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Wp Phantom Rebranding Suite Personal Use Script

Wp Phantom Rebranding Suite Personal Use Script
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It should come as no surprise to you that many marketers sell PLR to their plugin products(most times for WordPress) for a slightly inflated price compared to the original.

What this means is that they are allowing you to take their plugin product and modify it however you’d like, even as far as changing the name, author, description, and so on. More often than not, these PLR license packages also include the graphics, sales page(s), and entire funnel along with them.

When people purchase these packages, many of them just upload the product to their own website or server and begin promoting it as is. But if you take the time to re-title and re-brand the entire product, including the graphics (Fiverr, anybody?), and sales page – you can easily eliminate all of your competition and become more respected as a marketer to those on your list.

Let’s recap that entire blurb of text you just read:

Purchasing the PLR license for a plugin product most times allows you to take the plugin and rebrand the entire thing, modify the sales page, graphics, swipes, and other sales materials provided and then launch the product as your very own.

Whether it’s to your own personal mailing list, or on a widespread scale on one of the many platforms for launching products – this can be a major money maker and can also help improve your reputation.

On the other hand, often times marketers and list builders (or just everybody) aren’t entirely familiar with the programming language(s) that are used to build these plugins. Even if they are familiar with it, it can take time and effort to rebrand the plugin by hand.

But what if there was a tool that functioned properly on ANY operating system you choose (or use), and allowed you to load any WordPress plugin into the software, while displaying the essential information for rebranding the product? What if this tool allowed you to modify the information you’d like, and then simply click a button to re-save or even create a new file of the plugin? What if this tool required no knowledge of programming at all?