in this case, it really is that good!

Here?s how it works…

Essentially a private label rights product is a product for which you have the full rights. That means that it is yours to do with completely as you please and the only difference between a PLR product and one you make yourself is that it won?t be exclusive.

You find the product you want to sell, you pay just once and then you sell it as your own. In addition, you?ll be able to make any changes you see fit, put your own name on it, choose the price… as far as your customers are aware, this is a product that you made entirely yourself and they will have no knowledge of the involvement of any third parties!

In using this method, countless savvy entrepreneurs around the world are making an absolute killing by selling products that are designed by professionals to sell like crazy. With no need for those people to write their own books, edit their own videos… even put together their own marketing materials… this is literally a

„cut and paste? business model that is simple to implement and almost fool-proof in execution.

What You Will Learn

Sound good? Then keep reading to discover everything you could possibly ever need to know about PLR. You?ll learn how to choose the best PLR products that will be guaranteed to sell in large numbers. You?ll discover how you can edit and customize your products to better fit your brand image and to increase your sales, and you?ll learn to market and promote your products to bring more sales to your business.

Here?s just a few of the specific things you will discover throughout this book:

- Where to find the best PLR products

- What different types of licenses mean and what you need to look for

- How to pick the right products that will sell the best

- How to customize products to help them fit your brand

- How to face competition that is selling the exact same thing!

- How to set up your sales page

- How to process orders

- How to build a mailing list

- How to scale your business

- And much more!

Are you ready to start creating your own highly profitable income model in just a few simple steps? Then read on!

Chapter 1: What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?

To recap, PLR means that you get the full rights to edit and distribute a product. There is no need to credit the original author, all profits are entirely your own and you make changes wherever you see fit.

Of course, you will first need to buy the product from a seller before you can start doing this. The seller will be someone who is good at content creation but perhaps doesn?t want to do their own marketing. Either that, or they?ll already be selling the products themselves and they?ll simply see this as another way to start making extra cash from something they?ve already created (by also selling to marketers and charging a little more to give them the full rights). The creator can continue to sell their own book, so they are not losing anything by making additional sales in this way; especially if they sell mainly through their own list and so are unlikely to be going into direct competition with others.

From your perspective, this means that you can buy a ready-made product and go about selling it as you please.

Except it?s generally even better than that. Normally, you?ll find that the creator also packages in a lot of other extras to help you sell. That means they might provide you with a „ready-made? sales page, ready-made email marketing messages… ready-made freebies that you can give away with your product and more!

Plr Profits Video Upgrade MRR Video With Audio

You Now Have Access To PLR Profits.

Check Your Inbox For The Download Link. It May Take A Few Minutes To Be Delivered.

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There's a long way and a short way.

The long way?

Trying to figure out everything yourself, only to go around in circles. All that time wasted could have been put into something more worthwhile.

Want to know the short cut instead?

Good news!

I recorded 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that'll show you the tools, techniques and my top tips to finally succeed and get results!

Here they are:

Video #1: 3 PLR Product Mistakes to Avoid
Length: 02:44 min.
Video #2: 3 Things to Try if Your PLR Product Isn't selling
Length: 02:33 min.
Video #3: 5 Reasons That Selling PLR Products is a Great Strategy
Length: 02:30 min.
Video #4: How Much Should You Charge for a PLR Product?
Length: 02:32 min.
Video #5: How to Choose a Niche for Your PLR Product
Length: 02:28 min
Video #6: How to Redesign Your PLR Product and Make it Your Own
Length: 02:28 min.
Video #7: PLR Explained Quickly and Simply
Length: 02:38 min.
Video #8: 6 PLR Products vs Affiliate Marketing: What's Right for You?
Length: 02:26 min.
Video #9: PLR Products vs Making Your Own: What's Right for You?
Length: 02:32 min.
Video #10: Understanding the Different Types of Rights
Length: 02:33 min.

Sound Good?

Remember when I asked if you wanted the long way or short way?

Well, these videos will give you that unfair advantage and help you finally breakthrough so you can get results starting as soon as you finish watching the videos!

