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Create A Kindle From A Recorded Training MRR Ebook

Create A Kindle From A Recorded Training MRR Ebook
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Ebook Sample Content Preview:

Details on Each Step in the Blueprint:

Choosing your recording: 1 hour of training will make a “short story” sized Kindle book. Choose a few related trainings to create a Kindle book that’s more “book length.” This step takes 5-10 minutes.

Have a transcription service transcribe your training audios into a text format: You’re almost done! This step takes 5-10 minutes (maybe a little longer to find the transcriptionist for your first Kindle, but you can use her every time now). Clean up your Kindle book: This step is what really takes the most time, but it’s simple work. You need to go through your transcript and change it from “spoken word” to “written word.” When you read the transcript, it will read just like you spoke it originally – which is great for live teaching, but you’ll want to make sure it flows well in written format.

You’ll also probably pick out a few places where your transcriptionist was inaccurate in her work (if there are too many of these, though, you should find a better transcriptionist to keep on standby). This is also the time to determine chapters, headings, and subheadings for your book. You may decide to re-arrange material in a way that makes more sense for a book. That’s fine, too.

Formatting your Kindle is fairly simple, because the “hard” work will be done by the guy or gal you hire for $5 on Fiverr to convert it to Kindle format!

But you’ll want to break it up into chapters, if applicable, and name each chapter. You should also go through and add subheadings within the chapter. Remember, people will be reading this on a screen, so having headings, white space, etc. makes reading easier just as it would in a blog post.

If your Kindle book has chapters, you can use Word’s table-of-contents builder to put one in your book after the title page. Your worker can make this “clickable” on Kindle/ Tablet/PC.

Here’s a great summary of formatting (and converting) your book for Kindle: http:// writenonfictionnow.com/how-to-format-your-book-for-kindle-using-microsoftword- in-6-easy-steps/

Commission a cover for your Kindle book: You will almost certainly want to hire someone to create the cover for you. Fiverr is a great place to find someone to do this. I recommend you first take a few minutes to visit Amazon.com and check the bestselling books in the niches you’re interested in.

Don’t skip this – you’ll use this information again during another blueprint step. Here’s how to find your niche bestsellers:

How to Create a Kindle Book Using Your Recording Trainings or Dictations

Now pick your niche from the list to the left:

How to Create a Kindle Book Using Your Recording Trainings or Dictations

Take a look at the covers of the top-selling books in your niche, then drill down into sub-niches that your book might fit into:

How to Create a Kindle Book Using Your Recording Trainings or Dictations

Study these covers – these covers sell. Books are still “judged by their cover” today – even on Amazon.com. You can also look at the “Hot New Releases” to the right of the covers – those books are rising in rankings fast, so they’re also attractive.

Pick a few covers that you like and copy the links to their book’s page on Amazon.

Now head over to Fiverr and search for “Kindle Book Covers”

How to Create a Kindle Book Using Your Recording Trainings or Dictations

You’ll get a lot of results!

Kindle cover artists on Fiverr change, so take a few minutes to click on relevant gigs (a job on Fiverr is called a “gig”) and pick an artist with sample covers that you like. When you choose someone you like, take a look at their estimated delivery time to be sure it works with your timetable. Remember, you’ll need time to get the cover and you’ll need time for the Kindle file conversion.

Then you can order the gig. When you’re writing what you need to your Fiverr artist, provide all the information that he/she asks for (usually title, author, etc.) – and also link to the covers you liked in the Amazon bestsellers. This is VERY important because it gives your artist an idea for the “look” you want in your book’s cover and you’re much more likely to get a cover you’re pleased with… and a cover that catches attention on Amazon.com

Remember, you’re paying $5 to get this done – take a few minutes to give the artist a good idea of what you’re looking for and don’t have unreasonable expectations of how many revisions you can get for that price. You can get a great cover if you do a little work to help your artist - and pick an artist with a nice portfolio similar to what you’d like (probably non-fiction book covers!).

How to Create a Kindle Book Using Your Recording Trainings or Dictations

This is a sample project description to give to your artist. Remember to change the details to fit your project:

Hi! Thank you for taking my order. This is a book cover for a short Kindle book.

Book name -

Author name -

I don't have strong preferences on colors, no logos to include. I have gone through some of the bestselling books in the category and found some that have a nice look and feel to give you some ideas:

I think these covers are eye-catching and effective. I want to make sure the book cover stands out on the book listing pages.

Commission a Kindle conversion: You do this on Fiverr too – just search for “Kindle book conversion”. This is straightforward. Just upload your cleaned up transcript (make sure the Fiverr worker can use the format your final draft is in – Microsoft Word format is usually a safe format for anybody). They will take it from there. Again, check their turnaround time to make sure it fits with yours. Be sure to send your cover art to them, too.

Here’s a sample script to order your Kindle conversion:

Here are the files and the cover to go with the formatted book. Please make the table of contents "clickable." Thank you!

Check your book in a preview tool like the Kindle previewer: http://www.amazon.com/ gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000765261 or in an eBook manager like Calibre. Your file should be in .mobi format.