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Bum Marketing Explained Resale Rights Ebook

Bum Marketing Explained Resale Rights Ebook
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Bum marketing is supposed to be simple, so it's not surprising that many would-be bums are interested in increasing their efficiency and output by utilizing PLR (private label rights) articles as directory submissions.

If you aren't familiar with PLR articles, here's a brief primer.

PLR articles are written and then distributed to a (usually) limited number of paying customers. This enables buyers to acquire the material for a fraction of what they would otherwise pay to have the articles custom-written. Each buyer receives rights to utilize the articles and to claim authorship of them. In some cases, the PLR sellers require a certain percentage of content to be changed prior to use or publication. Others do not. There may be other restrictions involved, too, depending upon the nature of the sale. However, the basic idea is that one can get a significant amount of content cheaply.

So, should a bum marketer purchase PLR articles and then tailor them to the keywords he or she has discovered?

At first glance, the seems to be a no-brainer. Bum marketing is all about speed and productivity, and PLR content is definitely the fastest way to build up a warehouse of content. One may be able to purchase fifty articles on a given topic for well under a dollar per article!

Before you go out and join every PLR subscription service, however, there are some problems with PLR utilization in a bum marketing context.

First, article directories aren't very accepting of materials that appear to be duplicates of other submissions. That means that a bum marketer will need to substantially modify the original source materials—if not rewrite them altogether.

Second, most PLR articles are not written with any specific keyword consideration in mind. They are written on-topic for particular niches, but that's about it. It may be difficult to custom-tailor the PLR materials you receive to exploit the particularly low-competition keywords on your list.

Third, not all PLR articles are well-written. There are some quality sources of great PLR content, but other subscription services suffer from quality deficiencies. Before anyone (bum or not) hops on the PLR bandwagon, he or she should be certain to find a great supplier.

Finally, part of the fun and value of being a bum marketer is supplying new and interesting information to your readers. If you're only rehashing PLR content, you're missing that opportunity. This may matter more to some bums than others, but it is a point worthy of consideration.

It is entirely possible to use PLR articles in a bum marketing context, but they are not a cure-all. The need to significantly re-write the articles and to modify them to comport to your individual keyword needs may make them a less-than-stellar investment.