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Dealing With Loneliness PLR Ebook

Dealing With Loneliness PLR Ebook
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Why I Wrote This Book

Welcome, my dear readers!

If you are feeling lonely as you are reading this, you are not alone. The reason why I put this book together is because I know what it is like. Loneliness is a topic that is very close to my heart because I have been through the depths of empty, meaningless feelings many times and I am not new to that kind of feeling.

I have felt every gripping moment of it. The long, long hours which seems like days, the lonely nights where I weep in silence, drenching my pillow salty with tears, the lack of desire to face the next day and the thought of wanting to end it all!

It doesn?t matter if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband or wife. No matter how close you are with them, there are parts of you that they just don?t understand! The pain doesn?t fade after confiding with your best friend, your group of buddies, or even your counselor! Nobody seems to understand you yet you want them to feel your pain.

I empathize with you, my friend. I truly do.

But I have good news for all of us lonely hearts out there. I have survived through and I have a way to solve it if not ease the pain at least.

My stories and writings in this book aim to accomplish a few things:

- Understanding the theory behind loneliness to better understand yourself
- Understanding the feelings associated with loneliness
- Developing a healthy feeling of love to help you overcome problems
- Practical steps to break the lonely cycle
- Replace the feeling of loneliness with healthy thoughts

It is my sincere wish that after you read this book, you will be better equipped to cope with loneliness. Even if you don?t feel lonely, maybe you know someone who is. Use this information to help them and make their world a better place.

All Alone!

Everyone in the world has felt this emotion one time or another. Especially in these times rapid technological growth the feeling of loneliness is rapidly increasing.
Firstly, we must clarify what loneliness means.

Loneliness is an emotional state. This is a state where people experience a disconnection from people around them as well as a deep feeling of emptiness, which renders their present company around them meaningless.

That person could be in a big crowd or by him/herself, married or single, young or old. They basically find it very hard to connect with others and experiences emancipation from meaningful relationships.

This is not to be confused with being alone.

Being alone does not equate to being lonely because sometimes it is good for a person to be alone and at times it could be very refreshing as the person has the opportunity to refresh, recuperate and rediscover part of our lives.

What are the common symptoms of being alone, if you are reading this book? I bet you might be feeling one of these symptoms.

- You think your problems are so unique that other people do not understand
- As a result, you feel that other people in the world has friends and you don?t
- You feel extremely self-conscious in everything you do
- You feel that when you do something wrong, you get extremely embarrassed
- When you are in a crowd, you feel drowned by their voices
- You feel disconnected with the crowd even though you are with them
- Feeling shy and scared of others
- Experiencing low self-esteem
- Feeling angry, defensive and critical at everything even if it is not directed at you
- Afraid of strangers and refuse to talk to engage in a hearty conversation
- Being convinced there is something wrong with you
- Feeling anxious and sad believing no one knows how miserable/isolated you feel
- Losing your capacity to be assertive' feeling "invisible"
- Refusing to accept change and don?t want to try anything new
- Feeling as though nothing else matters and contemplating suicide

Crowded Yet Isolated

Ever had that feeling that your wife or husband doesn?t understand you? Your spouse or significant other is right beside you yet it doesn?t fill that gap.
You may be surrounded by many people, yet their company „drowns? you deeper into loneliness!

People feel that way because we are all unique and different. You see:

There is no one in the entire universe that will have the same personality, ideas, way of life and needs like you. NONE! Not even twins! How can anyone fulfill all those needs to cater every individual?

There us a quote from the bible that says if I try to remove the speck from my neighbor?s eye, I must first remove the plank from my OWN eye then I can see clearly before I attempt to remove his speck.