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Empowering The Child Mrr Ebook

Empowering The Child Mrr Ebook
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However for the better and rounded development of the child it is absolutely necessary to met out a certain level of discipline and order. The key to this is to stay consistent and firm. Some of the good traits a child will learn from being exposed to the expected levels of consistency when it comes to discipline are the ability to become a reliable, dependable, and constant individual.

Being able to make the rules and then to ensure they are consistently followed is to build the reliability element in a child which will carry through to adulthood. In the effort to stay consistent the child will learn that reliability can be learnt and built upon.

Another character trait that can be the byproduct of consistency is being dependable. This then translates to the child being able to cope with a steady amount of responsibility. Most people enjoy some sort of guideline to live by and thus starting a child at a young age to follow all rules and be consistent is beneficial.

Most people like to have a certain amount of rules in place to be able to function effectively and children are no different. Rules help everyone to work within a certain perimeter both physically as well as mentally. With the rules in place it is then easier to be consistent should in the reprimand action taken should there be a need for it. Both these element put together also helps to contribute to a better development of the child.