High Ticket Resources MRR Ebook With Audio

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1. Schedule Once


ScheduleOnce is a field-proven solution for powering online scheduling with your customers and prospects.

This tool is a great way for your clients to find your available slots.

2. GoToWebinar


For running a webinar, GoToWebinar is a great tool that offers everything you need. You can also try using Google Hangouts, or alternatively Periscope/Blab.

3. UpWork


This is a great site for outsourcing and will let you hire freelancers to help you with editing, with design etc. Outsourcing is a great way to make your products look more professional and can save you a lot of time. Other options are Elance, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr.

4. WishList Member


Run your own membership site and start charging recurring membership fees.

WishList Member runs on your existing Wordpress site.

5. How To Gather 100,000 Emails


This is a post from FourHourWorkweek that details how to acquire lots of new subscribers for a mailing list. When you’re building a high ticket business, you
definitely need to attract leads and prospects.

The Power Of Mindfulness MRR Ebook With Audio

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Your Free Mindfulness Report

Despite appearances, most of us are not truly in control of our own minds. We think we are because we basically have the ability to decide what we want to think about and how we want to act, but this only happens when we consciously make the decision to do that. It only happens when we’re mindful of our thoughts and of our emotions.

The rest of the time however, we are simply free-wheeling and reacting. We don’t give much thought to how we’re thinking or what we’re focussed on and as such, our minds have a way of running away with us. For instance, you might be walking through a beautiful, scenic location with friends and really you should be in a very happy mood and enjoying yourself.

But instead, you’re actually just stressed and angry because you can’t top thinking about work. As a result, you don’t enjoy your experience and actually it’s pretty bad for your health. But you don’t think about the role your own mind has in this – instead you blame your job. You act like a passive victim with no ability to decide what they will focus on.

Likewise, we will sometimes come home and feel tired and completely devoid of motivation when really we should be focussed and engaged – so we can work out, work on side projects, tidy our homes or do any of the other things that we’re constantly telling ourselves (and other people!) that we’re going to do.

Sometimes we will have difficulty getting to sleep because we can’t stop thinking about the tasks that lie ahead.

We don’t approach people in bars or we fail exams because we lack confidence and feel nervous.

So the question in all these scenarios becomes: how do you go about getting back in charge of your thoughts? How can you decide to stop letting emotions run away with you?

The Power of Controlling Your Thoughts and Emotions

The first step to gaining control of your emotions then is to use mindfulness – to simply be more aware of your thoughts at any given time.

When you’re wondering through that beautiful scenery, you need to be able to open your eyes and make the conscious decision that you’re going to forget work and instead look at the flowers and the plants, that you’re going to laugh with your friends and that you’re going to be mindful of the feeling of the sun on your face and just how lucky you are to be alive on such a glorious day.

This alone is enough to completely transform your experience of being there. You’ll have more fun, you’ll be more refreshed and the people you are with are going to have a better time being with you. They’re going to want to be with you more often!

Now imagine if you could decide to engage full motivation whenever you wanted to.

Take a look at the most successful people in the world and you will find that they all have one thing in common: drive and determination. Will Smith says the secret to success is simply being willing to run longer than anyone else on the treadmill of life. Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson regularly updates his Instagram followers with photos of his phone alarm going off at 4am in the morning, ready for a workout. And Arnold Schwarzenegger said he always kept in mind his goal of being a successful bodybuilder.

These people never have a day where they get out of bed and they can’t be bothered. You can practically feel the motivation and the energy coming off of them and in fact it’s even magnetic.

Imagine what you could tap in if you were like that. You could be you but in better shape, with more money and with more exciting life experiences…

We can do that with mindfulness but first let’s look at how the brain actually works to regulate our emotions and thoughts in this way…

A Quick Guide to Basic Neuroscience

When you feel too tired to work, what’s happening?

When you feel filled with energy and enthusiasm, why is that?

And why are you sometimes stressed and alert and transfixed on what’s happening?

It all comes down to one simple thing: chemistry. More specifically, it comes down to neurochemistry and the fact that your brain releases different chemicals at different times.

Your brain is made up of billions of neurons. These are brain cells, which look very much like other cells in the body save for their large tendrils which allow them to connect to one another. Each of these cells encodes a memory or an experience. If you were to trigger one of those cells with an electrode (which some psychologists actually do in studies) then you might see a ‘pixel’ light up in your vision or you might start relieving a certain memory.

Your First Physical Product MRR Ebook With Audio

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Start Your Own Coaching Business

Full Training

It is pretty easy to get started as an online coach and many people rush in and set themselves up as coaches without giving much thought to how they will get clients for their business. After a while they give up on the idea of being an online coach because they do not have sufficient clients to make it worth their while.

In this special report we will provide you with 6 proven ways to get clients for your online coaching business. It is not enough to just setup a website and expect the clients to come. You have to stand out and prove that you know what you are talking about.

People want to hire online coaches to add to their knowledge and increase their chances of success. So you need to put the message out there that you are the coach that can really help them rather than the others that are available. So please read every word of this short report and take action so you can become the “go to” online coach.

There are not many other things that shout “expertise, authority and credibility” than a book on your niche. Authors are perceived by most people to be experts. It doesn’t matter if they have read the books or not! The fact that the person is an author in the niche is all that matters.

Now you are probably thinking that it takes a lot of work to write a book. Yes you are right it does! But you will certainly stand out in a crowded market if you have written a book because most of the other online coaches that you are competing with will not have been bothered to do this.

You do not have to write the book yourself. There are professional writers out there that will do most of the work for you. This is not going to be a cheap option but if you don’t have the time or the writing skills to write your own book then use a writer to do it for you.

If you outsource the writing of your book then you will need to provide a plan for the book to your writer. You will also need to tell them the style that you want the book to be written in and provide them with specific information that you want to include. It is essential that your book provides good value to your readers even if you give it away.

So think clearly about what you want to include. Your target market will have a number of problems that they need to resolve so write your book around some of these. It is important that the book is valuable but you do not want to give everything away (otherwise why would they want to hire you as a coach?).

Talk about how you have implemented your own ideas in your book and also how you have helped others achieve the results that they wanted. It is really important that the reader gets the sense that you can help others as this will make them much more inclined to purchase your coaching services.

You do not need to write a lengthy tome. We would suggest 6 to 10 chapters that are concise and clear and have actionable elements to them. Add an introduction to your book and tell them that you are now an online coach. Mention this a number of times throughout the book and tell people how they can find you online (website, social media etc).

What about publishing your book? The easiest way to do this is to go down the self publishing route. It is unlikely that you will be able to use a publishing house for your book because it will not have the potential numbers that will excite them. You don’t need them anyway as it is so easy to self publish.

Save yourself a ton of money by using platforms like Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble to self publish your book. It is a good idea to create hard copies of your book as well and you can use Create Space to do this for a reasonable price.

One of the most important thing you must do for your book is to create a compelling cover for it. If you are not good with Photoshop or graphic design this is not a problem as you can go to Fiverr.com or similar gig websites and find a good cover designer there. You will need to tell them what you are looking for and what platforms you are using (Kindle etc).

You will be amazed at the quality of the designs that these people can create for only a few bucks. Even if you can do it yourself why spend your precious time on this? Use your time to find clients for your coaching business!

Once you have your book in digital form and physical form there are a number of things that you can do. You can provide it as an incentive on your website for visitors to opt in to your email list. People are reluctant to give out their email addresses these days as they know they will receive promotional messages. Your book will be a good way to persuade them to do this.

Don’t worry too much about making money with your book on Amazon Kindle for example. Price it at around $2.99 so it is low enough for people to make an impulse buying decision. You can actually give your book away for free to encourage people to leave reviews on Amazon which is an excellent idea.

You could create a competition on Facebook to win a copy of your book. If you do a lot of networking then give hard copies of your book away. Make sure that you add your contact details in your book such as your phone number, your website address and your email address.

Go and write your book to boost your credibility and stand out in the market!